Standard Process Cyruta Plus Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This is no doubt a unique formula but it’s also very strange and most of it is lacking evidence. Some of this can be dangerous while other additives are mostly forms of foods which are rich in nutrients, but they can also be easily replaced and they’re not as impressive as they should be.

Judging this brand is difficult due to the lack of a quality formula and the fact the makers do not provide evidence.

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Standard Process Cyruta Plus Overview

Standard Process Cyruta Plus is a general health and potential nootropic supplement that lacks quality information. The biggest problem is that all you get with this brand are some claims with no real proof.

They add some unique but unproven ingredients for the intended purposes. You’re essentially getting a seed, cow extract and flour in this. It’s odd to say the least, and unfortunately nowhere does the company explain the specifics.

We’d also have to verify that their adrenal extract comes from a pure source, as organs can be especially harmful if the cows aren’t clean and checked for contaminants.

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Standard Process Cyruta Plus Claims

Claims include it improving the peripheral arteries which are in the legs, hands, arms, and feet, as well as supporting the capillaries. These blood vessels are found all over the body and they can help with transporting waste and oxygen. According to them this can lead to regulated cholesterol and blood sugar.

The improved blood flow can also affect overall health, though the company fails to mention this as a possible benefit.

Essentially all you get to show what this can do is 4 sentences. All of it is a quick recap of what’s possible, but no proof is cited.

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Standard Process Cyruta Plus Ingredients

  • Vitamin C
  • Dried Buckwheat Juice
  • Buckwheat Seed
  • Inositol
  • Bovine Adrenal Cytosol
  • Oat Flour

Dried Buckwheat Juice is a processed form of the buckwheat seed which is known for its well-rounded blend of nutrients. This is rarely if ever added to a supplement like this, making it a unique additive.

Buckwheat Seed is a food source that has a blend of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and trace nutrients. This is most often used for its natural antioxidants as it can reduce the spread of damaging free radicals. This is naturally gluten free and it has many unique amino acids that the body can use to repair itself.

Bovine Adrenal Cytosol is a liquid taken from the adrenal glands of cows. This is used to help stimulate the immune system, prevent fatigue, regulate blood pressure, and support healthy blood. There are claims that when take as directed, it can support healthy adrenal glands in humans, which can affect overall health. Due to a lack of research, it’s impossible to determine what this will likely offer, if anything. It’s highly important to only get this when it’s extracted from clean sources, as certain cows may be contaminated.

Oat Flour is a processed form of oat that has lower than average amounts of carbohydrate while retaining both healthy fats and protein. This is used as an alternative to flour within recipes, and it has a blend of different nutrients.

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The Science Behind Standard Process Cyruta Plus

A brief scientific explanation is offered as a claim, but they do not link any actual proof. What’s unfortunate about this is the fact that they use basic food additives which while nutritious, aren’t at all uniquely useful for the intended purpose.

There is a rich source of fats and protein in oat flour, many nutrients in buckwheat seed, and the adrenal glands may carry some nutrients as well. Inositol is fairly common and while useful, can be sourced naturally elsewhere.
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Vitamin C is included which is a fairly common antioxidant.

Without any actual explanation as to why they selected these types of additives, it really makes no sense, nor is it all unique for the intended benefits. Supposedly the improved blood flow support can come with the ability to regulate body functions, but they fail to provide a proper essential explanation.

Word on the Street About Standard Process Cyruta Plus

Judging if this brand really works as it relates to things like circulation and blood flow. The reviews offered showed that while some said it worked for certain things, there were also complications in some.

The biggest problem was the kinds of side effects which many said were not just uncomfortable, but unbearable. It required many to discontinue use as they felt sick and uneasy.

Some repeat problems occurred such as nausea, sudden unexpected bathroom use, and of course, a lack of noticeable benefits. This was occurring at such a rapid rate that users said it was clearly not worth using. Another major issue was seen in the high price and lack of noticeable effects. For many it was simply not functional enough to recommend it for daily use.

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Is Standard Process Cyruta Plus Worth a Try?

Due to the questionable ingredients, high price, and lack of scientific proof by the company, there’s clearly not enough here to consider it worthy of supplementing with. The company fails to give insights about this brand, instead all they offer are a few sentences to show what it’s meant to do, but now how specially it can work.

They should have offered more than just basic claims as what they include here is either very odd or not yet backed by evidence. The adrenal extract for example is lacking proof that it would benefit humans, and the added oat flour and buckwheat are also very strange.

While these kinds of foods can be good to eat, expecting major health changes from it is questionable at best. Had the company provided evidence for this then it would have been interesting to examine, but as it stands this is lacking clear evidence and it’s incredibly expensive.

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Standard Process Cyruta Plus FAQ

  1. What are some common Standard Process Cyruta Plus reviews?
    It varied wildly with some experienced no benefits side effects, mild effects, or some benefits. It’s hard to say really what a likely result is due to the many experiences.
  1. Is there a Standard Process Cyruta Plus Amazon listing?
    Yes, this is available currently on Amazon.
  1. Where can I get Standard Process Cyruta Plus 360 tablets?
    The official company website and Amazon both offer it.
  1. What’s the difference between Cyruta and Cyruta Plus?
    Regular Cyruta is only available in 90 capsules and the propriety blend has 340 mg instead of 308 per serving.
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    Cyruta Plus also carries inositol.
  1. Are there any Standard Process Cyruta Plus side effects?
    Some did experience headaches, dizziness, skin problems, digestive issues and migraines.
  1. What are the Standard Process Cyruta Plus ingredients?
    It has vitamin C, dried buckwheat juice and seed, bovine adrenal Cytosol, inositol and oat flour as active ingredients.
  1. What are the intended Standard Process Cyruta Plus benefits?
    The intention is to support peripheral circulation, regulate blood sugar, improved use of cholesterol, and improve capillary walls.
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So What Really Works?

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