Edamame Health Benefits And Risks That You Should Know

edamame health benefits

Edamame, edamame beans or green soybeans is a popular food in Asian countries. It is young green soybeans that are harvested before getting hardened. People can use it to cook or frozen them for retaining their fresh flavor. There are different edamame recipes, ranging from the plain to processed in savories and sweets. Many grocers along with food stores sell adamame, so you can easily buy edamame anytime you want. In this article on VKool, I focus on edamame health benefits of risks. Check out and consider using this grain for your better health.

Edamame Health Benefits And Risks

I. What Is Edamane?

what is edamane

Soybeans and edamane have been cultivated as a food source for thousands years. When it comes to edamame recipes, there are various ways to cook it, ranging from the soy sauce to the milked soybeans, the ground soybeans and the salt roasted whole soybeans.

Many people eat soybeans and edamane because they are believed to bring great health benefits. In fact, soy products are proven to carry lots of vitamin, calcium, fiber and protein, which are essential for vitality. In some cases, soy products now go along with genetically modified organisms and they carry some potential side effects for human such as hormone disorders, cancer and other health problems.

II. Edamame Nutrition

edamame nutrition

In concrete, edamame is high in proteins, carbohydrates, omega fatty acids, dietary fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. 155 grams of edamame contains about 16 grams of carbohydrate, 17 grams of proteins, 8 grams of fats, 8 grams of dietary fiber, 41.4 mcg of vitamin K, 9.5 mg of vitamin C, 0.3 mg of vitamin B1, 3.5 mg iron, 0.2 mg of vitamin B2, 97.6 mg of calcium, 1.4 mg of  vitamin B3, 0.6 mg of vitamin B5, 99.2 mg of magnesium, 676 mg of potassium, 262 mg of phosphorus, 2.1 mg of zinc, 1.6 mg of manganese, 2781 mg of omega 6 fatty acids and 560 mg of omega 3 fatty acids.

We also know soybeans are a nutritious food. It is widely grown and consumed. To compare with other soybean products, edamame is higher in abscisic acid, sucrose and protein. 100 grams of prepared edamame contains about 122 calories, 11 grams of protein, 10 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of fiber, 5 grams of fat and 2 grams of sugar. Here is the detailed table of nutritents and their values in edamame:

edamame nutrition download

Vitamin C – 6.1 mg

Vitamin E – 0.9 mg

Vitamin B3 – 0.9 mg

Vitamin B2 – 0.2 mg

Vitamin B1 – 0.2 mg

Calcium – 63 mg

Folate 311 mcg

Vitamin K 26.7 mcg

Potassium 436 mg

Magnesium 64 mg

Phosphorus 170 mg

Iron – 2.3 mg

III. Edamame Health Benefits

edamame health benefits download

Edamame is a popular and great snack, especially for athletes because of its high content of protein. Edamame, especially roasted edamame is popular as a snack and this food is very beneficial for vegetarians because edamame is one of few plant foods containing natural essential amino acids. Besides, edamame is a good source of other nutrients that bring a number of health benefits for human.

1. Adamame Is Good For Skin

adamame is good for skin

Edamame contains benefitical antioxidants that aid in enhancing skin health as well as healing damaged skin. Besides, isoflavones in adamame are beneficial in slowing down skin aging in postmenopausal women.

Instead of using supplements and commercial skin care product, you can consume adamame daily for maintaining your healthy skin and prevent skin aging naturally.

2. Adamame Is Good For Immune System

adamame is good for immune system download

Edamame is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients so it helps in enhancing immunity health. A healthy immunity is necessary to protect itself against the microorganisms causing different health ailments.

Eat adamame daily for strengthening your immune system and preventing common illness. Beside adamame, you can consume other soybean products that work the same.

3. Adamame Is Good For Bone Health

adamame is good for bone health download

When it comes to edamame health benefits, don’t forget its good effects for your bone health. Edamame is high in calcium, vitamin E, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients so that it also helps in maintaining bone health. Consuming of edamame and other soybean products can provide necessary nutrients and assist in enhancing bone health and strengthening bone density.

According to recent study, edamame can reduce the high risk of bone fractures, particularly in postmenopausal women.  Besides, adamame can help to prevent osteoporosis – a bone-related ailment occurring in old age. It is said that regular consumption of edamame, with isoflavones and some other nutrients are beneficial in lowering the risk of osteoporosis.

4. Adamame Is Good For Lung Function

adamame is good for lung function download

Recent studies suggest that the regular consumption of genistein can help improve the lung function in people with asthma. Among foods containing genistein, edamame is a good source of this compound that is responsible for improving the lung function.

Though you don’t have any problem with your lung, keep consuming adamame to strengthen its function and your overall health.

5. Adamame Is Good For Weight Management

adamame is good for weight management download

Next to edamame health benefits, this food is good for weight management. Consuming edamame can also be helpful in controlling weight. The consumption of proper foods plays an important role in weight control. Edamame is one of foods containing less calories and high quality protein content so that it is good for people of different ages and it is an ideal snack for people with obesity.

6. Adamame Is Good For Digestion

adamame is good for digestion download

Beside edamame health benefits for lung function and weight control, it is proven that edamame can assist digestive system to be healthier. Fiber is responsible for this task. The bloating and constipation that you experience can also be reduced and prevented by consuming edamame. On the other hand, fiber also plays a great role in regulating cholesterol levels, thereby lowering the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

7. Adamame Is Good With Anti-Tumor Properties

adamame is good with anti-tumor properties download

Soy products including edamame are proven to ascertain potential health benefits including anti-cancer properties. These agents are responsible for reducing the risk of tumor growth as well as inhabiting tumor growth. Consume adamane or other soy products daily to enhance your overall health first. About its edamame health benefits for preventing tumor, it needs more scientific studies and researches to be applied.

8. Adamame Is Good For Cardiovascular Health

adamame is good for cardiovascular health download

Next to adamame health benefits, it is beneficial for heart health. Edamame is shown to be beneficial in controlling cardiovascular diseases. In concrete, a study released in 2006 indicated that the intake of soy foods, including adamame can help control blood glucose and insulin levels. So, by consuming soybean products, you will also lower the risk of diabetes and other health problems related to the blood glucose levels.

IV. Edamame Dosing

edamame dosing download

When it comes to edamame health benefits and risks, remember to consume it in proper doses.

With a proper intake and doses of edamame, it can offer your great health benefits. Here are the recommended doses that have been scientifically studied for consuming by mouth:

  • For preventing osteoporosis: consume about 40 grams of soy protein per day containing 2 to 2.25 mg of isoflavones/gram.
  • For high cholesterol: consuming about 20 to 50 grams soy protein per day.
  • For menopausal condition likehot flashes:

edamame dosing download

  • Consume about 50 to 120 of soy isoflavone extracts per day
  • Consume about 20 to 60 grams of soy protein (34-76 mg isoflavones) per day
  • Consume about 54 mg of Genistein (a soy isoflavone) per day
  • For infants with diarrhea: consume about 18 to 20 gm of soy protein/liter
  • For people with kidney disease: consume about 700 to 800 mg/kg of soy protein per day
  • For type II diabetes (in postmenopausal women): consume about 132 mg of phytoestrogens including in soybeans daily for about 12 weeks.

V. Edamame Side Effects

edamame side effects

Soybean products and edamame has been using for thousands of years and they are likely safe. Recent studies also show some side effects of these foods for human health. For instance, some people get allergic reactions when after consuming soybeans such as rash, itching, bloating, nausea and constipation.

Besides, it is not commended using soybean dietary supplement for high doses for a long time as it is linked to abnormal tissue growth in uterus.

1. Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding

pregnancy & breast-feeding

In general, soybean products including edamame are safe for pregnant women and during their breast-feeding if they consume in proper amounts. Nevertheless, higher doses of these products during pregnancy can harm the development of babies.

2. Children


Soybean foods are also likely safe for children when used in a certain amount. However, it is proven to cause reproductive problems in children later. Also, regular soymilk for infants may lead to their nutrient deficiencies.

3. Breast Cancer And Endometrial Cancer And Urinary Bladder Cancer

breast cancer and endometrial cancer and urinary bladder cancer download

Recent scientific studies have mentioned about effects of soybean products on breast cancer and endometrial cancer in women; yet the results are not clear. The cause of breast cancer and urinary bladder cancer haven’t been found with clear evidence so that you should not get too worried and afraid when consuming these products.
Beside the risks of consuming edamame above, it is said that it also causes hypothyroidism, asthma and contribute to allergic rhinitis. However, you should not boycott soybean completely. To avoid potential side effects of soybean and edamame, you just need to consume these foods with appropriate amounts, avoid high doses.

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