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An instant coffee powder that uses some questionable and potentially dangerous ingredients, while being sold for a high price-per-use. Keep reading to find out if the other aspects of Stiff Bull are enough to overcome its weaknesses. To start, scroll down just a tad and click on the table of contents below.

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Stiff Bull Overview

Stiff Bull is an instant coffee and sexual enhancement product that is designed to benefit both men and women in the bedroom. It is a proprietary blend of aphrodisiac ingredients, and states that for men it can increase sensitivity, the quality and quantity of erections, desire, and stamina. The website states that the effects can be felt for up to 2 to 3 days at a time.

Stiff Bull is also the name of the manufacturer and distributor of the product, and they only offer an electronic question sheet as a method of contacting them, no address or phone number. The product is sold in packs, and each pack is two servings of the coffee. The user is just supposed to mix half a pack into a mug full of hot water and stir. The price per pack is somewhat difficult to find, but the going rate seems to $10 per pack, which is quite expensive when compared to the daily price of many capsule male enhancement supplements.

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Stiff Bull Claims

The product website is well-designed and full of pictures, but once you look past those you realize that there is not much substantive information provided about the product itself. On the homepage it refers to itself as “The Relationship Saver” and “The only coffee that will keep you in bed.” The slogans are catchy enough, but they don’t actually deliver any information about what Stiff Bull does to save relationships.

Also on the homepage, it states what the product does for men and women, but odes so under a masthead of “What Are Men Saying” and “What Are Woman Saying”, the grammatical error in the second quote is presented that way on the site. By presenting its claims as if they are just reporting what people are saying makes them less culpable if the product doesn’t work.

Apparently, men are saying that the product is giving them more erections, increased sensitivity, more pleasurable orgasms, and stamina, while for women it states that they are saying the product increases their sensitivity, arousal, and “moistness” (really).

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Stiff Bull Ingredients

The formula that makes up Stiff Bull is proprietary, meaning we do not know all the exact dosage information for each ingredient, but the site does provide a full list of ingredients that are used along with a minimized look at the supplement facts label. The label is so minimized, in fact, that what it says cannot be made out and there is no way that the site provides to make it larger – whether this is intentional or an oversight, it robs potential consumers of information they could use to make their purchasing decision. Here are the active ingredients in Stiff Bull:

  • Tongkat Ali
  • Maca Root
  • Guarana

Two of those three ingredients are potentially beneficial to a user looking for a boost to their sexual performance. Tongkat ali is a testosterone booster that can also improve sexual function and performance. The increased testosterone can also lead to more confidence and improved mental health according to research. Perhaps most importantly, the ingredient functions as a natural aphrodisiac as well.

Speaking of natural aphrodisiacs, maca root is one of the best in nature. It has been used for over 3000 years for its ability to improve sexual health through bigger, stronger erections, a higher libido, and improved semen quality. Additionally, it also acts as a mild stimulant, so users should get a small energy boost after taking it.

That leaves guarana, which is an ingredient that we are not so thrilled about. It is a stimulant that is often used in energy drinks because it can provide a short-term boost in energy, both mental and physical. It has not, however, demonstrated any sexual benefits, and it can lead to serious side effects, such as vomiting, irregular heartbeat, and even painful urination. It is an ingredient that is best avoided from our perspective.

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The Science Behind Stiff Bull

As we covered previously, the website for Stiff Bull is extremely light on even basic information regarding the product, so put to rest any hopes that it provides relevant or verifiable scientific information to support its claims. That said, after doing some digging, we came across some relevant scientific information about the product through new sources.

It seems that in late 2024, the Food and Drug Administration hit the product with a warning regarding an unlisted ingredient – desmethyl carbodenafil. It is thought to be like the active ingredient in prescription erectile dysfunction aids such as Viagara, and can have serious negative consequences if misused. Primarily, it is known to potentially lower user’s blood pressure to dangerous levels.

As a result, the product was forced to change its formula, which they have disguised by referring to their new formula as their “Gold” mix, and have presented the change in formula as voluntary, not as something done out of necessity. As we noted earlier, the product website only offers an extremely minimized version of the supplement facts label, that can’t be accurately made out. This again leaves potential consumers in danger on not knowing what they are putting into their bodies and the consequences that it can have.

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Word on the Street About Stiff Bull

Because the product is only sold through the official Stiff Bull website, it can be difficult to locate objective reviews online. We did some digging, however, and found that there were quite a number of consumers with negative things to say about their experiences with Stiff Bull. A consistent complaint among consumers was that of negative side effects, from profuse sweating, to diarrhea, to changes in mood.

One consumer who used the product wrote: “I only gave this stuff a try once, but ended up getting angry and sweating profusely. My date left unsatisfied.” Because the product is designed to be used as needed, it seems that the strength is ratcheted up in order to allow users to feel the effects quickly, but what seems to be happening is that users are feeling the wrong effects. The negative effects.

We were not able to locate any positive consumer reviews of Stiff Bull online, and even the Stiff Bull website does not provide any consumer feedback.

We did find a user who did not suffer from side effects using the product, but it did not perform as hoped, he says “I drank Stiff Bull just prior to engaging in sex, but nothing happened. Don’t waste your money.

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Is Stiff Bull Worth a Try?

Because of the warnings it has received from the FDA and the complete lack of relevant information regarding the product on its website, there is no need to try Stiff Bull. As we mentioned, the brand was forced to change its formula after its old formula was hot with a warning over an unlisted ingredient, but the new formula seems ineffective and still has a high potential of side effects.

There were consistent complaints regarding the sweating, mood changes, and diarrhea produced by the product, but there were no accolades regarding its effectiveness. Consider that it is a fairly expensive habit to keep up if you engage in sex regularly – $10 a packet – and it is hard to see what benefit the product actually provides or what advantage it gives over the countless other male enhancement products that are on the market now.

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Stiff Bull vs Go Hard

Go Hard is another coffee product that promises to improve the user’s sex life through increased amount of energy, stamina, and improved erectile functions. Both product website, are remarkably similar in their design, and Go Hard lists the same ingredients as Stiff Bull, so it seems they may in fact be the same product, just packaged differently, which only adds to the mistrust generated by the manufacturer.

Stiff Bull vs Extenze Liquid

Most commonly sold in the cherry flavor, Extenze Liquid comes in a small 2-ounce shot bottle and claims to help increase the size of the user’s penis, along with enhance their pleasure, and improve their performance. It is roughly the same price as Stiff Bull, but it is far more available, meaning that there are many more reviews from consumers who have tried it. Like Stiff Bull, there have been reports of side effects when using Extenze Liquid.

Stiff Bull vs Happy Together Sensual Tea

Although it is more expensive per packet than Stiff Bull, Happy Together Sensual Tea also contains an extra serving for each packet. They are also far more transparent as to what is included within the tea, using ingredients such as Asian ginseng and horny goat weed.

Unlike Stiff Bull, Happy Together Sensual Tea is sold through Amazon, and as a result there are a couple dozen consumer reviews available. Consumers seem split on the product’s effectiveness, however, but there seem to be considerably less reports of negative side effects from Happy Together than Stiff Bull.

Stiff Bull FAQ

  1. Is there a forum for reviews of Stiff Bull available online?

No, there is no forum specifically for posting reviews of Stiff Bull currently online, as all the reviews that we were able to locate came through digging on consumer reviews sites.

  1. What ingredients are included in the Stiff Bull formula?

According to the product website, Stiff Bull is proprietary formula containing tongkat ali, maca root, and guarana. That said, they do not provide a clear view of the supplement facts label and they have been caught not disclosing ingredients in the past.

  1. What is Stiff Bull Gold and how is it different than Stiff Bull?

Stiff Bull Gold is the new standard formula of Stiff Bull that was created after their old formula was found to contain some undisclosed and potentially unsafe ingredients. Stiff Bull Gold is presented as an exciting step forward for the product, but really it was borne out of necessity.

  1. Can Stiff Bull be purchased through sites like Amazon and eBay?

No, Stiff Bull can only be purchased online through the product website, and in person at certain brick-and-mortar establishments.

  1. What are some common side effects associated with using Stiff Bull?

According to users, side effects that are common with Stiff Bull are profuse sweating, diarrhea, and changes in mood, specifically to irritability or anger.

  1. What are the directions for preparing and using Stiff Bull?

The directions for Stiff Bull are quite simple. The user just adds ½ a packet of the product to a mug with hot water and stirs. It is intended to be used just prior to sexual intercourse, and users can add things like honey to improve the taste.

  1. Are there any coupon codes or discounts currently offered for Stiff Bull?

Based on our online search, there are no current coupons offered for Stiff Bull, but there are pricing discounts when packets are ordered in bulk.

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So What Really Works?

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