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What Is SEO?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Art is beauty, which is in the eye of the beholder.

The art of thinking like search engine bots thinking like human is SEO.

Then, SEO is art that it’s in the eye of the beholder.

However, Google, in fact, is the only eye that is beholding SEO.

So, how communistic of them.

With our analyses, tutorials, case studies, and prediction, the rest of us look like amateur pedants.

In fact, what is SEO, when it comes down to this, all we are left is to keep up and react. In fact, one of the most coveted, yet the hardest to build traffic sources is search engine traffic. Certainly that the less obtainable it is then the more we want it.

Give Credit Where It Is Due

It is definitely in vogue hitting Google, especially when get caught doing thing we should have been doing such as buying links, littering your web with poor content, or inundating other blogs to get links back with spam trackbacks.

Then, we readily take arms against when Google shuts our web down. 

But in fact you should know that Google is not to blame. Catering to shareholders, consumers, and bottom line is the main objective of Google. They’re also a business, and they obviously are in business for the reason of making money.

Can anyone blame them for it?

Even though, we can keep making fun of SEO and Google throughout this post, but should still remember that our ultimate goals are the same:

• As for our goal, we must craft the most relevant, comprehensive, up-to-date content as possible. 

As for Google’s goal, they have to serve the most relevant, up-to-date, and comprehensive content as they can to their searchers. 

Let’s see how the both sides can live happily in perfect harmony ever after. How can we help?

Forget about both on-page and off-page optimization.

Let’s start with just relevance optimization and authority optimization.

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What Relevance Optimization Is

In order to get to the top of 5 organic search results as well as maintain the position for competitive keywords, then it is a full-time task.
More and more sophisticated, Google’s bots are, at discerning intentions of the searchers and supporting them with the most relevant results.

The fact is that in virtually every aspect of an SEO campaign, relevance is important. Page content including HTML and meta-tags needs to be relevant to the keywords you are trying to target. So, what exactly as “relevant results” that Google defines?

Here’s an insight into this:

As a matter of fact, Google ranking above the fold acquires more than just links. It requires search relevance together with high relevance optimization score. This score is tabulated after coming to a conclusion from that a search is conducted and ultimately assesses your content, on-page factors, your keywords, your site and pages link popularity, user’s engagement and the competition for related phrases.
The fact is that the higher on-page relevance scores you achieve, the higher your website is ranked across a number of related queries.

Your search relevance begins with impeccable on-page factors (also includes writing comprehensive content), which shapes the aggregate theme of pages synonymy or the conclusion of topics presented on your pages and website.

As a matter of fact, Google tries to define pages that are both relevant and reputable. That means they’ll normally try to pick the web page that is chosen to link to by more trusted sites in case two pages appear to have the same amount of information that also match a given query.

Let’s take an example, even if it is part of a reputable site but with just an article that mentions the civil war in passing might not be considered as useful as a web page entirely dedicated to the civil war.

In fact, search engines might list your site as a follower or secondary source if your website has nothing but just reprinted articles. That shows your site is not an ideal place to direct people at the top of SERPs. So, why would they and what have you done for them lately?

Excerpt from How Google Works: Reasons Why Crappy Website Rank Higher?

Anyway, by any means relevance optimization is not really a new concept.

In addition, search relevance is a moving target. This means they could shift at any time even for both what is hot today and ranks in the top 10 organic search results, and what is hot next month.

However, we still elevate the page with fewer links or lower PageRank if other signals suggest that it is relevant.

what is seo and sem

Be More Relevant

1. Focus on website theme to target yourself a specific niche

In other words, you should not target “travel”, “finances”, or “internet marketing” as profitable niche, but narrow it down to one like “Asian’s Hot Spots”, “Smart Living on a Small Budget”, or “How to Write the Best Content on Earth”.

Also, you should not dilute your site theme by adding unrelated topic just as you are passionate about it.

I’ve seen sites combining “cooking” and “dating”. Can you believe that?

Do not stray too far off topic from the main theme of your website. That is the key.

2. Link to and from the relevant sources

Be regarded as a relevant authority source, is it what you want to be? If yes, you will need to associate your website with other relevant websites on the subject.

With Incoming links, you can’t manage who links to you and how relevant those are to your hot niche. But like guest posting, when you have control, you should keep in mind to pick the right websites.

With outgoing links, you do have full control, so that remember to link out to the relevant authority sites.

3. Internal linking

Support and serve your relevancy by internal deep linking your own posts.

SEO Benefits

Search engine optimization has to consider both on page and off page factors. It is crucial that SEO never loses track of the two basic ingredients of SEO success as relevancy and authority. Obviously, it’s definitely important to find great sources of seo links and to offer great content. All in all, our site will perform well not only in search results but also in your conversions, sales, and performance just by providing these.

Keep reading my upcoming post for SEO authority optimization, another basic ingredient of SEO success to have deep understanding of what is SEO.

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