Orexis Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Despite claims that it’s effective and fast-acting, we learned that not only do customers hate this supplement, but that it contains a potentially-dangerous ingredient. That, and the company that makes it leaves us wondering if we can trust them at all. Read on:

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Orexis Overview

Orexis is a fast-acting male supplement that claims to improve the male libido. After taking it you’re supposed to get immediate results that make you feel sexier, more vigorous, and have harder erections. It’s supposed to give men back their vitality and improve their sexual relationships with ladies – so the benefits are to be felt by not just you, but whoever you’re intimate with.

This supplement is one of many that promise basically the same things, only this one pledges to be safer and faster-acting. Does the product live up to the hype? Unfortunately not. WE looked into the claims, ingredients, and customer reviews of Orexis, and it turns out this is just another weak product that doesn’t deliver anything special.

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Orexis Claims

Orexis promises to make your sex life better than ever, for you and your partner. Ingredients in each dose are supposed to flood your penis with blood, causing your erections to swell to capacity, and for a longer period, so that you can have a longer lovemaking session. You’ll be “up for it” more often, thanks to aphrodisiacs that stir the sex drive to life and keep your mind and biology focused on sex. The result? A better sex life, more confidence in general (thanks to your bulging hard-ons) and no side effects, thanks to the “natural” ingredients. They offer a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

That’s what we get from them, as far as the product is concerned, but here’s a little more that we found out about them.

This product comes from a company called Pro Nutrition, a company based out of Ireland. Their website is a giant disclaimer that they’ve moved to a new location, and that’s it. No product information, no company history, nothing. Just a disclaimer and a few sentences telling us to call “Greg” with questions. Not exactly professional, and not exactly the sort of thing we’d expect from a high-quality nutritional supplement manufacturer.

Despite claiming that they’re the “new kid on the block,” their website says this product has been around since at least 2024, making it almost a decade old at the time of the writing of this article. They say “everyone is raving” about them, despite us never having heard of this product before. Weird.

There’s very little information about these people and no proof that they have any special expertise or qualifications to cause us to trust what they say about this product, making all of these claims questionable at best.

Always make sure you buy from a trustworthy company. A promise is only as good as the one who makes it. Right now, it’s not clear if we should take Pro-Nutrition at their word.

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Orexis Ingredients

Orexis is made up entirely of herbal extracts, most of which are considered aphrodisiacs in Asian medicine:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Epimedium
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Damiana
  • Catuaba
  • Muira Puama
  • Yohimbe

Tribulus terrestris is a common aphrodisiac, prescribed for men and women to help them reactivate their libido by affecting hormone levels.

Epimedium is another aphrodisiac that comes from the Chinese herbal tradition, where it’s been used as a way to help men overcome erectile dysfunction due to its supposed ability to drive blood circulation to the penis.

Panax ginseng (or Asian ginseng) is a type of plant that’s not only supposed to affect the sex drive, but help the body’s biology cope with stress more, making it a natural way to increase your stamina and avoid getting tired out so easily.

Damiana is a psychoactive plant from Central America, where it’s effects on the brain’s hormone centers have made it a popular traditional way to get people more sexually active.

Catuaba is Brazilian aphrodisiac, one that’s not only supposed to affect blood circulation, but also the central nervous system, making it another popular folk remedy for erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Yohimbe is a bit of controversial ingredient. Unlike many of the above ingredients, this one has had disclaimers written about it. It has the potential to affect the body’s biology by stimulating nerve impulses and affecting blood flow, but comes with some serious side effects, including:

  • Stomach problems, bloating, nausea
  • Vomiting, progressive kidney failure, seizures
  • Heart attacks.

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The Science Behind Orexis

So what we have here is a pill that basically contains a large number of common aphrodisiacs, but the problem is that while the product claims that there are no ill effects from taking this (since it’s “not a drug,” they claim), the problem is that you can actually get pretty ill from taking a product that contains yohimbe.

Yohimbe has recently been included in a large number of herbal sex supplements for men and women, with the promise that it’s powerful and effective (and it helps that it’s “exotic,” lending to the mystery), but it comes with a host of problems. It’s been banned in several European countries, and in Canada its sale is very restricted due to the health complications it can cause (“How Safe Is Yohimbe,” LiveStrong). The FDA once had yohimbine, the active chemical in yohimbe extract, on an approved list of prescription chemicals, but it was removed over twenty years ago due to concerns over its side effects (Svan, Jennifer: “Study: Yohimbine …” Stars and Stripes, 2024).

Even worse is that the science “proving” yohimbe works doesn’t really exist. Apparently no real research studies have been performed demonstrating its effectiveness at treating erectile dysfunction (“Yohimbe,” WebMD).

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Word on the Street about Orexis

Now we come to customer reception. For all the acclaim Orexis gives itself for being the fastest-acting, safest, most reliable male sexual enhancement pill on the market, you’d think that the response from customers would confirm that, right? That there would be scads of testimonials from people saying it was all those things and more?

You’d be wrong. We checked Amazon, our preferred third-party source for customer reviews, and found that the response has been way more mixed than they’d like you to believe.

“Do your research first. It’s an alright product.”

“This makes me feel better overall, in a general way.” (But what about his sex drive?


I took these pills twice a day for a month and saw no improvements. It just hasn’t proven itself to me yet.

“I took this pill and had a painful swelling in my groin area that went away when I stopped using the product. Just to make sure, I took it again to see if the pain would return, and sure enough it did. Will never buy again.”

“This doesn’t work. At least there are no side effects.

“This stuff just doesn’t work for me anymore. Won’t be buying any more.”

“It’s so-so. Maybe it works better for younger men.”

The reviews go on like that for a while. The gist? While a handful of people saw some good results, the majority of customers haven’t had any luck with it.

This is a real problem, because the “natural supplement” industry is so expansive and competitive, with new products coming out every week (some of which even have the same ingredients as their competition) and with increasingly bolder and bolder claims of clinical evidence and customer enthusiasm. There’s no way to edge ahead without seriously good reviews, and that’s one of the main areas where Orexis falters. Without better reactions, no one is going to want to buy this, since the only real way to make sure you don’t waste your money is to only buy from products that have consistently good reviews, and lots of them.

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Is Orexis Worth a Try?

This really isn’t the sort of product we’d recommend, for a number of reasons. First, the company that makes it doesn’t seem very professional, and the fact that they have no real presence online except for one placeholder-website doesn’t show us any proof that they’re experienced enough to be authorities in the field of nutrition. When you’re talking about your body’s health, you need to make sure you’re only dealing with people who have the credentials necessary to prove that you can trust them with that health. Pro-Nutrition just doesn’t have that.

Then there’s the problem with the ingredients. Yes, some of them do have some evidence that they can help men with their sex drives, but they’re not the problem. The problem is the yohimbe extract, an ingredient so controversial and dangerous that it’s banned in certain countries, it has warnings from medical practitioners in the States, and it can cause symptoms ranging from nausea all the way to heart failure. That’s not something you want to be worrying about when you’re trying to get your groove back, and it’s an ingredient we generally recommend people avoid at all costs. Even if there were any proof that it could kick-start your libido, the side effects would make it something you’d want to steer clear of, but the worst part is that even that isn’t the case: there’s no proof it works, making the whole formula even weaker.

And then there’s the customer response: weak to negative throughout. People saying it doesn’t work, people saying it gave them painful side effects, people saying they won’t buy it again – these alone are enough to make us think that Orexis is probably not worth the money or time.

So ignore Orexis and spend time looking up clean, safe products from companies who’ve proved themselves trustworthy.

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Orexis vs Viagra

There aren’t a lot of comparisons to be made between these two products, really. That comes down to the fact that they aren’t the same sort of pills at all. Orexis is a nutritional supplement, while Viagra is a drug. Orexis is meant to support the body’s natural processes, while Viagra contains a chemical that’s supposed to block enzymes that let blood leave your penis during an erection, which is far from natural. They also differ in price: Orexis costs about $50 U.S. for a one-month supply, while Viagra costs upwards of $40 per pill (and each pill only lasts about 40-60 hours, on average). Since they’re fundamentally different, it also changes who can buy them: Orexis can be bought by anyone over the counter, while Viagra requires a prescription from a doctor.

Orexis FAQ

  1. What’s the definition of Orexis?
    “Orexis” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the feeling and striving aspect of the mind as contrasted with the intellectual aspect.”
  2. Is Orexis Greek?
    The name is Greek, but the product appears to be made in Ireland or the United Kingdom.
  3. What’s the meaning of “Orexis”?
    It comes from the Ancient Greek word for “appetite.”
  4. Is Orexis called “the blue pill”?
    Well, technically it could be called that, since the pills are in fact blue. “The Blue Pill” is a casual way to refer to Viagra, actually.
  5. Does Orexis come with side effects?
    The company claims there are no side effects beyond “flushing,” but from what we’ve read from customers, it looks like people could see side effects like painful groin swelling.
  6. What ingredients are in Orexis?
    Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium, Panax Ginseng, Damiana, Catuaba, Muira Puama, and Yohimbe.
  7. Can you buy Orexis in Calicut?
    We’re not sure if there are any stores in Calicut that sell Orexis, but since the company appears to ship to anywhere, you can probably buy it online and have it shipped to you.
  8. Do you know where to buy Orexis?
    From what we’ve seen, it looks like you have to buy it from their Irish website.
  9. Is Orexis a medicine?
    Technically no. A medicine is a substance approved by the FDA to treat an illness, while Orexis is a dietary supplement.
  10. Where do I find reviews of Orexis?
    You can find old reviews on the product’s Amazon page, but don’t expect to be blown away by what you read there.

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So What Really Works?

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