Pole Dancing Course Review – Will Amber’s Dance Course Work?

pole dancing course review

Updated: 04/03/2024

If you are wondering whether or not the Pole Dancing Course is worth your money, then this Pole Dancing Course review will help you find out the best answer through 7 following parts:

1. What Is Pole Dancing Course?

2. How It Works?

3. Product Details

4. How Much Does It Cost?

5. The Full Package Of Pole Dancing Course

6. Is It Guaranteed That This Program Will Work For You?

7. Does Amber Starr Offer Any Support?

Pole dancing course reviews

What Is Pole Dancing Course?

Pole dancing course real user reviewsPole Dancing Course is developed by Amber Starr – a master pole dance instructor and professional dancer. In fact, Amber Starr has been dancing professionally for about 12 years and taught more than 2,500 women worldwide from beginners to advanced. This program is the result of more than 5 years of experimentation, and trial and error. This Pole Dancing Course review is based on the real sharing a user named Linda. The purpose of my Pole Dancing Course review aims to show you all typical features of an all-in-one course which will teach you everything necessary about pole dancing.

Actually, the whole system of Pole Dancing Course contains more than 100 videos with the total duration of 6 hours. Within this e-course, you will discover main kinds of pole dancing moves as well as combinations. It is also important for this Pole Dancing Courses review to offer insights on how Linda evaluated this product. Linda shared with VKool that, Pole Dancing Course offered her the fastest and most effective way to learn how to pole dance right all from the privacy of her home, no expensive and time-consuming pole dancing classes required. According to the feedbacks of many users, one of the most impressive perks of this tutorial package is its simple-to-complex approach. In detail, the collection of video lessons is a series of lessons which starts with the simplest maneuvers and ends with the most complex movement routines. This is exactly the reason why newbie to pole dance can easily follow the lessons and gain professional-like skills as well as nimbler, healthier bodies.

To make it easier for you to decide whether it is worth buying, my entire Pole Dancing Course review will offer some deep insight via next parts.

How It Works?

The entire system of Pole Dancing Course contains 100 videos that cover step-by-step instructions on different types of dancing moves. Amber Starr presents those moves in an easy-to- follow format. When learning this e-course, you are about to learn from 3 different instructors who will teach you 3 main routines and fitness workouts. Obviously, 3 teachers mean that you will be able to learn diversifying teaching styles. Besides, because each teacher is specialized in a specific style of dance, so you will gain better learning experience due to the specialization.

Pole dancing course program training

The pole dance workouts introduced in this e-course will not only help you get a full body workout plan but also discover the sexier side of you. Moreover, you are going to learn 3 distinct routines, which are core exercise, exotic and striptease, and aerobic and anaerobic workouts. Going through these routines, you will explore different moves and workouts.

So, now you might be asking yourself a question that what makes this course the number one pole dancing guide.

Actually, as the program contains step-by-step video instructions, and each segment included explains the basic moves. The movement begins slowly, then steadily progresses to the full speed. It wraps up the mechanics of simple, fundamental movements, safety. Besides, this e-guide also provides you with some variations of the basics, helping you master your dancing skills quickly.

Pole dancing course order now

In other words, the author reveals that when learning pole dance, you will work out your own core, learn how to balance, and discover ways to take control of your muscles. Experiencing all these workouts will help you lose excess fat naturally. In addition, this high-caliber package uses the cutting-edge fast track method of teaching newbies, nurturing style, which will take you from fundamental to advanced moves in just several first hours.

Pole dancing course - Amber Starr

Product Details

Inside the e-course, the author takes people through a process of discovering:

  • Climbing moves: include dismount, chopper climb, reverse climb, and more
  • Inverted moves: contain hook, batman, blade, fang, chopper, serpent, full moon, butterfly, and more
  • Spins and skills: include spinner, fireman, angel, showgirl and more
  • Poses and invert: consist of Gemini, aysha, daphne, iguana, barbed wire, and more
  • Leg hook moves: cover forward hook, reverse role, twist and stand, and more
  • Strength training: jam pack with pole pushups, pull-ups table top, hangman and more
  • Drops: contain hip lock drop, nose breaker drop, and more
  • Warm-ups and Stretching
  • Combinations and transitions
  • And much more

Following this e-guide, you will get the following benefits:

Here are some testimonials of this new e-guide:

Pole dancing course comment

Testimonial Pole dancing course

How Much Does It Cost?

To reiterate, not only does this system take full advantage of the systematic teaching approach, but it also has unbeatable price. There is a single once-off payment. There are no recurring charges ever. The complete course of Pole Dancing Course just costs you $47. Let me ask you a question: how much would you pay for private dance training? In reality, it might charge you hundreds of dollars. Today, you have a unique chance to get your own package with just a small amount of money. There are 3 ways for customers to watch the videos introduced in this e-course, including:

  • Download
  • Streaming
  • DVDs

These options will help everyone can access this product in the easiest way they feel comfortable with.

Pole dancing course order now


The Full Package Of Pole Dancing Course

Amber’s full system has been distributed worldwide. After placing an order, you are going to get several useful bonuses in addition to the main guide of program. Here are the bonuses:

  • Bonus 1 – Full Pole Dancing Dictionary of Moves:  this is a printable digital ebook on performing  major pole moves, with high quality photos of every move to help you perform and position correctly
  • Bonus 2 – Pole Dance Fitness and Conditioning Videos: offers you more advanced pole dancing moves for fitness, fat loss, conditioning, and muscle toning. Additionally, you will get to know different workout routines at different speed and rhythms.
  • Bonus 3 –  Pole Combinations & Transitions: instructs you how to correctly perform complex and dynamic turns, how to add new turns as well as transitions to your repertoire. After learning these techniques, you will be able to develop your unique dancing style.
  • Bonus 4 – Best Routines from Pole Dancing Championships: uncovers to you 20 of the best movements from the most famous pole dancing championships . It also consists of 100 pole movements, transitions, variations, and artistic points.
  • Bonus 5 – Free Lifetime Updates
  • Bonus 6 – Free 1-Year 1-on-1 Coaching With the author – Amber: the 1-on-1 private skype  coaching  with the producer will help you deal with your questions in the most satisfying way.

Pole dancing course packge bonuses

Now, it is the time for you to decide should you make use of this product or not. Is it worth a try?

Is It Guaranteed That This Program Will Work For You?

Pole dancing course guarantee money backFor any reason that you feel this e-course is not for you, then simple ask for a full refund, then you will instantly get 100% your money back within 60 days from the date of purchase. This money back guarantee proves for the complete confidence of Amber Starr regarding the quality of the Pole Dancing Course. Just take 60 days to assess the videos. There will be no questions asked or hassle at all. Do not procrastinate to take advantage of this program now!

Does Amber Starr Offer Any Support?

If you have any question about this program, you can look for the answer in the FAQ page or follow this address to get the most comprehensive support from Amber Starr.

If you decide to give Pole Dancing Course a try, then after using it, just share your own experience or evaluation about the efficiency of this product below to help other people make the right decision about purchasing it.

In case you want to contribute any idea about my entire Pole Dancing Course review or any other entertainment information on VKool, leave your comments below.

All in all, this Pole Dancing Course review could have one conclusion: Pole Dancing Course by Amber Starr is an all-in-one comprehensive pole dancing guide that everyone should not overlook.

Pole dancing course full download

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