How to deal with bullies at home and school: 10 solutions

Bullies come in all sizes and shapes, and most of us must cope with them at another or one point, mostly as children. However, bullying is one serious problem, not only in home, but also in the schools, workplace, playground, the military, even nursing homes. Bullying is aggressive, unwanted behavior that involves a perceived or real power imbalance. Both victims and bullies can have serious, lasting problems.

In this article, will show you top 10 solutions on how to deal with bullies at home and school. The writing collected a list of safe and effective solutions for dealing with bullies from reliable sources. Keep reading this writing to learn more these 10 solutions on how to deal with bullies!
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How To Deal With Bullies At Home And School: 10 Solutions

1. Show Minimal Reaction To Bullying

how to deal with bullies-show minimal reaction to bullying

How to deal with bullies with this way? Do not show your bullies that you feel hurt; just walk away. The bullies will have expected results from making others feel uncomfortable or hurt.

  • This tactic can backfire depending on bully, so read this situation carefully. Several bullies will feel safe tormenting you if they notice that you are not suffering from their actions.
  • You may not talk your sense to an irrational person. Just walk away with dignity and talking you have better things in order to do with your time.

2. Take Martial Art Lessons

how to deal with bullies-take martial art lessons

How to deal with this solution? You should consider Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu or something similar. This step will prime your physique, boost your confidence and enable you to gain defensive or combat skills. Martial arts skills can also help you study how not to appear to be a target. Simply, you should not look like a fighter.

3. Work Your Way Around Bullies

how to deal with bullies-work your way around bullies

You had better avoid and try them in school, home, and social situations. Try your best in order to avoid them but do not expose that you are avoiding the bullies. They can usually read this as success or fear, and certainly, they will attack you more as a result.

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4. Outsmart The Bully

how to deal with bullies-outsmart the bully

Generally, bullies usually aren’t very witty or smart, so you may use this to your benefit. Here are a few ideas:

  • You should try to think that something is really funny and actually laugh. This way is undeniably frustrating to your bullies, because they often want you to not laugh but cry.
  • Scream one quote at the top of the lungs to their face. You had better only try this when they are treading on the feet or generally are making something wordlessly annoying.

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5. Be Smart And Aware Of Everything

how to deal with bullies-be smart and aware of everything

Simply, study your surroundings for possible escape hangouts, conflict zones, routes, territorial boundaries and safe zones. Be confident when you walk about. Walk with one purposeful confidence. Walk with the head up looking forward in direction you are walking as well as use the peripheral vision in order to be aware of people around you. Everybody will be none wiser.

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6. Learn Some Self Defense Moves

how to deal with bullies-learn some self defense moves

How to deal with bullies with this step?

  • A fast kick in your groin will make a person feel dazed as well as look embarrassed long enough for the escape. Bullies are not always used to others getting best of them.
  • If your groin doesn’t work, you can try the solar plexus or kick one knee in order to make the person trip.
  • If your bully is pushing you or grabbing you, believe it or not, it is actually an advantage. You should try really hard to maintain your balance, and then grab one of their arms with the left hand and hit bully’s elbow with the other, after that using the other hand to push away their remaining arm.
  • Lastly, when you get the first chance, you run to get to one safe place and then call for help.

7. Develop One Deep Understanding Of Yourself

how to deal with bullies-develop one deep understanding of yourself

You must know your weaknesses, strengths, and goals. Know what you’re capable of and what you want. This self-assurance may be helpful when coping with verbal bullies, because their words of insult will not reach your core. Generally, verbal bullies usually need an audience when they dish out insults. In addition, their words are rarely based on what is true but rather what is catchy. You should try to pass the rumors: tell everybody it is not true and that your bully just wants attention.

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8. Recognize The Type Of Bully

how to deal with bullies-recognize the type of bully

In general, bullies cross the spectrum – some verbally, others abuse physically, while others play mind toy and game with you emotionally. A lot of bullies use a mixture of these strategies.

  • Do bullies abuse you physically? Generally, aggressive bullies like to punch, kick, hit and pull hair. The bullies can do it without hesitation.
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  • Taunting bullies are verbally abusive (making jokes, calling names, teasing, etc.).
  • Do people pretend to be your close friend? This is just a type of emotional bullying. Others include breaking something you care about, threatening to hurt or telling lies about you to other people to make them hate you or  doing something to cause you to be ridiculed.
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    Indirect bullies sometimes called as gossip-mongers or backstabbers, exclude others, spread rumors, and harass the victims whenever possible.

9. ReportAllBullies To An Authority Figure

how to deal with bullies-reportallbullies to an authority figure

You had better consider your school guidance counselor, parents, principal, the police, boss or someone else who can punish or cope with the bully as well as protect your safety. It is very important that you talk to someone about the trouble to get it to end. You can also go to talk a good friend about your problem. If there is one bullying survey in the school, always write the name down. You don’t be embarrassed.

10. Spread The Word

how to deal with bullies-spread the word

In fact, bullying is one real problem. It needs to be dealt with quietly and be shoved aside. Take your issues as well as talk about them. You can ask your school in order to hold seminars or talks putting this problem in the front of everybody’s minds. Make everybody aware that it can happen every day.

To get more information related to these problems, go to our main Relationships page. After reading the writing of 10 solutions on how to deal with bullies at school and home in the shortest time possible, hope that this writing helps you find out the best solution to cope with bullies fast and effectively. If you have any question, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible.
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