Top 17 Cute Ways To Keep A Conversation Going Revealed!

ways to keep a conversation going while texting

One of the biggest problems you may face when trying to meet new friends is the awkward silence. Once encountering this situation, you will feel uncomfortable, even this forces you to avoid meeting new people in the first place. However, there are still some ways to keep a conversation going that you can learn to meet, talk to, and get to know pretty much anyone you like. They also empower you the ability to gain success in life easily. Keep reading these following tips on how to keep the conversation going easily.

17 Ways To Keep A Conversation Going – You Must Know

1.  Resume The Last Idea Discussed

This tip can work great because it provides your conversation with the continuity and makes it seem like flowing naturally. Even, in some case, it can help you get to know more about what the other person does not talk in previous time. Try it and see how to broaden and flavor your conversation easily.
2.  Relating Subjects

When the conversation seems to end, we can change the subjects in a very smooth ways. However, we rarely do it consciously. And because we rarely do it consciously we forget about it in situation where it could be really helpful. By this tip, you can lead conversations to a desired subject.

ways to keep a conversation going over text with a girl

3. You Can Say “Interesting, Tell Me More!”

This surefire technique works 99% of the time and works especially well for beginners. The partners in conversations love to know that you are interested in what they have to say, so if you show some interest, they will hang around and want to talk to you even more. All of the “oh! that’s interesting…”, “Hmm, cool!”expressions are reactionary bits of conversation that prove to the others that you are actually listening, and that is very flattering to them. Try your best to look focused and avoid appearing distracted. Distraction is an annoying insult to someone who is taking time to answer you or have a conversation with you.

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4. Have A Prepared List Of Topics To Talk About

ways to keep a conversation going on msn

Well, you might think that this idea sounds silly, but it is not always like that. By this way, you will have the strong feeling of confidence due to prior preparation. Also, this can make your conversation more relaxed and interesting.  If you know precisely what you are gonna talk about next, so you can simply concentrate on making the most of your current topic. Besides, everyone all has things that they are passionate about such as activities, hobbies, projects, goals, ideas, and jobs. During the conversation, if you can direct the topics to your favorite, you will have great advantage. Then, when you find yourself in a stalling conversation, think about the list and find a way to maneuver the conversation to one of the topics on it.

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5. Give Open Ended Questions

This is one of the most popular yet effective ways to keep a conversation going. Asking open ended questions will get the other person talking. You can ask the other person some questions about himself or herself. It is the best if you can address that person open ended questions. You should ask questions that require much more than simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, and offer the possibility of much richer answers. For example, you can ask question like ‘What do you think of ..?’ instead of ‘Do you love…?’ These questions can stimulate people to talk and they will be a life saver in stalling conversations.

6.  Make Silence Become Your Friend

Joke around and tell the other person to meditate with you. You could even try putting her or him in a hypnotic state if you wish. This will get their attention to you even more. Even, this works more if you are already in a relationship with this girl or boy.

ways to keep a conversation going with a girl

7.  Blurt

Usually, we find it difficult to maintain a conversation not because of out of ideas but because we fear that the other person does not like the subject you keep in mind. Yet, this is time for blurting coming. Blurting is a conversational technique that means saying whatever you are thinking about in that moment without censoring. It is a great idea that you can try and enjoy a lot of things in a conversation.

ways to keep a conversation going over text

8. Let The Other Person End The Silence

We all know that most people are not comfortable with silences in a conversation. When coping with this situation, you usually try to say some things by ourselves. However, in that case, you should hang in there and let the silence work for you. Most of time, the other person will finally continue the conversation and end the silence.

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9.  Practice, Practice, Practice

There is a technique that I think it is useful for most cases, most things. “Practice makes perfect!” is ways to keep a conversation going.  You should push yourself into different situations and conversations. Do not try to find comfortable zones because it will limit your ability. Try to meet new people for socializing and and applying the techniques like the other mentioned above. Do it and you will see amazing results with your conversational skills.

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10. Use TheAnswers Of The Other Person To Create More Questions

If the person that you are talking to says they like something, you can use their answer to ask more questions and find out more about their interests. With each new question you ask, you will not only know more about that person but also make them feel more involved.

ways to keep a conversation going text

11.  Give Incomplete Information

 Can you tell the difference between “Hi am Mercy and i am a psychologist” and “From my work experience i can tell that you are the kind of person who does not like quite places”. If you say something that is incomplete then you are making the person you are talking to wonder who you are and what you do. Their typical response will be “what do you do?”. When they feel you you mysterious, then you are tempting their curiosity and they become eager to know more about you. As a result the conversation keeps going.

In other words, people do not like those who stick around for long especially if they weren’t that interested. So, always leave them wanting more and more. This will make them feel be attracted by you.

12. Compliments

ways to keep a conversation going with your boyfriend

In the conversation, say something nice to help the person warm up better to you. Complimenting on the other person or whatever is a pleasant break from the typical conversation of questions and answers.

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13. Appear Relaxed. 

ways to keep a conversation going while texting

If in the conversation, you feel awkward or embarrassed, the other person will instantly feel the discomfort you are feeling. This will result in the discomfort for both of you. In that case, you need to relax and use some tips here and continue the conversation. You do not need to feel discomfort by the conversation. You will define what you need to say if you are relaxed.

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14. Look Around

During your conversation, do not just say anything for a couple of seconds. you had better look around for a few seconds before continuing the conversation. If you add several seconds of quiet time now and then initially, you can help the other person feel more pleasure and relaxed, even in silence.

However, if you recognize their eyes light up with excitement, do not stop talking.

Or, if you do not know what a person might find interesting then you can use your surroundings to open a new topic. It is a good way to keep your conversation going. 

ways to keep a conversation going with a guy

15. Do Not Fidget

 If you actually wish to get rid the awkwardness, just stop fidgeting. If you fidget or only look around just because do not know what have to say, you would end up fidgeting a lot more in your effort to cover your awkwardness. All you need to do is to stand or sit down calmly, and just look around if you want to find a new inspiration to talk about.

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16. Do Not Pretend

 Learn when the topic of conversation is not something that you are comfortable or familiar with, then you can politely modify the topic; pretending that you are interested in something and know about that thing, is a recipe for failure. So, do not pretend listening if you are interested in.

ways to keep a conversation going with a guy you like

17. Look At These Signs

If you want to keep a conversation going as your intention, then you should pay attention to the signals that the other person gives you.

Know your audience and keep modulating your conversation to suit their interests. To do this, you have to understand when their attention is wavering. Look out for the following signs; they tell you when your listener has lost interest in your conversation.

  • The person looks past your shoulder
  • The person just nods his head for everything you say, without saying a word.
  • The person looks at his watch.
  • The person leans back when you talk.

If you ignore the above signs and continue talking, then the listener may very well take the next step and disappear from the scene. All signals are important in your conversation, so, do not overlook anything.

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Well, the process of learning ways to keep a conversation going might require from you much effort, time as well as patience. I hope that you the ways to keep a conversation going introduced in this article will be helpful to you.
If you are interested in the article, we are open to welcome any discussion or debate about this topic. Leave your comments at the end of this post to let us know what you think. We appreciate your contribution and will answer all as soon as possible.

Keeping a conversation going is not easy with anyone, so if the above ways do not work for you, The Fine Art of Small Talk can be the best book you should learn from!

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