Citicoline Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This supplement is very basic and it offers just a single active ingredient which can be found in a simpler form elsewhere, such as in common foods. There’s clearly not enough support as the amount of negative reviews was too high. The company website also doesn’t offer enough support for this brand, making it necessary for potential users to perform a lot more research.

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Citicoline Overview

Citicoline is a nootropic supplement brand that’s made to help support overall cognition. It’s somewhat confusing reviewing this brand as there are different versions of Citicoline, but the brand we are reviewing is made by a certain company called Jarrow Formulas.

This only used a single patented ingredient that comes in a specific dosing strength While there are some potential benefits with the use of this ingredient; it’s also true that the sole active ingredient can be found in its natural form by simply eating whole foods. While choline is potentially healthy, it’s limited by the fact that’s far too common.

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Citicoline Claims

The website keeps is very simple, adding that this supplement can improve brain function, and that it has specific benefits towards overall brain function. The major claim made is on the ability to be better absorbed.

There really isn’t much else said about his brand and the case for its use is only backed by a few words.
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Not much detail went into this and it’s hard to take the brand seriously due to the lack of information.

Supposedly this has regenerative effects which can potentially affect those looking for preventative or even damage reversing benefits. Still, without much emphasis on how, it’s hard to see what this can truly do without performing more research.

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Citicoline Ingredients

  • Citicoline (Cognizin)

Citicoline (Cognizin) is a patented ingredient that is another form of what’s known as CDP Choline. Choline in general is found within the brain and this version is meant to offer a better enhanced effect which the body can use easier.

While Cognizin is backed by a few studies, they were paid for by the company that produces this, therefore it’s fair to say there has other more unbiased studies to determine what it can truly offer.

The official website that makes Cognizin says that it can help keep the brain sharp, and that it’s made without the use of allergens.

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The Science Behind Citicoline

Using the official website as source, that’s claimed this is useful for the creation of phosphatidylcholine. This is then described as a major source of grey matter in the brain, and it’s said the formula can help with the production of healthy brain metabolism.

They add that his can provide restorative benefits, which affect brain health and memory. The description is straightforward and clear, though it would have been better had they offered some findings in clinical studies.

The version of citicoline added is a patented additive which shows that some studies have been performed, but it’s not proof enough that it will offer support.

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Word on the Street About Citicoline

For people who tried this supplement looking or cognitive support, it clearly lacked much support. Many added that it only offered mild to no changes, and that it was; at all useful a quality nootropic.

Some did use it to recover from certain injuries, but it’s also possible to get choline in general from whole foods, which makes it truly unnecessary to get just a single active ingredient. There are far more well-rounded supplements that can offer many other potential benefits.

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Citicoline vs Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba has a long history of use as a natural herb which can support blood flow, memory, and cognition in general. This is frequently used in nootropic supplements due to its well-rounded use, and the amount of studies performed on it. While it’s certainly a functional and reliable ingredient, it should be blended with other nootropics to further enhance the possible benefits.

Citicoline vs CDP Choline

CDP Choline is used as a way to create more choline, and it’s essentially the unpatented version of the additive found in Citicholine by Jarrows Formulas. The only different would be that the patented version is supposed to be more bioavailable, and therefore better used by the body.

Citicoline vs Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is used to support healthy cognition and to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. This is meant to prove a quick acting effect on the building of acetylcholine, and it’s also used for its supposed rush of nootropic support. This is sometime seen as an optimal form of choline as it’s easiest to absorb by the brain.

Citicoline vs Adderall

Adderall can be a useful prescription for people with either ADHD or narcolepsy. The amphetamine effects can stimulate the mind and make it easier to remain productive and focused. Though this is a prescription and therefore should not be used at all like a regular nootropic aid. People looking for general nootropic support would do better to look elsewhere.

Citicoline vs Piracetam

Piracetam is only illegal in certain counties and this does not include the US. This is used as a medication under different brand names, and it’s often used for anxiety, depression, and dementia. Results in studies checking these potential benefits have shown lacking benefits, and it’s unknown if it’s truly as useful as some brands claim.
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Is Citicoline Worth a Try?

Because of the simplistic formula and unnecessary use for many who aren’t deficient, it’s not well suited as a general nootropic. Those looking to find well-rounded coverage for memory, mood, focus, and cognition in general won’t find enough support here.

There wasn’t much support seen in people who were looking for heathy cognitive support. People who tired this often said that it didn’t work at all or worse, that the side effects made it uncomfortable to continue use.

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Citicoline FAQ

  1. Are there any Citicoline side effects to worry about?
    Some customers did say it caused headaches, mood changes, digestive problems, and many other issues.
  1. What are the intended Citicoline benefits?
    It’s suggested as a way to help with memory and overall cognition.
  1. What are common Citicoline uses?
    It’s mostly used as an additional supplement for people lacking choline.
  1. What is the Citicoline mechanism of action?
    It’s meant to stimulate the production of phosphatidylcholine which can affect nerve impulses in the brain.
  1. Does Citicoline have side effects on liver health?
    Overuse of it may be damaging to the organs in general.
  1. What’s a proper Citicoline dosage?
    The company recommends taking 2 pills a day at 500 mg total daily.
  1. Does Citicoline affect anxiety?
    This may have an indirect effect, but it’s not always mentioned in reviews.
  1. Are there any Citicoline side effects long term?
    There is the possibility of it potentially affecting vision and blood pressure.
  1. Can I get Citicoline on Amazon?
    Yes, this brand is offered on Amazon.
  1. Is there a Citicoline powder?
    Some brands offer it as a powder, but not Jarrow Formulas.
  1. What’s said about Citicoline on Reddit?
    At this time people have only discussed the ingredient, not the brand by Jarrow Formulas.
  1. Can Citicoline improve effects from a stroke?
    As a supplement it’s not mean to help with the treatment of things like a stroke, though Citicholine in general has been used to help with stroke recovery and prevention.
  1. Is Citicoline offered at 500 mg?
    Within this rad there is 500 mf per daily serving, if taken at the maximum.
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  1. What’s known about Citicoline on Medscape?
    They go over the general details about this brand as well as some specifics about its intended use.

So What Really Works?

The most reliable nootropic we found was Memotenz, and it also exceeded our review criteria on all fronts. This was shown to offer great support for mod, focus, memory, overall cognition, and it even offered increased support over time. Both the dosage strength of the formula and the amount of positive reviews highlighted just how effective it could be for healthy cognition.

Another major benefit was the amount of ingredients that are not just natural, but included within useful amounts. The support can extend too many cognitive benefits, and the company has a clear understanding for nootropics as they provide a well-rounded formula. All the details needed to make a decision on Memotenz can be examined in full by simply clicking here.

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