28 Simple & Easy Ways To Help The Environment Are Exposed

ways to help the environment

If you concern about the environment but also feel overwhelmed by all the problems out there, then there are still some easy and simple ways to help the environment that you could do without having to change your lifestyle radically for having impact on the environment. Check out top practical ways to help the environment below!

28 Ways To Help The Environment – Start From The Simplest

1. Cycle 


One of the easiest ways to help the environment is to start cycling. Scale back your car use and instead using bikes. Actually, the number of cyclists has improved significantly in recent years, especially with those people in US. Whatever your motivation of cycling is, after all, you are helping the environment.

2. Walk More 

Walk more

It is said that one of the most obvious manners to save the earth, and also for your own health, is to walk more. By walking, you will decrease the carbon emissions. If you cannot walk from your house to the office, then park the car away from the grocery store and start covering the distance on foot.

3. CompostCompostJust think about how much trash you are making each year. Decreasing the amount of solid waste you are producing annually means taking up less real space in landfills.

4. Public Transportation 

Public transportation

If you can give up the comfort of your driver’s seat and go for public transportation, then you are contributing to the health of our earth. Actually, a single person transforming from a 20-mile round trip commute by car into public transportation could decrease annual carbon dioxide by about 4800 pounds. Thus, you now can opt for bus or train instead of driving your own car.

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5. Come Together

Come together

Have you ever thought that having someone companied when driving your car to the office can be a good choice for saving the environment? It sounds crazy, but it does help. One of the things better than singing alone in the car is having someone else to ride with and report that you are not singing with the right lyrics. Besides, carpooling is one of simple ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It is estimated that if you add another person on a 50-mile round trip drive, you will alleviate the monthly emissions by 10%. Therefore, from now, you should find a commute buddy and save the earth together.

6. Shop Virtually

Shop virtually

Rather than going to the in-store shopping, you can go for online shopping. This is the perfect manner to help the environment. In fact, about 70% of online shoppers say they prefer to purchase from their own favorite retailer online. When you get involved in online shopping, you are reducing the energy use, thereby producing less carbon dioxide emissions.

7. Telecommute


It seems that if you work from your home, you can save more energy used than working from your office because you do not have to drive there and go back. However, some people say that they spend additional time and money on turning their lights, opening fridge doors, or running the dishwasher, and so on. Therefore, it is still not clear about the effectiveness of telecommuting towards environment. However, you could create a place called co-working space, so that you and other telecommuters could confine the energy usage to the only room or building, of course, close to their home.

8. Understand Expiration Dates

Understand expiration dates download

Well, it is critical for you to acknowledge what expiration dates on the food products really mean. That way, you will not end up throwing away a good load of bread. Expiration dates really refer to the quality of a product, not safety. There is a difference between the “sell-by” label, which is the real deadline for the retailers to sell that product, and “use-by”, which is the date when that product begins to lose it original quality as well as flavor. There are many techniques you could use to extend the “life span “of everything within your kitchen, such as keeping the freezer and refrigerator cool enough and unpacking groceries right instantly when you take them from the grocery store.

There are thousands of simple and easy ways to protect the environment, so if you want to know more, The Everything Green Living Book is the best guide you should read.

9. Donate To Food Kitchens

Donate to food kitchens

In case you have not yet tailored your own weekly food use to your family’s eating habits, then you need to start doing it right now. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people and families all over the country are in need of the head of the lettuce you were just about to toss. Find a food bank and ask what types of donations of food they accept.

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10. Love Leftovers

Love leftovers

Throwing the remainders of the last night’s meal is not an eco-friendly way to protect the environment. Rather than, you should get creative in your kitchen and experiment with brand new dishes so you could make use of what is hanging around. Another option is freezing the leftovers so you could eat them in the next day.

11. Take It Home

Take it home

Because the portion sizes in restaurant are often larger than in your home, so it is getting harder for people to lick their plates clean. Now, you can impress the fellow dinner guests with how eco-friendly you are and also prepare a container for taking your home what you cannot finish. This also helps you save your cooking for another meal. Win-win.

12. Use Smaller Plates

Use smaller plates

As mentioned in the previous tip of the list of easy ways to help the environment, large portion sizes of dishes are not eco-friendly. Hence, you should use a smaller plate when eating at home. In other words, as dinning from a buffet, it could be tempting to get everything. It is better for you to avoid temptation by beginning with a smaller plate which fits less food and also trick the brain into the thought that you have gotten your money’s worth.

There are thousands of simple and easy ways to protect the environment, so if you want to know more, The Everything Green Living Book is the best guide you should read.

13. Opt For Reuse

Opt for reuse

Though it is not comfortable to toss the takeout containers as well as peanut butter jars, those plastics and glasses could be reused for other purposes. Make sure that the containers you take for reusing are safe for reusing with food products because some types of plastics could leach toxins when they are used for a long time.

14. Gardening


Join in community garden to cultivate fresh produce or do gardening by yourself. That way, you can not only save money for buying some types of vegetables, but you also save the earth as well.

15. Bring Your Bag

Bring your bag

Though it may seem inconvenient to bring your bag instead of a plastic bag at a cash register, the habit is really eco-friendly. A survey estimates that those plastic bags have 3 times the greenhouse gas impact of reusable bags. Thus, you should go for some eco-savvy option by bringing the reusable bags on the upcoming shopping trip.

16. Eat In-Season Foods

Eat in-season foods

One of the tastiest and easiest ways to help the environment is to eat the healthy vegetables and fruits currently in season locally. If so, you will decrease the carbon footprint by reducing the distance that the food has to travel to arrive to your plate. Also, it is healthier for you as choosing in-season foods.

There are thousands of simple and easy ways to protect the environment, so if you want to know more, The Everything Green Living Book is the best guide you should read.

17. Go Naked

Go naked

As shopping, you should look for those products with no packaging, or minimal packaging as well. At least, the packaging is made from recycled items. It means that you purchase veggies and fruits rather than those wrapped in plastic. If you choose the packaged products, then you need to check the label to watch if this packaging is made from recycled items. Make sure that you will recycle the paper, cardboard, or plastic packaging when you have already used it.

18. Say “No” To The Bottle

Say “no” to the bottle download

Many people know about the role of proper hydration, yet guzzling all that H2O does not necessarily come at the large expense of the environment. Annually, 17 million barrels of oil are officially used in the production of disposable water bottles. Thus, from now, you should invest in your own water bottle and carry it with you when going out.

19. Be Less Energetic

Be less energetic

When it comes to ways to help the environment, smart use of modern appliances is one of the most concerned problems nowadays. It is worth noting that those modern appliances are moderately more energy-efficient than those produced 10 years ago. Thus, upon buying new appliances, you should look for the Energy Star label. Also, choose the products which run on the natural gas instead of electricity and avoid purchasing the appliances which are much bigger than your demand.

20. Turn Off The Electronic Devices When Not Using

Turn off the electronic devices when not using download

 We all know that it is crucial for people to turn off the lights when leaving rooms in order to save energy. Then, how about switching off other electronic appliances, such as T.V, radio, or computer? Yet, keep in mind that many electrical appliances continue using a certain amount of energy, though small when being turned “off”. As a result, your bill for electricity use will increase over time.  Thus, it is recommended to connect some appliances to one of the suppressing power outlet strips which have the on/off switch. Upon leaving for working in the morning, you flip the switch and those appliances will be entirely turned off.

There are thousands of simple and easy ways to protect the environment, so if you want to know more, The Everything Green Living Book is the best guide you should read.

21. Repair Water Leaks In The Kitchen, Bathroom, And Landscaping

Repair water leaks in the kitchen, bathroom, and landscaping download

Fact is, there are a lot of tiny leaks remaining inside your house and within your landscaping. You might think that it does not cost you much, but the water loss will add up over time and cost you huge money later on. Therefore, you had better fix the leaks to protect the freshwater resources and save your pocket. It is another of simple ways to help the environment.

22. Drive Smarter

Drive smarter

If you often drive fast, then slow down. Driving about 60 miles / hour instead of 70 mph on the highway will allow you to save 4 miles per gallon. Also, accelerating as well as braking too hard could really reduce your own fuel economy, thus take it easy on the gas pedal and the brakes as well.

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23. Use Drip Irrigation Systems Within The Garden

Use drip irrigation systems within the garden download

Those drip irrigation systems, which are also known as the micro-irrigation systems, are originally designed to deliver water directly to the plants, with minimal waste. In reality, according to some studies, drip irrigation systems could be around 90% efficient, whereas the traditional sprinkle systems are just around 50 to 70% efficient.

24. Use Ceiling Fans For Cooling Off During The Summer

Use ceiling fans for cooling off during the summer download

When you use ceiling fans in the hot summer days, you could create a cooling effect similar to “windchill”. Set up some ceiling or regular fans strategically within your house to decrease the amount of time that the air conditioning has to be on. In other words, there are Energy Star certified ceiling fans on the market that use less energy than those typical ceiling fans. Consider them!

There are thousands of simple and easy ways to protect the environment, so if you want to know more, The Everything Green Living Book is the best guide you should read.

25. Clean Sensibly

Clean sensibly

We all know that it is hard for ever one to work in such a dirty kitchen. However, you need to acknowledge that using the bleach for cleaning may not be the best option for saving the environment, considering it among those indoor pollutants which could hurt the environment. Hence, you could make your DIY non-toxic cleaning products or shop those eco-friendly agents.
26. Invest In The Solar Energy

Invest in the solar energy

There are a variety of manners to invest in solar energy. Though some solar energy products could cost thousands of dollars, there are still inexpensive solar gadgets on the market you can make use of. For instance, those solar-powered landscaping lights could help you decrease the energy you receive from the grid. Another option is solar cell-phone chargers.

If you could not buy it, you can opt for some solar panels to outfit the house. In addition, there are different forms of passive solar energy which could help you make use of the sun easily and properly.

27. Know The Ingredients Of Your Beauty Products

Know the ingredients of your beauty products download

It might be hard for ladies to say no to beauty products, yet they could show their love for the earth and the environment as well by knowing what is in the lotion, perfume, or other beauty products and personal care stuff you will use. Choose the products which consist of ingredients that are eco-friendly and safe for your body.

28. Dry Your Clothes With Solar Energy

Dry your clothes with solar energy download

The last one in this list of simple ways to help the environment is to use solar energy to dry the clothes. In reality, it will cost no money to implement and also helps you save money.  Regardless of the place you are living in, the sun has to come out finally. When the sun comes out, hang the clothes out to let them dry. By taking advantage of the natural energy to dry clothes, you will save a lot of money in the long term. In the days when drying outdoors is not practical, you can use the drier without feeling guilty.

The “28 simple and easy ways to help the environment” article hopefully has helped you discovered the easiest things you could do to save the earth. Feel free to share your own ways of saving the earth with Vkool.com below this post. We appreciate and will reply all soon.

There are thousands of simple and easy ways to protect the environment, so if you want to know more, The Everything Green Living Book is the best guide you should read.

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