Foods that lower testosterone levels in males

foods that lower testosterone

In VKool site, we have written some articles about foods, mind tricks and body hacks that increase libido and testosterone, but we haven’t really listed out foods that lower testosterone levels in males.

Upon readers’ requests, this is one of the articles in the line of Sexual Health.

The idea of the writing is to avoid foods that can hammer the most important hormone in men – testosterone. Check out the list of these foods below!

Top 16 Foods That Lower Testosterone Levels In Males

1. Alcohol

foods that lower testosterone

Your alcohol addiction may be linked to your lowered testosterone levels. So, quit alcohol for improving your natural libido and do your partner and yourself a big favor. Also, you should avoid mixed drinks, too. There drinks are often sugary and preferred as they have a good taste. In fact, they can lead to your excessive weight gain, especially at your waist that totally kills your libido.

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2. Ice Cream

foods that lower testosterone

Foods that lower testosterone levels all seem colorful and mouth watering, including ice cream. Most of us love ice cream, but unfortunately, this food loads with too many sweeteners and sugars so that it is not good for men.

Additionally, fatigue and migraine are some consequences, which ice cream affects when you eat in high amounts.

Alternatively, men can opt for some other better choices such as frozen yogurt or plan yogurt.

3. Pasta

foods that lower testosterone

Next to the list of foods that lower testosterone levels, consider pasta and avoid eating it too much.

Pasta is high in carbs, and this food is very easy for you to eat lots. The body can converts excess carbs you get from pasta into glucose that is then stored like fats unless you often exercise and stay motivated.

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4. Snacks

foods that lower testosterone

Still common foods we eat daily, snacks may contribute to your reduced testosterone levels, men! They are high in sugar and they can instant raise blood sugar levels.

Instead of eating commercial snacks, try other healthy ones instead such as dark chocolate, raw vegetables and raw nuts. Studies indicate that chocolate and nuts can help boost libido in men, such as the natural hormone aphrodisiacs. Besides, nuts are great sources of fatty acids – healthy fats so that they help in increasing testosterone in men.

5. Breakfast Biscuits And Cookies

foods that lower testosterone

Generally speaking, biscuits and cookies are high in trans fats. Also, they are known like processed foods that affect hormones, including testosterone.

You might not expect these foods to be included in the list of foods that lower testosterone levels, but this is the truth. The good news is that you have a lot of choices for your breakfast such as cereals, jam, butter and eggs.

6. Nachos And Chicken Wings

foods that lower testosterone

Jeez, you may feel like that we put all of your favorite foods to the list of foods that lower testosterone levels. Actually, we have to face the truth that nachos are like pasta that is high in carbs. Also, nacho cheese seems close to plastic. Chicken wings are not really better for your overall health, too.

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7. Low Fat Diet & Sugar

foods that lower testosterone

Few people love low fat foods or diets. The purpose of these foods is to reduce fat amount we take in, but the problem is not really the fat.

We need healthy fat in our diet to release more testosterone as well as increase sex drive.

What is really bad is sugar that we should avoid.

Studies showed that low fat diets contribute to lower testosterone levels, also men with regulated blood sugar levels often enjoy better sex.

That is a reason why sugar is mentioned in foods that lower testosterone levels.

8. Flax

foods that lower testosterone

Sure! Flax products are considered as healthy food as it is a good source of omega-3’s, yet that’s not enough to overcome its effects on lowering testosterone.

This type of seed is filled with lingans that mimic estrogen in your body. In reality, flax is one of the strongest estrogens found on the earth.

And if you ever thought that soybean products were the richest estrogenic food, think again. Actually, flaxseed has three times more hormone phytoestrogens than soybeans do.

Therefore, skip the flax, get omega-3’s from other sources such as fish oil. You then will do a great favor for your male hormones.

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9. Licorice

foods that lower testosterone

Licorice is a herb that is commonly used to reduce stress and bring a specific flavor to different types of teas. The licorice root is processed into breath fresheners and candies.

And like a man, you should avoid all products containing licorice, even a slight amount of this herb, because it is estrogenic.

10. Beer

foods that lower testosterone

Next to the list of foods that lower testosterone levels, steer away from alcohol as well as beer. It’s the bad news for real men.

That is because hops an ingredient to make beer is estrogenic. They contain up to 300,000 IU’s of the estrogen amount/100 gr of hops.

In fact, hops are so estrogenic that women pick up them by hand and suffering from their whacked up menstrual cycles.

11. Soy

foods that lower testosterone

Soy products are high in isoflavones that are proven to be estrogenic compounds.

The activity of phytoestrogenic in the soy isoflavones is so strong which eating soybean products is almost equivalent to taking birth control pills.

Maybe this is a reason why vegetarians often have lowered testosterone levels.

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12. Spearmint

foods that lower testosterone

Spearmint is often used in candies, breath fresheners and chewing gums.

It is also suggested that spearmint can help women battle with their facial hair.

Because spearmint is rich in estrogenic and some studies have reported that spearmint is very beneficial in reducing free testosterone. For this reason, men should not consume foods and things added natural spearmint.

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13. Legumes And Beans

foods that lower testosterone

Legumes and beans don’t seem to be good for men at all as most of foods in the legume and bean category have estrogenic activity.

Let’s take lima beans as an example.

Lima beans filled with the phytoestrogenic fiber inositol that is proven to reduce testosterone levels. Along with inositol, lima beans also high in the phytoestrogenic ligans that is proven to lower the serum testosterone as well as inhibit dihydrotestosterone levels.

So, next time when you choose foods to eat, avoid beans, men! Bean don’t taste good, even they don’t have a taste. Just think so!

14. Whole Grains

foods that lower testosterone

Do you hate grains and do you have any reason for that? If you are a man, I think you have some good reasons.

First, grains can cause serious inflammation in the body, not only in those with gluten sensitivity, but in most people.
Secondly, grains have different testosterone reducing mechanisms. The notorious gluten can increase prolactin, and then reduce testosterone. Also, diets rich in dietary fiber can lower testosterone. Plus, the pythates in most grains  can suck out essential minerals from the body.

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15. Soda

foods that lower testosterone

Along with alcohol and beer, men should avoid soda and other soft drinks when it comes to foods that lower testosterone levels.

Soft drinks are considered one of the main causes of the obesity epidemic.

Even being fat is seriously lower testosterone levels, there is plenty of ways that soda can decrease the big T.

For instance, plastic bottles that seal in precious beverage, are often made with phthalates. This is a strong estrogen mimics making plastics flexible. In normal, the bottles must “sit” for at least a full year before they are filled in order to the pthalates will not leak into the contents. Nevertheless, when the bottles come to soda companies, they are filling the bottles immediately just after they are made.

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16. Fast Food

foods that lower testosterone

Fast food is junk, this kind is to be honest.

The meats used to make fast food are cheap like meat gets. This means most likely animals have been fed with just junk grains, full of growth hormone, and antibiotics through their life cycle before they stop between buns in a hamburger.

Also, fast food is deep fried in cheap oil, most either sunflower oil or soybean oil. Both of them can lower testosterone in males dramatically.

In addition, you may like drinking soda while downing fries and burger. Next time, when you go to a fast food store, remember how this type of water is made with added sugar hammered testosterone.

Moreover, pretty much fast food is made of genetically modified food and they are filled with testosterone lowering pesticides.

Basically, most fast food chains produce contain the combination of things that might be wrong in foods.

Bottom line:

In this article, you have discovered top 16 foods that lower testosterone levels in males. Hope that you could find helpful information to boost your testosterone for health and sex drive. For any comment on the writing, feel free to drop it at the end of the post. Thanks for reading!

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