How To Improve A Relationship With Boyfriend After A Fight

how to improve a relationship

Are you happy with your relationship? Do you always have argument with your boyfriend? Keep and improve your relationship is an art and you are an artist or an excellent learner. If you have had fight with your boyfriend and do not know how to solve the problem and strengthen your relationship, keep reading this writing that includes 16 tips how to improve a relationship with boyfriend after a fight from You will get lots of useful tips and tricks to be a better love in a better relation.

How To Improve A Relationship With Boy Friend?

1. Find The Root Cause In Argument 

how to improve a relationship

Both of you may have argument under lots of subjects such as work, sex, money, or other relationships, etc.  In this case, you must find out what is the root cause of the fight when you calm down. Of course, you will feel some normal feelings such as abandonment fear, inadequacy, cheating, and so on. If you have fight with your boyfriend, let be alone for hours and discover the reasons for the disputation. From seeking the reasons, you will get how to improve a relationship well and avoid conflict.

2. Solve Conflict 

how to improve a relationship

To recall your boyfriend to you, try to communicate honestly with him. Learning how to improve a relationship, it is necessary to learn how to have polite and interpersonal communication. Tell him about the main reason for it and help him understand more about your fears as well as the bad behavior with him.

Besides, if you always express your disagreement with him by blaming him or snapping at him, try to change your way of talking or fighting. Or if you have some impolite sentences when fighting with him, say sorry and talk with your partner about your situation. Of course, you cannot have argument whenever you want and then say sorry, that’s all? Your relationship will end soon if you do that. Take your responsibility in this relationship if you are really serious with him. However, you do not need to apologize what you did not do, just be sincere and humble!

Money is one of the most important factors that cause argument with your boyfriend. If possible, try to discuss with him about this problem and limit the conflict. Argument or conflict is very popular and normal, try to limit the fight as much as possible. Decide what is not need to talk about. Moreover, you should not use bad words to blame him because they can destroy his emotions to you.

3. Appreciate Him 

how to improve a relationship

Both of you will feel light if the disagreement is managed. Give him your appreciation about what he is doing in work and life. In all relations in your life including the connection with your lover, appreciation to each other is a must-have thing you should give and learn. That is also an effective tip how to improve a relationship that women and men should learn. Blaming is not a good way to enhance your relationship, but it will destroy it quickly. If you usually criticize him in front of the people, your man will not feel respect from you. Therefore, always appreciate and encourage him doing the good things; share with him all the difficulties in life and work.

4. Be Womanish 

how to improve a relationship

So how do you do to improve your relationship with boyfriend after a fight? Well, you are a girl and you should learn how to improve your beauty and become more girlish or womanish because almost of the men like this. Clearly, being feminine is one of the most secrets how to improve a relationship that many women are applying. Do you want to be more beautiful in your man’s eyes? Believe me, your relationship will endure a longer term and you will feel more confident if your body is in shaped and your heart is generous.

5. Love You And Love Him 

how to improve a relationship

Loving yourself first and know exactly what you need, what you want, and what you will want to do for your man. Discovering how to improve a relationship, you should learn how to give your love to him from your heartbeat. Pay attention to his inner feelings, share with him about the sadness, happiness, and troubles in life. If necessary, fulfill his wishes, undoubtedly, you will have a successful relationship. Are you shy when expressing your love to him? Do not hesitate to admit that you love him and want him. Of course, you also should encourage him doing the same way. Do something special to your love and enhance it day by day. Do not wait the day of its death. Women and men have different ways to behave their love. If you are a woman and want to develop your relationship, try to do something like cooking a dinner, going to picnic with him, walking around the park, or have some special dates with him, etc.

6. Learn To Forgive And Listen 

how to improve a relationship

Your relationship is made from many things including threads in it and you will have a good connection with him whenever you have strong chains and threads. In the aspect of getting how to improve a relationship with boyfriend after a fight, forgiveness is very essential because it is also a key to help you and your partner respect each other and love each other. After a fight, you should listen to him and forgive him if necessary. Why cannot you? Do not be stronger than your man, let be a feminine and educated woman even in all conflicts. If he wants to be a lone, at least for a day, respect his desire. Give him a space and time to think about the fight and you.

Argument will be the time that both of you will reveal the honest characters. As the result, accepting the fight and resolving it is also a good choice for you. The importance is about the thing you will learn from the argument and you will avoid the fight later.

Listening to other people is very important skill you must have in life, especially listening to your partner. Do not ignore him or just “hear” and pass all his concerns, but try to listen to him and give him the comments or feedback about one issue.

7. Things To Do 

how to improve a relationship

In the fact, arguing is also a healthy and normal thing in life for almost of the couples. However, you should avoid argument as much as possible. Here are some should-avoid things and to-do things for women when they are getting how to improve a relationship with boyfriend after a fight.

    • Do not continue to blame him after a fight or be colder with him. Give him and you a free space and wait until he and you calm down. Do not block his heart through the cold shoulder. Do not ignore him after that, but talk about the problem and share with him your emotions. If necessary, why don’t you say sorry to him? Discuss seriously about your problem, you will see all the difficulties will pass easier.
    • Limit to argue! It seems to be simple but it is very difficult to you. Stop fighting is not easy if you do not find the proper way for that. You can tell him about his words frustrate you and make you sad. Breathe deeply and stay alone in a room until you can talk with him normally again. Usual fighting is not a good way but it will damage your relationship soon.
  • Reduce stress is one of the most highly appreciated things to avoid fighting. You may get stressed or anxiety because of the headache, overwork, or some problems with other relations. Try to find the way to give up stress first.
  • Do not call his name directly in a fight
  • Do not sex if you do not feel it. Try to explain with him about your problems. Say it gently because many men will want sex just a purpose to be closer.
  • Ignore the causes of the fight. It is very bad for your relationship because your argument will not go to an end whenever you do not find the reasons and solve it. Try to not fall in the same fight again later.
  • Celebrate fun birthday party, Christmas Day, New Year, or some special dates.

8. Add Intimacy 

how to improve a relationship

Do you feel that your relationship needs to have more spices? You will get bored with the same things in a long time. Your relation is not an exception. Learning how to improve a relationship, you should get the secrets how to add intimacy for your love life. Now get started with some minutes on the bed, looking into each other without words, just eye’s contact only. Whisper with him something lovely. Try to listen to him whenever he wants to talk, probably he needs to rely on your shoulders a bit or want to hear your voice. Besides, you can pray with him if both of you believe in God and share with him what you did pray for. In addition, you can spend time playing intimacy exercise with him by a paper, where you will write down all the things on that. There are variety of works or games you can play with him, just depend on your time and your willingness. For example, you can call him by nickname and he also does like you.

9. Talk 

how to improve a relationship

Talking in a relationship cannot be neglected if you want to learn how to improve a relationship. Talking to each other every day, maybe through chat, phone, or email, but it is necessary to keep in touch together. Let say something positive in your life. Leave some fun comments, for example, about a subject. You can ask him about his childhood and what he liked to do in the past time. Tel him that he looks so stronger and more attractive in shorts, pants, or some sport clothes. You totally can talk about the featured person in your mind and ask him about the type of woman he hates most.

Talking each other in daily life will improve your relationship very much because you will understand him more through the stories in life. Many couples break because they do not have contact every day. Do not think that you have nothing to say with him. For lovers, everything can be shared without reasons. For example, you can talk, talk, and talk with him about your favorite film you already watched last night or say about a child near your house or even your lovely pet. A big question is how can you build your relationship without conversations every day?  No matter the distance, you totally can have many ways to change your relationship more positively.

10. Be Sensitive 

how to improve a relationship

Being sensitive is one of the most common features of women. They are sensitive with things in the relation and in life. However, not all of them get this character. If you really want to improve your relationship, let say apology with your partner if you do the mistake. Share with him the reasons you are afraid in life and the things you will feel bad if he does. So, you will feel better in the next time talking with him. Remember that you will be fair to him in the relation. Of course, there is the reason why your partner will not feel good beside you. So pay attention to the things around you, even the tiny issues, which will grow a bigger problem if you do not care.

Futhermore, if you are new comer in love and want to know how to improve a relationship, why don’t you learn from your mother, your sister, your friends, and some useful sources around you? Being a better lover also needs a time to learn and get experience. For instance, you can learn dating tips and get a better memorial dates with your man. You will not grow or your relationship will not develop if you don not have arguement. However, you should get secrets from people who have sucessful relationship with their boyfriend or husband.

11. Do Something Together 

how to improve a relationship

Cooking is an easy way to enter a man’s heart. His stomach will be full due to your ability of cooking. To change your love life, women should learn how to cook well or even a light snack with him. Well, it sounds interesting? Try to spend time with him cooking a dinner or preparing a delicious breakfast. Why not? You will feel so happy if he eats your meals. Divide the tasks when cooking with him. Eating is a great time for both of you can taste the healthy favorite foods together. Cooking together is a great time to get closer to him. He will understand your task every day, and it is so wonderful if you are an excellent cook. If both of you are too busy every day, try to cook meals together at the weekend or you can prepare a special breakfast for him. Do surprise to him with your recipes. Cooking time is also a good chance to talk about the foods of some fun things that you cannot share every day. Bonus him with a lovely message, a piece of chocolate, or a kiss on cheeks.

Have you ever played game with him? Almost of the men like game and you should try to play with him, combat him through the game. So funny, right? Take advantage of the vacation days to travel, or the weekends to go out for shopping, for picnic, or visiting relatives. Doing some works together, you will learn how to improve a relationship effectively without expenses.

12. Seduce Him 

how to improve a relationship

To be a woman, you must be sexy in your man’s eyes because he likes that. Sexy is not dirty, but it will attract your man much more. Sexy in your apperance and sexry in your behavior. Surprising him by a hug, a hot kiss, or squeezing his butt. Send him the message about love or sex when he is working. Seducing or flirting your man seems to be a necessary spice for your relationship improvement. Do you know how to be sexier in your life? Try to do regular exercise such as yoga, swimming, walking, cycling, etc, eat healthy, and wear the sexy dresses you will get ease to learn how to improve a relationship successfully. Spend time to him learning about sex and forget all things including works, events, or some stresses in the office. If you rarely use perfume, try to spray some kinds of favorite scent or use some natural oils for such a goal.

13. Be Friend With Him And His Beloved People 

how to improve a relationship

One of the greatest ways how to improve a relationship with boyfriend is to be friendly with his family and friends. To be closer to them, you can ask him to visit them at the weekend. Try to be a part of his family, talk with his parents and relatives. If you cook well, you can invite some his best friends to have a dinner and chat together. If you want to discover more about him, try to communicate with his mother and friends. They will reveal lots of secrets that you have not known about your lover. Try it now, you will get some fun and your man will love you more beause you are a kind person. If possible, give his mother or father a small gift in special day.

A realtionship will be solid if you base on a firm friendship. Make sure that you treat your boyfriend as the best friend with your high appreciations, respectation, kindness, etc. You should share information to him, laugh with him, listen to him whenever he has troubles, support him whenever he needs.

14. Surprise Him 

how to improve a relationship

If you love him for a long time, you should give him some surprises to improve your relationship with him. This day is not his birthday? But try to have some gifts to him. If he has some troubles in work, let do something special to him such as preparing a healthy dinner or breakfast for him. Ask him to go out for some special activities. You do not need to have dinner at home, but try to taste a dinner under the candles. You can buy something he likes to surprise him, write down some sexy messages, or wear a long dress to seduce him. If you have a long vacation, why don’t you try to spend time with him through a long trip to the beautiful landscapes? Generally, do what you have not presented before. For example, you can create some special photos and send to him. Copy some meaningful lyrics or sing the song by yourself to him.

15. Touch Him 

how to improve a relationship

Probably, love is the most powerful emotion that human being has and building a relationship is not the responsibility of women, but it is also a man’s task. How to improve a relationship quickly? For women, to attract your boyfriend, you can use your body languages to show him your attention or your love. Use your arms, legs, mouth, eyes, or hands to touch him whenever possible. Or you can squeeze him or wrap your arms to him. Wave the shoulders, hold his hands will be the perfect tips and tricks how to improve  a relationship that gilrs or women should know.

16. Improve Love Day By Day 

how to improve a relationship

In reality, the power of love may improve your immune system boost your cardiovascular function, and improve your life expectancy partly. If you have a good relationship, you will enjoy life, but if you do not have expected relation, it will make you sick. It means that you may get worse or get better in life due to love. Love is actually important as the role of sleeping, breathing, or eating in your life. Therefore, improving your love is very necessary to have a better and solid relationship. There are many special times both of you may do something different in life such as celebrating a small party or exchange gifts together. According to experts, the answer how to improve a relationship, simply, depends on both of you. You and your man must express and improve it day by day; you will see how to stay happy with your relationship.

To learn more tips and tricks about relationship improvement, go to our main Relationship page.

After reading my writing of top 16 secrets how to improve a relationship with boyfriend after a fight, I hope that you have already learned how to get a successful relationship. There are some secrets that men may apply to you, so be sure that both of you love each other and try to enrich your love each day. If you have any question, please leave your comments below.

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