NachoBirthday Crowdfunding Celebration

crowdfunding celebration

On one day each year, it is your birthday. The other 364 days a year is NachoBirthday! This online service is a crowdfunding website where you can raise funds while celebrating life. It was created with the vision that a crowdfunding celebration engine can, and should, be used to honor the good things in life while helping you reach your fundraising goals. Every day is someone’s birthday, and worth celebrating!

If it happens to be your birthday, you might want to fund-raise to buy blankets for your local animal shelter in lieu of gifts for yourself. Not only will you be helping animals in need, but you will be setting an inspirational example for those you invite to give to your fund. They might pay it forward with their own fund raiser, and help a cause close to their heart.

crowdfunding celebration

Or, maybe you are turning 16 and would rather raise funds for your first car than ask for smaller gifts from family and friends. Your family can assist you with using NachoBirthday to help achieve your goal. Be sure to celebrate them for their kindness by inviting them over for some cake and Nachos!

Would you like to share your birthday presents with your favorite cause? This engine can help you celebrate yourself and allow you to pick from one of the charities that they have listed, or choose one of your own. You will get to buy gifts or save for something special, and you will help celebrate someone else at the same time.

crowdfunding celebration

If it’s not your birthday, there are still plenty of ways to use the service. You can still throw a party in person or online, and invite people to give to your personal cause. You may have a medical condition and need to raise money for a service animal, new wheelchair, or better prosthetic. Perhaps you need to move, and need some help with a down payment on a new home. If your pet needs medical care, or you’re saving a colony of homeless kittens, you can do a fund raiser for them as well!

As part of a community or college service project, you may need a way to collect donations for a memorial. You might need to get funding for new uniforms for the school marching band, as well, so that they can play at the memorial dedication. Once you reach your goals by sharing your needs with friends, family, and the community, you can even use some funds to celebrate your day of success with your band mates and the people who helped make it happen by giving!

crowdfunding celebration

That is what crowdfunding celebration is all about, not to just provide a way to fund the things to do on your birthday for yourself, your friends, and the world around you, but to do something incredible with joy and honor to everyone having a NachoBirthday today.

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