Top 14 Vintage Baby Girl Names And Meanings

vintage baby girl names and meanings

If you have a baby daughter, what names will you choose to name her? Do you use a vintage name? And are you worried about choosing the vintage name? Now don’t worry about it! Just keep relaxing. Today, VKool will show you some great vintage baby girl names and meanings which can help to you to deal with your problem.

Top 14 Vintage Baby Girl Names And Meanings

1. Adelaide

vintage baby girl names - adelaide

In the list of the best vintage baby girl names, the first name should be mentioned is Adelaide. This beautiful name means “noble”. And do you know that? This was the name of a queen in Britain in the 19th century. Plus, this is a name of a city in Australia. Another surprising thing is that it is also a variation of Adele or Adeline.

2. Agnes

Agnes is also a popular saint’s name. The meaning of this name is pure. In addition, this name appeared in the 1970s. And now could it come back again?

The fact shows that some celebs have chosen this name for their daughters. And in the movie Despicable Me, it appeared again. Therefore, is it high time for this name to resurface?

3. Clementine

vintage baby girl names - clementine

When talking about vintage baby girl names, clementine is also listed. This name means merciful. The first appearance of this name was in 1000. And then it came back in 1950 with some celebs picking this name for their daughters such as Rachel Griffiths, Ethan Hawke and Claudia Schiffer. Thus, could this name come back into prominence?

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4. Cora

If you are finding a vintage name for your lovely daughter, Cora is a wonderful suggestion for you. It was a different name of the Greek goddess Persephone, a person who was written for the return of the spring every year. Therefore, this name means “maiden”. Now this name is trending to the top 100 vintage baby girl names.

5. Dorothy

vintage baby girl names - dorothy

Are you looking for a beautiful vintage name for your cute daughter? Why don’t you name her “Dorothy”? This name was at the top 1000 in a short time. But it is still a beautiful name because of its meaning. Do you want to know its meaning? That is a gift from God. And Scarlett Johansson who was a famous actress chose it as her daughter’s middle name.

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6. Eliza

It is said that Eliza is considered as a nickname of Elizabeth. However, it is a beautiful name in its own way. And it also shares the meaning of Elizabeth which is “consecrated to God”.

Thus, it is a shortcoming if you do not choose this name for your cute daughter, right?

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7. Helen

vintage baby girl names - helen

In the list of best vintage baby girl names, one of the best names is Helen. It was the mythic beauty. And someone having this name may have a beautiful face which can launch a thousand ships. Besides, the meaning of this name is bright or shining light. Plus, it was at the top of name charts for a long time. However, it has been in the middle of the charts in the early of 20th century.

8. Theodora

When you have a lovely baby girl, at first, what will you do for her? You will find a lovely name for her, right? How about the name “Theodora”? This name comes from the classic name “Theodore”. And of course, it also shares the meaning of the name “Theodore”. Do you want to know its meaning? That’s a gift from God. Plus, it is a common saint’s name. Is it a good choice for you?

9. Rosalind

vintage baby girl names - rosalind

Another name which you can use to call your beautiful daughter is Rosalind. This name means beautiful rose. In addition, it is a heroin’s name in Shakespeare’s work “As you like it”. Besides, it was the name which was bestowed upon the daughter of Uma Thurman. Although it has not been in top 1000 for about 40 years, it seems to be ready to come back.

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10. Beatrice

When God give you a beautiful daughter, how will you feel? Are you happy? And do you want to find a name which also has happy, lucky and blessed meaning? If your answer is yes, “Beatrice” is the most suitable name for your nice daughter.

11. Charlotte

vintage baby girl names - charlotte

If you have a daughter, will you want your daughter to be strong? There is a name with the meaning “strong” which is suitable for you expectation. Do you want to know what name is that? That is “Charlotte”. Plus, this name is a female version of “Charles”

12. Daisy

Do you love daisy which is a beautiful flower? And do you want your daughter to have beauty like Daisy? If yes, Daisy is a good name for her.

And the fact shows that Daisy was in the top 200 between 1900 and 1940. In 2024, it was the 17th the most common name for girls who were born in England meanwhile it was the 44th the most common name for those who were born in Scotland. And in 2024, it was the 166th the most common name for girls who were born in the USA.

13. Ivy

vintage baby girl names - ivy

In the list of the best vintage baby girl names, Ivy is one of the good choices. In English meaning, this name means faithfulness. Besides, it is derived from the name of a plant according to Greek meaning.

14. Cerelia

There are a lot of vintage baby girl names which you can choose for your nice daughter. And one of them is Cerelia. This name means “the spring”.

Therefore, if you want your little baby girl to be beautiful like spring, this name will be a good choice.

That’s all about the article “Top 14 vintage baby girl names and meanings”. As you know, each name has its own meaning. And whatever you choose to name your daughter, it will bring your daughter happiness, luck, beauty and so on.

After you read this article, we all hope that you can find the suitable name for your daughter. If you know other vintage baby girl names, please tell us by giving a message or a comment below. And if you want to know more, you can go to our main Lifestyle page.

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