Premier Hockey Training Review – Can Chris’ Hockey Course Work?

premier hockey training

Hockey Skills With Premier Hockey Training

Premier hockey training review: This is a complete review that shows you all about Premier Hockey Training program with 6 below parts:

1. Hockey Skills – Author’s Claims

2. About Chris Collins – The Author of Premier Hockey Training

3. How Premier Hockey Training Works

4. Premier Hockey Training – Advantages

5. Premier Hockey Training – Disadvantages

6. Premier Hockey Training – Conclusion

Hockey Skills – Author’s Claims

Premier Hockey Training created by Chris Collins is a hockey coaching program that equips learners with professional hockey skills. Besides, this hockey coaching program also is known as a premier hockey training course that walks learners through the secret of hockey speed training system, and goalie training which have applied by top NHL players. The author also claims that with this course, learners will become all-stars because it is ensured to give them a faster release as well as a quicker first step, and develop more power and speed in 4 months than most hockey players add in a lifetime.
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hockey skills review

About Chris Collins – The Author Of Premier Hockey Training

Chris Collins is the developer of Premier Hockey Training program, and this man also is known as a certified strength and conditioning specialist, who comes from Kelowna, BC, Canada. Chris Collins is certificated by the NSCA, and he also obtained a Master of Science degree in physiology. People can contact Chris Collins here to get answers from Chris Collins for people’s questions.
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How Premier Hockey Training Works

When ordering this Premier Hockey Training product, buyers will receive a comprehensive hockey training program that is packed completely in the hockey training e-books, videos and Premier Hockey Training guides together with some bonuses.

  • Corrective Exercise and Assessment Package ‘Cheat Sheet’ book: this book walks learners through a detailed full-body assessment which picks up on their weaknesses. Weaknesses which if left unaddressed can be exploited by their opponent.
  • Conditioning Principles book: This book lays out for learners the eight critical elements they absolutely need to know before they begin their energy system training.
  • Hockey Specific Weight Training Workouts guide: This book provides learners with detailed and day-by-day workouts that show them precisely what lifts to do and when. In this guide, learners will get specific drills together with exercises to extract another 3-5 mph out of their shot and first step. In addition, learners will learn the right way to do these complex lifts as well as ways to tweak them to lessen strain and then add speed to their game.
  • Hockey Energy System Training guide: With HEST, learners will get speed to triumph battles for loose pucks. Besides, they can get the threshold to remain for a double shift. And lastly they can have enough left in the tank for the third period and overtime.
  • Meal Plans guide: With this guide learners get up to six different breakfasts, lunch together with dinner options to choose.
  • Recovery Strategies book
  • Exercise Video Lifting Library: more than 100 videos that provide learners with detailed footage of every exercise, warm-up, single lift and stretch in the Premier Hockey Training program
  • Core Training book bonus
  • Nutrient Timing book bonus
  • Auxiliary Workouts book bonus
  • Psychology for Hockey book bonus
  • In-Season Workouts guide
  • ’13 Minute Performance Prep’ guide
  • 3 Call Phone Coaching guide

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premier hockey training order

Premier Hockey Training – Advantages

  • This hockey coaching program can save users time and energy
  • Users of this hockey coaching program do not need to have any prior experience
  • Learners of this Premier Hockey Training program can share it to their friend and family
  • This hockey coaching program is very affordable as learners will get hockey exercises and hockey skills from Chris Collins, a strength and conditioning specialist
  • This package comes with a great deal of free resources
  • It is definitely safe to download
  • The author provides a 24/7 support via email with this program
  • Chris Collins offers a policy of back money within 8 weeks if Premier Hockey Training does not work for users.

premier hockey training review

Premier Hockey Training – Disadvantages

Although Premier Hockey Training gets a lot of advantages, it remains some cons. You have to wait for 4 months to see a clear result.

Premier Hockey Training – Conclusion

Now, after reading this Premier Hockey Training review, it is your choice. I believe that you can become a pro hockey player only after 4 months of training. Try it right now!

premier hockey training

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