List Of 14 Best Picnic Basket Ideas For Everyone!

best picnic basket ideas

There is something special when having a picnic and enjoy foods outdoors, whether it is getting a barbecue in your yard or having a travel with your picnic baskets and enjoy your lunch beside a stream under a shady tree. Enjoy the relaxed scene and get together to share a memorable meal.

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List Of Picnic Basket Ideas – The Best Suggestions For Everyone:

When thinking about ideas of picnic foods, eating outdoors can be complicated or easy. In case you do not have much time, you can consider going to a shop and buy some ready-made foods. However, this may take you so more money than if you had prepared them at home.

In this article today, I want to reveal some of the best picnic basket ideas in details, so you should keep your eyes on the following interesting lifestyle facts and the picnic basket ideas you should know for good. The ideas include:

1. Picnic Basket Ideas – Choose The Right Picnic Basket

This is the first out of the best picnic basket ideas that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to know and follow for good!

A picnic basket is not necessarily wicker. There is a variety of styles of basket available in the market to suit your lifestyle as well as your needs. Do you pack for 2 or 4 people? Do you travel by bike, car or on foot? Is it a night date or a quick lunch in a park nearby?

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You should find out a basket that is designed for picnicking. It will come complete with wine glasses, dishes, napkins, metal utensils, knife, tiny salt and pepper, etc. The backpack basket is perfect in case you have to do a little hiking to the picnic destination. However, because weight and space is limited to what are worth carrying on your back, they may be best for cheese, wine, and nibbles or for a couple of sandwiches rather than only a huge spread.

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Choosing the right picnic basket is actually important, so take notice of it!

2. Picnic Basket Ideas – Keep Your Foods Cool

When you want to store foods, we will need to know the mantra that cold sinks and heat rises, so it is the best preservation of foods. This makes sense to keep some ice cubes on top. Otherwise, place your foods that you will want to eat first on top, and place desserts on the bottom. Also, you will conserve food for longer by opening the basket for less time.

While using freezer packs is useful, you may find that using a freezable bottle that is filled with water is also useful, and you will have extra supply of cold water when the ice melts. It is cold enough for a quick travel to a park for lunch.

Besides, there is a variety of sleeves that are designed to fit bottles and cans in order to chill them as well as keep them cold. You can try to wrap these sleeves around the containers before placing them in your basket or place the coolers on top of your basket. You can also utilize them to keep your foods cool, in case you pack them in right-sized containers.

Keeping your foods cool is very important for a perfect picnic, so this is in fact, one of best picnic basket ideas that you should know and follow to have a good picnic.

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3. Picnic Basket Ideas – Serving Ideas

picnic basket ideas - serving ideas

A thing you need to keep in mind is that your picnic spots may be away from running water, so in case you drop serving spoons in the grass, you may want to grab a new spoon in lieu of trying cleaning the dirty spoons. Consider bringing along some extra utensils. Maybe they do not take much space and when your picnic is over, you can wash, store them in a plastic bag and then place them in your basket for the next picnic. Moreover, you can also need some small cutting boards in handy. Choose a board small enough to fit into the basket.

In fact, this is also among the best picnic basket ideas, so you should not skip out these serving ideas when going on a picnic.Consider following these serving ideas when its comes to planning a basket picnic.

4. Picnic Basket Ideas – Plan The Menu

A recent unscientific poll revealed that there were 3 common picnic menus. First is the version of comfort foods with potato salad and cold fried chicken. Second is the cheese and wine. The third is sandwich.

This is in brief one of the best picnic basket ideas, so you should not look down but try to follow by planning the menu before going on a picnic.

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5. Picnic Basket Ideas – Pack Accordingly

Make sure that you have to be well-prepared. Pack according to your requirements, companions and even environment. If you forget something, it will be able to put a kink in your picnic plan, so it is better to make a checklist of what you would like to bring and then check out each item you put into your picnic basket.

Picnics should not be rushed, so you should prepare all of your items in advance. Fruits should be washed and cut, and unnecessary items should be removed. Pack your picnic basket in the following order:

  • On the side: your plates
  • On the bottom: utensils, wine bottle, ice, and pasta salad
  • In the middle: fruit, cheese, and dessert
  • Onn the top: green salad, bread, and ground cloth

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6. Picnic Basket Ideas – Choose The Foods And Wine

Some easy-to-prepare foods such as wraps, sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, cut fruits, tear-able bread, celery and carrot sticks, chips, chicken wings, cookies, etc. are good food choices for your picnic.

  • Bread: Fresh whole grain organic bread or white sandwich bread.
  • Cheese: Bring a semi-soft cheese to avoid that your cheese may become too soft.
  • Fruits: Easy-to-eat fruits such as grapes, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, or raspberries are the best choices for picnic.

Rosé wines are the common choice for picnic. Served chilled, these wines can work as refreshing ones. Fruit juices, beer, and craft sodas are also good drink choices. Just remember that these drinks are likely to be the heaviest items; therefore, you should pack accordingly.

Choosing the foods and wine is actually important for a picnic, so you should make a food list in advance for good.

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7. Picnic Basket Ideas – Store The Drinks

Do you remember that you keep ice water in your sports bottle? You should bring extra water or other drinks apart from the wine. How about extra glasses? With your wine glasses, you can refill them with iced tea or lemonade.

This is actually also one out of the best picnic basket ideas that a lot of people in the world have been following to have a good idea. Do you want to know other picnic basket ideas? Continue reading this entire article and try to follow one of these ideas as soon as possible.

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8. Picnic Basket Ideas – Sandwich Serving Tips

Another out of the best picnic basket ideas that I want to reveal in this entire writing and want you and my other readers to know and remember to follow is that you should try preparing some servings of sandwich before going on a picnic.

For your sandwich, meats, condiments, and cheeses can be stored separately in order to avoid issues of dreaded soggy sandwich. Depending on what you are serving, you may want ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, ranch dressing, hot sauce, oil as well as vinegar dressing, but you will just use small amounts. Instead of bringing a whole bottle, try repacking and easy serving.

9. Picnic Basket Ideas – Other Picnic Items

picnic basket ideas - other picnic items

In case you will sit on the ground, remember to take a blanket. Any blanket will do, but remember that the ground may be damp. So, choose a thick blanket with a waterproof underside or a combination of your own festive blanket and a waterproof ground cover (a drop cloth or plastic tablecloth).

Remember to bring crackers or chips to go with the salsa, cheese, and dips. They are light, but bulky. It may be ideal if you can fit everything into your basket. Bring some bag clips as they can seal your bags and clip one to your napkin’s corner to keep it.

Besides, bring along 1-2 trash bags for easy cleanup when your picnic is over. After the picnic, you will have a collection of dirty utensils, plates and storage containers, collect and store them in trash bags to keep your picnic basket clean.

Some items you also need to bring:

  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Magazines, books
  • A small stereo or your mobile phone to play music
  • A knife for cutting, an opener for beer/soda bottles and a corkscrew for wine bottle
  • Small first aid kit

This is also one on the list of picnic basket ideas that you should know and try to follow for good, especially if you want to have a good picnic.

10. Picnic Basket Ideas – Sandwich Recipe Ideas

Another one on the list of the picnic basket ideas that I want to reveal in this entire article today and want all of my readers to know and consider following these ideas if you do not want to buy sandwich at bakeries.

  • Vegetarian muffuletta [1] : A mixed olive salad will be livened up with some layers of colorful peppers, eggplant, artichokes as well as Swiss chard. You can add some slices of smoked provolone, but we think that some cheese may add just the proper amount of creaminess.
  • Smoked salmon lavash wrap: Swap that wraps for the whole wheat lavash, and fill the inside with alfalfa sprouts, arugula, cucumber and some slices of smoked salmon. You may love just little lemon-dill spread, but if you want to avoid mayo and cream cheese, opt for Greek yogurt.
  • Chicken and veggie pinwheels: Bite-size pinwheels are the best friend of your picnic. They are easy to store and you no not need to fill them with anything. These wraps are full of yellow and red bell peppers, purple cabbage, baby spinach, shredded cooked chicken and dry ranch powder.
  • The ultimate veggie sandwich: Packed your sandwich with sliced cucumber, tomato, carrot, and avocado, plus shredded cabbage and sprouts, this makes it a pretty meal.

In fact, this is among the ideas on the list of picnic basket ideas, so you should try to follow these ideas as soon as possible.

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11. Salad Recipe Ideas

  • Lentil cauliflower salad: Lentils are a good meat-free food source of protein and if they are paired with cauliflower, this makes a healthy salad for a picnic in the park. This salad is tossed with cilantro, coriander, and turmeric for added flavor.
  • Herby potato salad: This salad calls for an herb vinaigrette and bright onion instead of thick mayo. Besides, you also add crunch from chopped apples and a little nutty flavor from chickpeas in each bite.
  • Shaved beet, carrot and radish salad: Thinly sliced raw beets, carrots and radishes may create a fresh-tasting salad that is full of antioxidants. The dressing is the right balance of spicy and acidic by adding Dijon, apple cider vinegar, and coriander.
  • Spiralized carrot salad: Spiralized carrots are the key of this salad. Toss it with tart lemony-ginger dressing and then sprinkle it with some parsley in order to cut down the acid.
  • Black rice with cashews and mango: Pair black rice with sweet mango and some toasted cashews for added texture and flavor, a lime-based dressing as well as jalapeno for heat.

Continue reading this entire article about the list of picnic basket ideas and consider following one or more of these ideas for good.

12. Snack Recipe Ideas

  • Avocado, mango and brown rice sushi: Vegetable-based sushi is a good idea. Roasted sweet potato, cucumber, avocado, and carrots make good fillings, but in case you feel something sweet, consider filing the rolls with mango.
  • Mojito fruit salad: Use any fruit in season for this colorful salad. Use fruits such as plums, nectarines, and peaches to pair well with the sour lime dressing. Then, mix it in kiwi, berries, melon and grapes for extra sweetness. This snack recipe is nonalcoholic, yet you can add a bit of rum to lime juice for a more adult salad.
  • Caprese fruit skewers: These caprese skewers are packed with watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe alongside the fresh mozzarella as well as basil leaves.

This is also a great one on the list of picnic basket ideas that you should not look down but know and consider making snacks for your picnic.

13. Dessert Recipe Ideas

picnic basket ideas - dessert recipe ideas

  • Banana cream pie jar parfaits: Layer coconut vanilla pudding mixed with your chosen yogurt with granola and sliced bananas. Top it with chocolate chips.
  • Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies: Fuse 2 classic cookies and offer them a healthy spin. Mix oats with honey and whole-wheat flour, plus dark chocolate chips for a delicious cookie packed with flavor and texture.

Follow these dessert recipes for your picnic to enjoy an unforgettable trip.

14. The Drink Ideas

This is the last but very important out of the best picnic basket ideas that I want to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to follow these drink ideas if they want to enjoy a good picnic.

  • Meyer lemon and jasmine iced tea: Jasmine tea [2] and lemon juice may make a refreshing drink for hot evenings in the park. You do not necessarily bring ice, but this tea is best drunk super cold.
  • Raspberry peach iced tea: The base for this drink is old black tea. When combined with a peach and raspberry puree (after removing any pulp and seeds), you will get a perfectly sweet tea.
  • Strawberry lemonade: This strawberry lemonade is essentially fancy. Pack servings in jars or in a large-sized thermos.

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This is the list of 14 picnic basket ideas that you should know and follow for good. These ideas have been supported a lot of people in the world, so you should not skip out them. If you think that this list is useful, share this list with other people around you. Simultaneously, remember to follow any of these ideas as I mentioned above to have a good picnic. As an author of VKool, I would like to know my readers’ opinions about this topic. If you have some ideas and experiences about having a basket picnic, remember to share them with others readers by leaving your comments in the comment section below. I promise to reply you soon.

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