How To Make Your Bachelor Pad And Bedroom Dating Friendly

how to make your bachelor pad and bedroom dating friendly

Are you the kind of the guy who still eats food from the parcel? Do you still live on the sofa with all the stinky socks around from the last week? Then it is the time that you get yourself organized and get rid of those bachelor habits. To start with you need to divide your bachelor pad into different regions and then organize them separately. So based on the different divided zones, here are few essential tips which will help you start with:

1. The Entry Zone

The foremost space that you see when you enter the bachelor pad is the first to get organized. Guys are guys and so let’s face it, it is the place where you will dump all the shoes in the world scattered and disorganized in the worst way. So the best way to organize the area is to invest in a shoe rack and keep all the shoes organized within it. This will even remind you to remove your shoes when you enter the pad.

2. The Work Zone

how to make your bachelor pad and bedroom dating friendly - the work zone

Bachelor needs to learn the habit of keeping the things clutter-free and so they need to turn tech-savvy. To begin with organizing all your contacts on a smartphone and ensure you keep all the data updated there – in short, add the new ones you want and delete the ones that are no more needed. Another important thing you need to do is to invest in a hard drive and ensure to take the backup of all the files from your computer on it as it will help you to have all the information available even if anything happens to the PC. Make a habit to take backup of the data couple of times in a week so that you will not lose much data in case of any disaster.

3. The Sleeping Area

Clothes, towels, socks and everything, get an important place on the bed if it is a bachelor pad. So make sure you don’t do that especially when you have wet clothes. Moreover, get yourself a super king size bed which is comfortable as well as easy to accommodate someone when needed. With a good number of options available online at Bed SOS, you will have enough to choose from.

4. The Chow Zone

You can save money as well as stay healthy by eating from home on most days of the week. You can put in some efforts to create a meal plan for the week and come up with a shopping list. You can come up with simple dishes which are your favorites and rotate them through the week. Making a list will help you have a clear plan about what to buy and stay away from junk food. For the best, you can stock up your fridge and freezer with staples like vegetables, beans, chicken, fruits, etc.

5. The Thread Zone

how to make your bachelor pad and bedroom dating friendly - the thread zone

Fix a day in a week for laundry to ensure that you always have the right clothes to wear for work and events. You should use laundry hamper to separate the dirty clothes from others and sorting out things will help you with laundry as well. This is important as ladies don’t like dirty clothes all over the place.

6. The Last Zone

One of the most cluttered spaces in the life of a bachelor is the living area. It would be better that he invests in a storage ottoman which can help him store all the items that clutter the room. Keeping things organized will definitely help him earn points in front of the ladies.

Have several reading materials such as magazines or books lying around. You should choose a dark & solid color for the couch, like a brown, black, or dark grey. Then, add some colors by selecting contrasting & bright throw pillows, curtains, and rugs. And remember to store all computer games out of the sight.

7. Bathroom

Get a lot of soft and plush towels and bath rugs in fresh, bright colors. You should also use a shower curtain which has a bold & geometric print to achieve the masculine and modern look. To get a varied look, you can get rugs and towels that contrast the shower curtain. For example, a cold & steel gray shower curtain will look best with bold, orange or red rugs and towels.

Moreover, you can place some large candles having the same colors as the rugs and towels around the bathroom. Ladies love and appreciate storage. In case you get under-the-sink storage, you can use large wicker baskets so that she may organize her own things. If you own a stand-alone sink, you try using a standing tower storage cabinet.

Tips: The most important thing is a good hair dryer in your bathroom. It is a simple tip but is extremely appreciated when she is staying over at your house. You can also keep a great stock of her favorite shampoos, conditioners, and shower gels. You cannot use conditioner but this doesn’t mean she will also live without it! Another excellent tip is that you should keep some types of hand creams & makeup removers in your bathroom.

Life is definitely smooth and sorted when things are organized. For bachelors it is not an easy thing but, they tend to do something about it especially when they are expecting ladies coming over the place. If you have any question about this article on how to make your bachelor pad and bedroom dating friendly, leave your comments at the end of this post. For other useful articles about the love and relationship, visit our Relationship page.

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