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What exactly is Xapo?

Xapo is a Bitcoin wallet aimed at providing a reliable and safe way to store and transfer Bitcoins. It’ all done online and you can access a card to withdraw cash from ATMs or to make purchases. They’ve secured $40 million dollars from venture capitalists who trust the company would thrive.
They currently operate out of Zurich, Switzerland, though they are incorporated in Hong Kong. Anyone 18 and older can sign up to set up an account, as long as a driver’s license and Proof of Residence is provided.
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We’ll explain in detail what the basics are of Xapo in this breakdown.

The Fundamentals of Xapo

The first thing to do is start an account where you’ll get a log in screen that looks like this:

You check in to make an account and then you’ll have to verify your phone number for extra security:

After this extra security step is accomplished, you’ll have to provide both a Proof of Residence and driver’s license. At this stage you’ll be able to purchase Bitcoin direct from them using the fiat currency of your choice. You’ll be able to see the full price of the Bitcoin you’re looking to purchase when attempt to buy it. At the time of this review, a single Bitcoin would be worth $11,386 USD.

How is Xapo kept safe?

Their multi-step verification is a major reason why it offers secure coverage, which is backed by a multi-step security system. Whenever you’d like to take funds from your account, this starts the process where within a 48 hour widow; you get access to your Bitcoin.

3 important ways of ensuring safety are followed:

Cryptographic: Many form of verification are required to make sure this is an authentic transaction from your account.

Physical: Underground vaults in 3 different continents store information like cryptographic information and private keys. This is stored physically and cannot be accessed online or through any sort of network. There are 24/7 securities by automation and humans to make sure it is all secure.

Jurisdictional:  Because they store this information on different regions of the world, any threat of catastrophe such as a natural disaster or government related issues won’t affect the funds. The other locations would still be active, and this prevents the possibility for there being any threat.

Who can use Xapo?

Since they work globally, people of many different countries are able to use Xapo, and this includes people who use less popular forms of fait currency. The giants like EUR, CNY, USD, and JPY can take advantage, making it a widely distributed network.

The only prerequisites are being 18 years of age and providing the necessary documentation to ensure security. Slightly more may be asked depending on what the company refers to as
“risk factors”.

Fundamentals of Xapo

Any purchase orders come with a 1% fee and this may be increased depending on the method of payment. You can use their debit card in order to spend any acquired Bitcoin. You also have the option to send any Bitcoin you purchase from Xapo to any other Bitcoin wallet. This comes at a minimum of 55 bits which is a fraction of a Bitcoin.

If receiving Bitcoin all you need to be give your wallet address and there is a fee for smaller amounts of Bitcoin.

Xapo vs Coinbase

Coinbase allows buying and selling of cryptocurrency and they have had over $50 billion in exchanged currency. Their sign up process is free and it allows the connection of a credit card, debit card, or a bank account. Storage is all online and they offer a mobile app to track everything.

The currently have a grand total of 2.
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78% of the market share.

Xapo vs Wirex

4 different options are offered from Wirex including the purchase of Bitcoin, a payment card, money transfer and a Bitcoin wallet. They offer free accounts and they are a global entity with servicing all over.

There is a limit on withdrawals if the user is not verified, which can be corrected by verifying.  They also offer a debit card and free app to look at the market and current value of Bitcoin.

Xapo vs BitPay

BitPay established a partnership with many major companies including Warner Bros. Records and Microsoft. They are unique in that they have opened up Bitcoin related projects. They also have it set up where merchants can accept Bitcoin as a form of transaction.

They currently have a 1.36% share of the market and they operate globally.

Xapo vs Blockchain

The security of Blockchain was a major benefit according to many online users. They boast over 22 million wallets currently being used, and over 100 million transactions. Wallets are also free to use, and their app is highly rated both on the Apple Store and on Google Play.

They are larger owners of market share with a total of 3.56%.

Xapo vs Mycelium

There are a lot of positive reviews about the ease of use of the Mycelium app, which many saying it is streamlined and allowed for proper storage. “User friendly” and “reliability” are common terms used to describe Mycelium.  They also offer private keys which stay on user’s custody, so there is a reduced change of leaked information.

Mycelium also owns a higher amount of the market share with 0.19% compared to Apo’s 0.09%.

Xapo FAQ

  1. How do I start a Xapo register?
    You have to be 18 years of older with a driver’s license, active phone number, and Proof of Residence.
  2. What is a common Xapo review?
    People generally had good things to say about it, stating that it was a secure system and that it was easy to use.
  3. Is there a Xapo app?
    They do and it’s free on the App Store or on Google Play.
  4. What are the full Xapo fees?
    There are a lot of different results depending on what kind of fiat currency is being used, what is being transferred, and what kind of an account is established. We recommend examining their fees section to learn more.
  5. Does Xapo accept a debit card?
    They offer their debit card and you can add funds direct using a credit card but it’s unclear if a debit card will be allowed as a way to transfer funds.
  6. Does Xapo accept Bitcoin Cash?
    They do not accept it, only Bitcoin and any sent Bitcoin Cash will be lost.
  7. Is there a Xapo update?
    There was a card update in January 2024 where Visa Programs members were not allowed to take advantage of Xapo cards.
  8. What is the Xapo.com phone number?
    They have an email address for contains instead of a phone number.
  9. Is Xapo trustworthy?
    They do have a great vault system and a unique way of storing data which appears to be secure.
  10. What is a common Xapo review on Reddit?
    People typically looked to compare it and depending on the specific use, people’s opinions varied.
  11. What are the Xapo sending fees?
    If the amount transferred is minimal then there is an extra tacked on fee, but this can vary.
  12. Are Xapo fees too high?
    This depends more on the opinion of the user, and there may be no fees depending on how Xapo users intended to take advantage of this.
  13. What are the Xapo wallet fees?
    There is no fee to have a wallet; there are only fees if there is a transaction with only minimal amounts.
  14. Is there a Xapo deposit fee?
    No fee to deposit Bitcoin, it’s a free system.
  15. What is the Xapo transfer fee?
    This depends on numerous factors. If it’s between two Xapo users then there is no fee. If you’re looking to exchange fait currency or send to another different wallet this also depends on just how small the transferred amount is.
  16. Are there any Xapo vault fees?
    It is free to take advantage of the vault, fees are only associated or sending or receiving smaller transactions.
  17. Is Xapo good?
    They seem very transparent and have a detailed FAQ section where people can learn more.
  18. What are the full Xapo card limits?
    It is initially $1,000 USD though with an updated account this increased to $10,000 USD.
  19. Are there any Xapo debit card fees?
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    There is and this depends on a lot of factors including what currency you’re using, and whether or not you’re using the standard or upgraded version. We recommend looking at their fees section on their official website to get the specifics.
  20. What happened to Xapo?
    They are still up and running and you can visit their official website to learn more.

Xapo Summary

As a way to store Bitcoin and use an active debit card, Xapo offers a secure system backed by active verification and trouble free storage. They have unique security in place where even a natural disaster or catastrophe will still keep information private.

They also streamline the process by providing a free app and they offer free account set ups with single verification tools. Xapo is also backed by $40 million of venture capitalist money to showcase how people rely on its success.

Peter Lehmann

Peter is a blockchain investor and cryptocurrency writer at Vkool.com. Since 2014 Peter has advised blockchain startups and ICOs on content marketing, strategy and business development.

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