Top 23 memory improvement tips & games for children are revealed

Memory, in psychology, is a process that information is coded, stored, and received. The information outside will be encoded and reach senses. The first stage is to change the information that is encoded. The second stage is the memory stage, which decides how long the information lives there. The last stage is to receive the stored information. In fact, memory will be lost along with time passes if you do not have proper solutions to practice it or improve it. Recently, has released a writing of top 23 memory improvement tips and games for children with a good purpose that they will learn the useful and effective ways to improve memory ability.

Top 15 Memory Improvement Tips And Games For Children

1. Avoid Distractions 

memory improvement tips

One of the most effective memory improvement tips to limit distractions. Just focus on one material only and ignore music, television, and other task. Instead of doing many tasks at the same time, you should do one task only. If you learn this subject, do not think about the other exercises of the other subjects, let do this one completely and change the other works.

2. Have Good Organization

If you do not have an organization, you will have clusters. Try to focus on terms and can outline on textbook and notes before you processing the information. Before studying, you should get a good organized. It will save time and practice a good study routine at home as well as in your school.

3. Sleep Well 

memory improvement tips

Sleeping well plays an important role in improving memory. So you should get enough sleep at night. Almost adults get difficulty sleeping every night but for children, probably, they have fewer troubles than the older people. If you cannot sleep at night, try to relax before bed time or eat some snack foods before sleeping. Sleeping is very important to children because they will grow through sleep.

4. Continue To Learn

memory improvement tips

One of the best memory improvement tips is to learn continually. Before going to sleep, try to learn something such as reading story, playing some games like puzzles, pictures, etc.

5. Alphabet Game 

memory improvement tips

Saying alphabet is another memory improvement technique and it is an excellent exercise for your brain.  Watch some films and try to remember name of actress, actors, and the name of films, name of some items or details in that film.

6. Picture Game 

memory improvement tips

Like alphabet game, you should choose some pictures or photos to play. Try to remember some subjects in the images such as the color of the school, the color of the house, what kind of the clothes that people wear.

7. Drink Milk

memory improvement tips

Milk will be good for your bones and for your mind. Try to add milk into your diets to improve ability of learning, memory and concentration capacity. For children who are growing, they should drink milk more regularly.

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8. Do Regular Exercises

memory improvement tips

Physical exercises are very effective for your health, especially for your brain. Some aerobic exercises such as running, walking, and cycling will improve your memory ability and develop your learning capacity. Doing exercises with music such as salsa will be good for your body and health.

9. Saying Loud Game

memory improvement tips

One of the easiest memory improvement tips is to say out loud the items, elements. Choose something like pictures or small items in your house and play game with your friend. Saying out loud that item and do it more regularly.

10. Numerical Game 

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How to remember number is also a challenge for children and adults. When recalling number, you can break the number to read. For instance, you do not read 0125432895 but read it as 012 543 2895. This method will improve your memory significantly, in particular remember phone number.

11. Visualize The Concepts 

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When you try to put something in your mind, try to visualize it if you do not want to lose memory soon. For example, when you read some books, you can imagine of visualize the books with some graphics, charts, photographs, or some features of the books.

12. Socialize Regularly 

memory improvement tips

Make friends, enjoy activities in school, or participate in some clubs can help you avoid memory loss. This method also helps you reduce stress or depression after studying. Take opportunities to play or talk with your friends, family members, or beloved people. Your health, particularly, your brain will be healthy accordingly.

13. Take Advantage Of Nature

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Do you know that nature is one of the most important and effective memory improvement tips factors that you should take effectiveness of? Walking around your house, around your environment, along with streets, you will see that nature will help you significantly in developing brain.

14. Eat Chocolate 

memory improvement tips

Eating chocolate can improve your memory perfectly according to a research of Scientists from Oxford University. People who eat chocolate frequently will have higher memory competency. The reason is the flavonol amount in chocolate can increase your brain health.

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15. Relate Things To The Similar Materials 

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When you want to remember one material, you may relate that new thing to the old tools or items that have similar feature or information. For instance, when you want to remember the name of a new friend, you can relate that name to the familiar name or the feature of that name such as the name like a kind of a flower, a name like a kind of a place, a name like a famous name, etc.

16. Elaborate The Information 

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Before recalling the information, you have to encode those lessons to study in a long term. An effective encoding tip is to elaborate the information you have studied. For instance, you can read the definition of the term and read the detailed description of that term. You should research the detailed information of that term and remember it easier through this way. Understanding that information deeply will be the effectual way to develop your brain.

17. Learn Difficult Information 

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Challenge yourself by reading a long book and practice your memory ability by remembering the name of the chapters in that book. Of you can search some information on the Internet, read, and remember the main information there. Spend more time if you feel it is too difficult. Certainly, before moving to difficult level, you have to practice your brain associate with the new way.

18. Change Your Learning Routine

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One of the greatest memory improvement tips is children can change their learning routine. Instead of studying in one way, they can try to change their schedule. For instance, they can review the old lesson or remember what teachers speak in class before doing home exercises. They can do some games to practice memory before bedtime instead of sleeping right after studying.

19. Be Active

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Another crucial thing that you will not lose memory is to keep your body active. Doing physical activities and avoid staying at desk or before computer to learn. Do not watch TV too much. Doing some housework or walking to school every day also helps you improve your memory ability. Learn to play some musical instruments like guitar and enjoy some events in school.

20. Use The Cue

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Do you want to remember the lessons in class quickly? You should learn this technique. You should have your own cue or clue in that relates to the information you need to remember. That will help the information lives longer in your brain.

21. Use Necessary Devices 

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Learning memory improvement tips, you may need a kind of device called mnemonic device which is used by many students to aid you remember things. This device can help you link with a term you need to remember with a popular item that you are familiar with. With these devices, you can come up with joke, song, or rhyme to call up specific information.

22. Imagine

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Your imagination is fantastic. Really! You can imagine the information to something that you notate easily. For instance, to record a content of a long story, you should take advantage your brain and intelligence to imagine the detailed information or specific information in that book with the memorial stories in film. Imagine the characters have the same features with the people you know.

23. Apply Mediterranean Diet 

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Eating Mediterranean diet, you will have a perfect brain health. This diet includes high omega-3 fatty acids, low in meat, high nuts and oily fish. They will help you maintain brain health as well as reduce dementias risk. Be careful with your foods you consume and the way you eat them because eating too much also increase the risk of memory issues. According to US study, eating high-calorie foods will increase risk of mild cognitive impairment.

To get more tips and tricks, you can visit to our main Mind & Body page. After reading my writing of 23 top memory improvement tips and games for children, I hope that you have got the useful information how to improve your memory naturally and effectively. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon. Try it now and get the difference change in your mind.

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