How to Stay Happy in a Relationship for Couples

This is your simple yet effective guide that will help you maintain a happy relationship with your lover permanently. My full writing is about many things to do and things to avoid in a relationship I have experienced myself to stay happy in a relationship. However, before reading this writing, you should note that it is never going well if these things just be implemented by one side. You should never allow yourself to become a freak, fearful, or paranoid controller in your love, but you should open your mind and give your partner the feeling of cheerful. It is actually about how the 2 of you keep your relationship together! That is the reason why today I release 11 explosive tips on how to stay happy in a relationship – the exact secrets to a happy marriage that couples should take a look over this article to get.

I. Things to do:

First, let’s take a look over 6 things to do if you want to learn how to stay happy in a relationship:

1. Getting a realistic view of a committed relationship

Everything you need to do, firstly, is to recognize clearly that the “crazy” infatuation that the 2 of you experienced when your romantic love was new will not last forever. A richer, deeper relationship will replace it. A long-term love will experience both ups and downs, and there is nothing called “forever romance with sunny and roses” can stay permanently. It’s totally unrealistic!

how to stay happy in a relationship

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2. Working on the relationship

Within a relationship, it is really important to deal with the problems, arguments, and misunderstandings instantly. Many people believe that a good relationship just can happen naturally without any interference. The truth is that as anything you desire to achieve in life, a happy and stable relationship need to be worked on and tended to on a hard basis. If you neglect your relationship, it will go downhill within no time.

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3. Spending time together how to stay happy in a relationship with working on the relationship

When you decide to spend time together with your husband/wife without your kids, pets, and any other interruption, you will really feel and see your love go up to a brand new level. You two should spend time doing a mutual activity together, not just watching TV or lie in bed all day.

To accept that love cannot rescue you from being alone, you should learn how to spend time for yourself. With the secure feeling you have when being who you are within the framework of your relationship, you will feel more confident, complete, happy, and full.

Sometimes, you can do something romantic for him/her such as write a love song and sing for your partner, that will make he/she really touched. If you need the help or suggestion, you can get the help from How To Write Songs That Sell a rich resource of tips on writing song quickly that you should try.

4. Make room for “separateness.”

In contrast to the 3rd tip I released above, maybe spending time apart is also a smart thing you can do to stay happy in a relationship. It is okay for you two to have some different activities and interests and go for a time to enjoy your own favorite stuff.

After that, you two can come back to the relationship with the refreshed soul and ready to share experiences with each other. Moreover, missing your lover will help remind you how much you need him/her.

5. Communicate

The lack of communication is the root cause of almost every broken relationship. And here is what you should do right away to save your happiness:

– Listen to your partner without interrupting them. Just listen! When your partner finishes, you should summarize what you heard in your mind. Then you should try to empathize with your beloved even when you do not agree with him/her. This will take your lover off of the defensive, and they will be ready to hear your thoughts and feelings easier. It is really hard to argue if you use this advice, and best of all, you will be able to find an understanding or a real solution.

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how to stay happy in a relationship

6. Expand your heart

This special part is for a single person. A simple thing that unites people in this planet is that we all desire to be happy. This happiness, of course, includes the hope to be in love with someone. To create the real intimacy, you should open the spaciousness of your heart and allow people around to see what is good within your mind, soul, and your real beauty and value. If you do so with the sincere and honest, the long-lasting love will no longer hide for you.

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II. Things to avoid:

Here are 5 things that you should never do if you want to stay happy in a relationship:

1. Expecting your partner to change

 If both you and your partner try to change each other, you will do straight ahead to the source of daily arguments. Instead of doing this silly thing, each of you two should concentrate on learning how to give each other what the partner wants, even if it does not come naturally. For example, instead of complaining how dirty the partner cleans the floor, you should try to do it yourself once without complaining to show him or her how much care and consideration you give them every day. Your partner will absolutely realize your efforts and he/she will want to share the housework with you right away. If you follow these things at the same time, you will be about to win this love plan!

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how to stay happy in a relationship

2. Do not accept that some problems cannot be solved

 There will be many serious issues upon which you do not agree with your partner. Life is really hard, and when you find your true love, keeping this love forever from storms is even harder. You should better know that there always have many problems between 2 people, even if you two love each other so much. Thus, rather than expending wasted energy, you should not attempt to solve every problem towards the direction you want even when you know that is a severe hurt to your partner. Two people will never be able to live together for years without having legitimate areas of disagreement. The key to a happy relationship is just whether or not you are smart enough to choose letting issues pass or working them out to the end.

3. Lie to your partner frequently

how to stay happy in a relationship

You may be about to share with your partner the stuff that he or she does not really want to hear. Once your partner’s trust in you is broken or lost, you will lose a very long period of time to rebuild it in his/her heart. The happiest love is the one where both 2 people are honest to each other.

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4. Don’t give partner the respect that he (she) deserves – that is a big mistake that will make you regret your whole life! Why? Let me tell you…

Sometimes you should treat your lover with respect to get your love back and stick to you again. You also need to remind your partner how much he/she means to you to enrich your relationship extremely. Never be afraid to show the lover your feelings of appreciation for him/her. One terrible mistake that many people stuck on is that they do not give their partner the respect that he/she deserves to receive. Sometimes they think this is a “shame” and they afraid that the other will look them down.

The fact is that there is nothing called a “shame” when you try to express your respect to your lover. That will make her/him thanks to you so much!

5. Not be willing to learn from partner

Before trying to prove yourself, you should think about where your love will go if you do so. Nobody is perfect so instead of considering yourself a flawless status and proud of this, you should know this point:

The main thing you should remember when learning how to stay happy in a relationship is that seeing your partner as a mirror and learn the goodness from his/her reflection that will make you a better person. Moreover, if you two are always willing to share and learn from each other, your love will be rock-solid because you two will be increasingly fit for each other with fewer arguments than ever before. 

All of the above things are some of the useful tips on how to stay happy in a relationship that I have used. Now, I would like to share my experience on how to keep your love fire and never let your partner go. 

If you feel this article is interesting and it will really teach you how to stay happy in a relationship, then feel free to leave all your comments/feedback at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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