Accordion Course For Beginners Review – Is It Reliable?

accordion course for beginners

Learn How To Play An Accordion With Accordion Course For Beginners

To help you have an overview on this guitar learning course that was released by Enzo Giribaldi, I would like to introduce his program to you via the writing with 5 parts as follows:

  1. What Is Accordion Course For Beginners?
  2. What Will You Get From The Accordion Course For Beginners Package?
  3. How Will Accordion Course For Beginners Help You Master Accordion?
  4. How Much To Get Started?
  5. Is It Guaranteed That Accordion Course For Beginners Will Work For You?

how to play an accordion beginner accordion course for beginners

What Is Accordion Course For Beginners?

Accordion Course For Beginners is an unique online piano accordion course you can find and learn on the Internet.

Enzo Giribaldi is the creator of this program. He began learning to play the accordion when he was 5 years old. He won various prestigious awards as one of the best accordionists in Australia, including the MO award, one of the famous Australian Entertainment awards.

In the Accordion Corse For Beginners ebook, Enzo puts easy-to-follow lessons in audio format and video format so that the learners can master accordion quickly without any struggle. 

What Will You Get From The Accordion Course For Beginners Package?

There are totally 50 lessons contained in 57 downloadable pages of the e-guide (the size of the file is about104MB). You can print the copy of the guidebook while watching online lessons on the computer screen for a better learning.

Besides, the author also offers 4 free songs taken from the Enzo’s CD. You can instantly download them.

  • Can   – (Features Accordion)
  • In The Mood – (Features the Saxophone)
  • Fisarmonica Impazzita (The Mad Accordion) – (Features Accordion)
  • Strauss Medley (Waltzes)  – (Features Accordion and Strings)

how to play an accordion at home accordion course for beginners

How Will Accordion Course For Beginners Help You Master Accordion?

Accordion Course For Beginners is an ebook that was designed to view on the Adobe Reader software. It will be easy for you to learn accordion lessons on your computer screen as well as print the lessons to read anywhere with the comfort.

You also order to get the lessons in the CD format. The author will send it to you by shipping via the post. You just need to display lessons on Media Player, then get started to view color illustrated guide, listen to the audio guide and practice accordion exercises on how to play accordion so fast and easily. 

There are various lessons with tunes from the beginning to advanced levels so that you can learn them without boredom. For more details, the program will help you master in: 

  • How to read music 
  • A guide on counting time when starting playing and playing the whole song
  • An introduction to Bass Layout 
  • The knowledge of Keyboard Layout 
  • How to play an accordion by using professional fingering techniques 
  • Discovering music note lessons 
  • Exploring Bellow Technique 
  • The knowledge of Dotted Notes 
  • An introduction to Rests 
  • A guide on using Repeat Signs 
  • How to use Sharps 
  • Tips to master Flats 
  • How to achieve Natural 
  • The knowledge of Ties 
  • Techniques to deal with Scales 
  • Tips on performance 

And much more! 

The following are some real comments from customers who learnt this course:

how to play an accordion button accordion course for beginners

All of you can check out Learn Piano In 30 Days and Piano Coach Pro to know more about piano, one of instruments sharing common functions with the piano accordion. I think it’s useful for you to improve your accordion playing skills, too.
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how to play an accordion accordion course for beginners order

How Much To Get Started?

There are 2 options for you to select:

If you download the program directly, it costs you $35.00. Then you can instantly download the complete Accordion Course For Beginners ebook.

In another payment, if you want to receive Accordion Course in CD format you must leave the author your postal address to make an order this package, then the author will send you CD with the price of $45.00.

how to play an accordion online accordion course for beginners

Is It Guaranteed That Accordion Course For Beginners Will Work For You?

Of course! With his high-quality book, Enzo Giribaldi is full of confidence to guarantee that his program won’t fail to work for you. You have 60 days to experience the Accordion Course For Beginners program without any risk at all. In case, you are unhappy with it, you have a right to request for your refund within 60 days of your purchase. No question asked. 

After reading my full Accordion Course For Beginners review, it’s your choice to make the right decision to buy or not. If you get anything unclear about my writing that stop you in the process of making your decision, just feel free to ask me by leaving your comment below. I’m ready to answer you. And finally, thank you for reading the entire article. Are you going to learn how to play an accordion with Enzo Giribaldi right now?

how to play an accordion download accordion course for beginners

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