Foods That Increase Sex Drive Naturally In Males And Females

It can take just a few candles and a love song to feel romantic and sexy. If you have a healthy lifestyle—from exercises you do to foods you consume, they can also make you healthier, feel better and boost your sex drive. Nevertheless, some foods sometimes can be mood-killers and sometime libido-killers.

The link between sex drive and food is not only wishful thinking. Scientific studies show that some ingredients and foods play an important role in boosting libido. In this article on VKool site, you are going to discover top 24 foods that increase sex drive naturally in males and females.

24 Foods That Increase Sex Drive Naturally In Both Males & Females

1. Celery

foods that increase sex drive

Celery may not be the first choice, which comes to your mind when it comes to foods that increase sex drive. In fact, celery is a great food for libido stimulation as this vegetable contains androsterone, a hormone released through the male perspiration as well as turns women on.

This libido food is best eaten raw. Simply, wash and cut the green, then munch away. In another way, you can cook celery with beef.

2. Spinach

foods that increase sex drive

According to a report released by Japanese researchers, spinach is a good source of magnesium that assists dilate blood vessels. As we have learnt, better blood can flow to the genitals and create better arousal for both women and men. Spinach and other greens such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, Swiss chard, bok choy and cabbage are also excellent sources of human’s favorite sex nutrient: folate.

3. Broccoli


Raw, cooked or sautéed, toss broccoli in with a salad or alongside steak for your bedroom boost. When it comes to foods that increase sex drive, broccoli is among the best ones because of its high content of vitamin C. according to nutritionists, Vitamin C can help in the blood circulation to organs and it is also associated with improved libido in females. If you are going to pick up some greens to add to your sex diet, consider broccoli.

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4. Oysters

foods that increase sex drive

Oysters are among the classic aphrodisiacs. They contain zinc that raises testosterone and sperm production. Oysters are also high dopamine. This hormone is believed to work for increasing libido.
To enjoy this sex enhancing food, firstly scrub their shells thoroughly to remove any bacteria and dirt off. Next, pry them open with oyster knifes. Then, place the oysters on an ice bed, squeeze a little fresh lemon, spice, herbs if you like, then start sucking.

5. Fatty Fish

foods that increase sex drive

Fatty fish like salmon, sardines, tuna and mackerel should figure into your meal rotation weekly. The omega-3 fatty acids – EPA and DHA found in fatty fish help raise dopamine levels in human brain, which trigger arousal. In addition, fatty fish contain anti-inflammatory properties so that they can help fight off heart arrhythmias, blood clots for better brain function, also for the extra protection against dementia. Recent studies from the University of Pittsburgh have shown that the omega-3s can reduce symptoms and signs of depression. Participant in the research with high omega-3s blood levels were more agreeable and happier. As a result, they helped them get more sex. Moreover, fish is healthy food that is high in L-arginine. This amino acid can help release more growth hormone and it is converted into the nitric oxide in human body. It’s important to know that nitric oxide is very critical for men’s erections and it also improves sexual function in women by causing the blood vessels to open wider for their improved blood flows.

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6. Bananas


Bananas is rich in the bromelain enzyme that is believed to boost libido as well as reverse the impotence in men. Furthermore, bananas are great sources of vitamin B complex, potassium for boosting energy levels in the body.

The best way to enjoy this sex boosting fruit is to place them on a plate in different states of “undress”, then have your partner eat some for you slowly. Gobble yours down, and get to work!

7. Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

Next to foods that increase sex drive in males and females, consider sweet potatoes.
Sweet potatoes contain potassium that helps reduce high blood pressure levels associated with the risk of erectile dysfunction in men.

Plus, sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene so that they provide the body with vitamin A to improve infertility in women.

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8. Avocado

foods that increase sex drive

Avocado is rich in folic acid that helps metabolize proteins, thereby giving consumers more energy. This fruit is also high in vitamin B6 for increasing the production of male hormone. Additionally, avocado contains potassium so that it can help regulate the thyroid gland in women. In short, both vitamin B6 and potassium present in avocado can help boost libido in males and females.

To enjoy this sex enhancing fruit, cut an avocado in halves, then scoop the insides out with your fingers, then get your lady to lick it off.

9. Watermelon

foods that increase sex drive - watermelon

Next to super foods that increase sex drive, this is watermelon. Studies suggest that you may have more sex in summertime and watermelon, hot-weather favorite fruit have some concern with it. Researchers from Texas University found that a nutrient present in watermelons have Viagra-like effects on the human body. This is Citrulline. It is converted into arginine when digested in the body. Arginine works to boost nitric oxide that relaxes the blood vessels, like basic effects of Viagra, thereby this aids in treating the erectile dysfunction and even preventing this condition in males.

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10. Almonds

foods that increase sex drive

Almonds and other nuts are a good source of fatty acids. These are essential as they provide us with raw material for the production of male hormones. Moreover, the smell of almonds is believed to purport the arouse passion in women. For this, you can light some almond-scented candles for encouraging your partner’s mood and also snack on some nuts that can help store up your energy for better performance.

To enjoy these libido nuts, eat them raw without adding sugar or salt. In another way, crush fresh almonds, next sprinkle them on a salad, eat and get energy you need.

11. Oatmeal


Next to common yet super foods that increase sex drive, consider consuming oatmeal gradually.
Consuming oatmeal is a natural way to increase testosterone in men. This male hormone as you know plays an important role in orgasm strength and sex drive in males. Oats are rich in L-arginine. This amino acid enhances effects of nitric oxide that are responsible for reducing the blood vessel stiffness. Also, L-arginine can be used to improve the erectile dysfunction. Like Viagra, L-arginine assists relax body muscles around the blood vessels in penis. As they dilate, the blood flow increases, thereby, men can maintain their erections. Oats and some whole grains such as whole-grain bread, barley and brown rice also qualified as better-for-the-gut and good-for-the-heart foods. They are, complex and slow-burning carbohydrates, hence they do not drive the blood sugar through its roof. Consider consuming a bowl of oatmeal with bananas, fresh berries and milk or honey before your marathon sex session.

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