Health, Mental And Social Benefits Of Playing Golf

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benefits of golf shoesWhile the desire to live a healthier and more active lifestyle is something that encourages us from time to time, there are various ways to achieve this. Playing sport is one of such healthy lifestyle. Golf is a very popular sport worldwide. It is a game played on a large outdoor course that provides a stimulating combined with a healthy walk in pleasant surroundings’ and could be played by people at all ages and genders. You can play golf in a team or on your own. This sport could be good for human health and heart as well. In this article, we cover top health benefits of golf and some common golf injuries that new golfers should know.

I. Benefits Of Golf – Top Reasons Why You Should Play Golf Instantly

1. Reduce Stress

Golf is a great way to lessen stress. Playing around of a golf course can release powerful natural, mood boosting hormones from your brain called endorphins. In other words, stress can be unpleasant, especially those who are aging, then golf will help them alleviate stress. When mental alertness starts to reduce more rapidly with old age, playing golf helps seniors to practice their concentration power and mental sharpness. Golfers have to stay concentrated on the golf shots, identify and determine distance, club selection and obstacles. This will be useful in keeping their mental illnesses like dementia at bay.

Swinging the clubs also challenges the mind in terms of strategy. Getting regular daytime exercise such as playing golf often means a person will fall asleep more quickly and maintain a deep sleep for a longer amount of time.

2. Burn Calories

When playing golf, you do a good deal of walking. Carrying clubs, pulling them out and in of your back while might be not the quickest way to burn calories, you are still moving. Once you are serious about trying to get a work out from golf, then you need to ignore the golf cart and carry your clubs. Walking for18 holes is often the equivalent of walking from 3 to 4miles. This will get the golfers’ heart going and blood pumping.  Studies pointed out that walking while playing golf can help golfers against heart disease. The game of golf is great for the cardiovascular health because it gets involved in walking about 6 miles and can burn off approximately 1400 calories.

3. Get Vitamin D

benefits of golf coursesVitamin D is a beneficial nutrient that you could get from various foods. However, another great way to get it is to spend time in the sun, which is absolutely what you will be doing for hours of golfing. Playing golf means that you often expose to the sun light.

4. Socialize

Golf supplies people with a stimulating challenge combined with a healthy walk in pleasant surroundings. This social sport could be played by a lot of people thanks to the handicap system. This is a good chance for you to meet new people. It is usually said that the worst day of golf is still much better than the best day of work, particularly when you are hanging out with your friends on the course. Moreover, the competition may take place in a friendly and social environment. Golf can give its participants an opportunity to talk to each other as well as discus life issues. This type of sport is a friendly game and gives players a good chance to enjoy each other’s company whilst competing.

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5. Bone Health

benefits of golf club fittingWeight bearing exercises are good the human bones. If you do weight bearing exercises from two or three times per weeks, then you can create lean, long muscle mass that can support a strong skeleton.
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This kind of exercise could also prevent bone degeneration, containing osteoporosis. In order to include weight bearing in the golf game, you had better carry the clubs. Besides, a great option to reduce stress on the shoulders is the double trapped golf bag.

6. Self-Confidence

When it comes to benefits of golf, this one cannot be overlooked. Because the nature of golf need people to train their mind in order to be more focused. Each success will build your confidence. Whether you are an experienced golfer or just a golf enthusiast, walking in nature is always a great joy.

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7. Family Time

benefits of golf in businessGolf is a game that all family members can learn as well as play together. Due to the handicap system which was created to determine the playing ability and potential of a golfer, mother and father could really compete with their children even if they are at significantly different skills levels. Playing golf also can get grandparents involved. Then, you will have a game that every member can join in and enjoy together.

8. Business Contacts

We all know how demanding the business world could be. There is no doubt to say that some of the greatest deals have been conducted during playing golf and on the golf course. This is one of benefits of golf that many people may not realize. If you have an appointment with your clients or partners on the golf course, then impressing just one client or partner with a skillful golf game can be moderately useful for your business contract.
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Who know? Maybe, after playing golf, you might broaden your business relationships drastically.

II. Common Golf Injuries – How To Prevent Them For Good

Apart from benefits of golf, to the outside observer, golf may be not like the most dangerous sport, yet the excessive repetition and strain put on the body of a golfer might lead to serious injuries to golfers. In fact, every swing puts pressure on different joints, tendons and muscles of the body, which over the time will cause injuries, making golfers sidelined for several weeks, even months. This article is specifically designed for those golfers, who want to prevent common golf injuries, in particular, and prevent sport trauma efficiently beforehand. Check them out now!

1. Back Pain

benefits of golf guideThis is considered as one of the most common golf injuries. It can also be one of the most debilitating. Golfers’ back take on a heavy burden throughout the game of golf, from rotating during the swing to carrying those heavy golf bags. The pain developed typically in the lower back which might be combined with muscle spams, or numbness and weakness in legs. Numerous structures of the lower back are also impacted such as ligaments, discs, muscles, or facet joints. In order to prevent back pain efficiently due to golfing, people can make use of some specific back exercises known as stability and core strength exercises. Moreover, you should warm up and practice your golf swing before the game. It is recommended that the looser the back is before playing, the less likely the risk people will develop back pain.

2. Golfer’s Elbow

This is an inflammation of the tendons of the forearm at the point where they are inserting into the upper arm bone on the inner side of a golfer’s elbow. Actually, this inflammation is resulted from forceful gripping activities, like when you drip the golf club. The repetitive gripping, flexing, and swinging will lead to pain. The best way to prevent it is limiting the repetitions when pain starts to occur. You could also strengthen your forearms’ muscles in order to prevent them from wearing down within duration of the golf game.

3. Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain in a golfer may be caused by any of some different underlying condition, containing: tear or impingement in the rotator cuff, rotator cuff tendinitis, joint arthritis, or instability in the joints. To prevent this problem, you can maintain proper strength and flexibility of the shoulder and scapular muscles. Besides, slowing down your backswing in order to decrease stress on your shoulders is also a good idea. It is also necessary for you to spend time on warming up before each golf game, as well as concentrating on using appropriate form during every swing. If possible, you should build supporting muscles in the shoulders and enhance your flexibility in order to prevent shoulder pain from emerging during long games.

4. Knee Pain

benefits of golf reviewKnee pain in golf players might be causes by any numerous underlying issues, among them: knee arthritis, kneecap pain, or a torn meniscus.

Knee pain happens after excessive forces and repetition is placed on the vulnerable knee joints overtime. To avoid knee pain for good, you should improve the range of motion in the hips that directly impact the pressure putting on the knee joints.

5. Wrist Pain

This is the pain and tenderness on the top of wrist, often on the right side at the top of the backswing. Overtime, repetitive strain and improper wrist motion could cause fractures, sprains, and ruptured tendons which finally result in chronic pain and limited mobility. In order to prevent this injury, people should slow down backswing in order to lower the right wrist extension at the top of the backswing.

6. Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia, at its attachment to your heel bone. It is the cause of heel pain in golf players that typically comes on when walking around the golf course. This problem is particularly in those golfers with poor foot wears. Inappropriate footwear plays a main role in the development of plantar fasciitis. So, in that cause, you can apply ice packs to the heel and sole of the foot in order to gain pain relief. To prevent this, you can make use of orthotic insoles, which support the arch o the inner side of your foot. This can limit the excessive pronation and prevent the painful feeling of plantar fasciitis.

Playing golf is really beneficial for everyone, at all ages. However, to take full benefits of golf, people should learn how to prevent some common injuries listed above.
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