Warning signs of heart problems in women – 8 signs

signs of heart problems

Heart disease is one of the diseases which have the high mortality risk and danger to women and men. Main factors can cause heart problems include high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heredity, obesity, smoking, stress.  However, you may have heart troubles which are not related to these factors. In fact, women must face up with heart disease much more than men. And they may be in danger because of heart disease if the warning signs of heart problems in women are not noticed.

What Are Warning Signs Of Heart Problems In Women?

signs of heart problems

Nowadays, rate of heart disease women is becoming higher and higher. For heart disease patients, warning signs of heart problems are rather easy to realize.
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On the contrary, for most of women, it is difficult to know whether they have or not. How dangerous if you don’t know any more about it!This disease can happen to anyone despite you think you are healthy. Many people misunderstand heart disease with other diseases such as stomachache, indigestion…. Hence, some warning signs of heart problems written in this website will be useful for you to consider carefully:

1. Tingling In The Arms Or Legs: 

signs of heart problems

This is one of warning signs of heart problems that are easiest to be ignored. It can be due to a pinched nerve or your neck arthritis. If this sign appears along with the following signs, you must go to a doctor because you are sure to have heart problems.

2. Vomiting Or Nausea: 

signs of heart problems

Many people think that vomiting or nausea is a warning sign of stomach problems. In most cases, it is true if there are many other signs related to stomach such as abdominal pains while or after having meal. However, it is also a sign of heart disease if it is accompanied with other symptoms such as shortness of breath, sweating or chest pain, back pain.

3. Shortness Of breath, Heart Palpitations: 

signs of heart problems

It is very difficult for us to distinguish between normal hysterics and heart attack because of their same symptoms. A study shows that about 58% women said that they have warning signs of heart problems such as shortness of breath with unknown reasons before heart attack or even though they cannot talk. In order to know whether you are facing up with heart disease or not, you should remember that normal hysterics often happens unexpectedly and exists about 5 minutes while heart attack happens slowly and protractedly. Normally, you can face with shortness of breath when lying and become serious at midnight, a symptom of myocardial infarction. But in some cases, it is also asthma.

4. Jaw Pain:

signs of heart problems

Jaw pain may be related to heart problems because the nerves which associated with jaw are very close to the heart. Normally, jaw pain is often dental problems. However, if it happens continuously and becomes serious, you are able to have heart problem. If any, you must take notice of other signs in your body.

5. Vertigo And Dizziness: 

signs of heart problems

This is one of signs of heart problems in women. If you grow vertiginous with unknown reasons, it can be due to anemia in patients with heart problems. That is the result of vascular congestion which causes heart problems.
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These signs associated with shortness of breath or a sweat. You should be careful because you can have heart disease. If this situation prolongs, you need to go to doctor. In case, it cannot be a sign of heart trouble, your health also needs checking.

6. Chest Pain Or Flushing Back Hotsigns of heart problems

Heart attack can make the women have feeling of shortness of breath, stress, and squashed thorax. It is not serious and you often misunderstand it with indigestion or heartburn. If you often have chest pain on the left and it doesn’t happen after having meal, you should go to visit a doctor because this is one of the popular signs of heart problems in women.

7. Extreme Fatigue: 

signs of heart problems

If you cannot go for a walk easily or feel too tired, or stop your housework when you are doing, it is one of the warning signs of heart disease in women that they don’t often take care. It can be a sign of heart failure, coronary artery disease, and stenosis. Sometimes it may be the symptom of anemia, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism.
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  70% women said that they must feel extremely tired before having heart attack. If extreme fatigue happens with chest pain, nausea, it means that there is trouble in your heart.

8. Insomnia:

signs of heart problems

Nearly a half of women have trouble in sleeping. This is one of 8 warning signs of heart problems in women. It can be a symptom of coronary heart attack. A half of women with heart disease told that they are difficult to sleep or wake up suddenly at midnight.

Some studies show that people who face with disease easily are women, especially at the middle age. Women mortality due to heart disease is higher than men mortality. And warning signs of heart problems in women – 8 signs are often minded and easy to misunderstand with other diseases. In order to prevent from this disease, women should have a healthy diet combined with a proper working and resting condition. Keep your heart always healthy! If there are several warning signs of heart problems, you should go to doctor to check your health.

Here are 8 warning signs of heart problems that frequently appear in women which we want to show you. Please let us know your ideas about this subject. It may be useful for us and everybody.

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