5 Fun games for children at home and school

Games always give us moments of relaxation and happiness. The game makes people closer together. The game is always useful because it plays an important role in brain for the development of children. According to British scientists, a new study shows that children involved in the game of collective can orient themselves for the development of social, emotional, cognitive and physical.

Fun Games For Children At Home And School

Funny games help children expand their mind, develop nervous system, promote creativity and imagination and increases the ability of concentration and confidence … Games make children learn how to enjoy their own space and adjust everything according to their own feelings. Fun games for children at school bring joy to children and their independent personality is formed early in childhood. Here are 5 fun games for children at home and school that people should know:

  1. Standing, Sitting, Lying down, Sleeping
  2. Talking The Ball
  3. Jumping Burlap Sack
  4. Following Traffic Signal Lights
  5. All For God

1. Standing, Sitting, Lying down, Sleeping

fun games for children - standing, sitting, lying down, sleeping

This is the first out on the list of the best fun games for children at school and home with the aim of creating a funny and happy atmosphere, developing reflexes and training memory.

About 5 to 10 people take part this game. A person will control this game and guide people to play:

+ Standing: Right hand holds, and straight.

+ Sitting: The right hand grips, the hands in front of your face.

+ Lying down: The right hand grips and stretching hands straight ahead.

+ Sleeping: The right hand grip and touch on the cheek and shout: wheezing.

How to play:

– The controller says the posture, gestures as defined above.

– The controller can talk right or wrong.

– Players must follow the word of the controller and their movements have to follow the rules.

If they are illegal, they will be punished. The following cases shall be fined:

– Making the wrong movement.

– Do not look into the game rules.

– Slow down, do not specify an action.

Moreover, people should pay attention to:

– Fast or slow actions depend on the players.

– Controller uses different words to “trick” people as forward, backward, wheezing … to make funny atmosphere.

This is one of best fun games for children at school or at home so that parents and teachers should learn to organize for their children.

2. Talking The Ball

fun games for children - talking the ball

Talking The Ball plays as a part of many fun games for children at school. The purpose and meaning of this game are to help children improve strength, creativity, agility and skillful.

How to play:

– Preparation:  this game should be played in a large yard. Two teams with equal numbers of members stand in a row at both ends of the yard.  The distance from this team to the other team is about 20m. The controller draws a 1 meter circle and puts a ball in the circle. Team A will hold the ball and team B will try to take the ball out of the yard. In turn, each person of team A will be called to hold the ball and each member of team b will take the ball. If the person of team A take the ball, team B member must run to touch to the body of the opponents. Then team A member will be hostage of team B. The game stopped when the controller sums the members of 2 teams. The team that has more hostages will be the winner.

Moreover, you must follow the rules of this funny game for children at school bellow:

– During the specified time, team B must bring the ball to their area. If not, they will lose.

– Team B got the ball to come back but on the way bringing back the time is up, the balls do not accept and the game must be played again.

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3. Jumping Burlap Sack

fun games for children - jumping burlap sack

This game is very easy to play:

– Preparation: the controller need to prepare some burlap sack for two people to stand in, the number of bags is by half the number of players.

– Contents: the players must jump to the finish line with the fastest speed.

– The controller divides people into many teams with an equal number of members in all male and female. Two people stand in a bag lined along the front equalizer for orders.

– When the controller commands to start the game, pairs of each team jumps on specified target until the last pair. When first couple had jumped, the second couple continues.

Training health, agility, dexterity is the purpose of this funny game for children at school. Besides, this game also creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere for the healthy life. Besides, if you decide to take part in this fun game for children at home, you have to do this rule: the team that is fastest will be the winner.


– If you fall down, standing up and continue the game.

–  A bag can contain 3 or 4 people

– The controller should select a suitable playground as grass or sand yard to avoid danger.

– The distance depends on the age of students.

4. Following Traffic Signal Lights

fun games for children - following traffic signal lights

This Following Traffic Signal Lights game meaning is to educate children well performed traffic law. This is very useful and funny game for children at home that I want to introduce for them how to play:

– Preparation: The children gather in a circle face to face to listen the game. The controller will stand in the middle of the circle. His hands are put on the shoulders behind you before making a train.

– The game will be started after a whistle.

– Convention:

+ Hand put across (light blue)

+ Hand put high on the head (red light)

+ Hand put diagonal (yellow)

The convention on the controller is that if the ship runs quickly (green), slowly (yellow) and stops (red light). The command is emitted continuously to make mistake.

– The rule of this funny game for children at school is that the person who has mistake will be punished.

5. All For God

fun games for children - all for god

The parent should hold this funny game for children at home to create an atmosphere of openness and friendliness.

The first thing you should do is introducing the rule of this funny game for children at school as well as at home.

– This game doesn’t restrict the number of participants. It can be played in 10 to 15 minutes.

– Tools: you should prepare the gifts for the winners such as sweets, money…

– Instructions: the controller divides the people into 2 teams. Each team has a team leader. A person will act as God and sit in front of two teams in a distance of 3 to 5 meters. The duty of each team is listening to the requirement of God and responding to him. When God requires something, two teams quickly find objects to give to God as fast as possible. God only receives things from the fastest team leader. In summary, the winner will be the team which gives more things than others for the God.

All in all, this game is not only funny game for children at school but also one of the best fun games for children at school and at home. Therefore, parents should hold often for their child to relax.

One more thing that people should do after reading my article today and knowing about 5 best fun games for children at home is that you should take time to read another writing which is also write about games to play with kid – the 36 Easy Games To Play With Kids At Home Are Revealed article. This is actually great and safe article that parents should learn.

In fact, the article I mentioned above is a list of 5 best funny game for children at school that is totally safe and helpful for children to relax after school and people should read this article on VKool.com and other people to take advantages of it. Besides, you should take time to visit our pages to know more tips and tricks about lifestyle. If you have any questions, give your feedbacks below and  I will reply you soon.

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