27 Benefits Of Sex For Women And For Men

benefits of sex for women

Sex is not the only sign of happiness or health. Still, you can have active and happy life without sexual activity. The benefits of sex may come from the pleasure, which can also come from interacting with pets, listening to music, and having religious faith.

Benefits Of Sex For Women And For Men – Top 27 Best Advantages Everyone Should Know!

Sex cannot be underestimated as a main factor bolstering self-esteem, reducing stress and fostering feelings of bonding between partners. However, the main point of this article is that a healthy sex life can offer a longer and healthier and more enjoyable life.

Now, I will reveal some benefits of sex in details. So, if you are looking for sexual health, you should keep your eyes on these following benefits of sex and then try to have regularly sexual activity for good, especially if you are trying to deal with some health diseases at home.

Sex is an important part of overall well-being and life. Here are some benefits of sex that you should know and then try to enjoy your sex life for good.

1. Improve The Immune System

This is the first one of the benefits of sex for men and for women that you should know and then make use of this activity for good.

People who have regular sex, about 1-2 times a week may have higher immunoglobulin A levels. According to a study [1], the IgA immune system works to fight off invading organisms, reducing the need for activation of the body’s immunity. This is the reason why those who have sex regularly also have fewer sick days.

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You should also take some following steps to make your immune system happy, including:

  • Stay active
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Keep up with vaccinations
  • Get enough sleep
  • Use a condom

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2. Lower Blood Pressure

When it comes to benefits of sex for men and for women, remember that doing a sexual activity can help lower blood pressure. Sexual activity is associated with lower blood pressure, at least for women. Women aged between 57 and 85 years old who found satisfying with their sex were less likely to suffer from hypertension. In another study, experts found that hugging can help us to keep a blood pressure healthy.

In men, increased blood pressure can result in erectile dysfunction and in women, increased blood pressure can lead to lower libido and decrease interest in sex.

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3. Relive Pain

Regular sexual activity gives off pain-reducing hormones and these hormones have been found to help in reducing or even blocking leg and back pain as well as other kinds of pain from arthritis, menstrual cramps, and headaches. According to a study about the effect of sex on migraine pain [2], people found that sex can result in partial or complete headache relief in some patients with a migraine and cluster-headache.

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4. Boost The Libido

This is another one of the benefits of sex for men and for women that you should not look down. The more regularly you have sexual activity, the more likely you are to want to go on doing it. There is a mental connection there and also a physical connection, especially for women. More regular sexual activity helps to increase blood flow, vaginal lubrication, and elasticity, which make your sex more enjoyable.

5. Look Younger

benefits of sex - look younger

According to a research [3], clinical neuropsychologist found that older women and men with an active sex life looked 5-7 years younger than their real age. However, you do not need to have sex every night to enjoy anti-ageing effects.

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6. Reduce The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Studies have suggested that men who ejaculate more than 21 times a month during either sex or masturbation may experience a decreased risk of prostate cancer. Although this relation needs to be further explored, there may have been added factors involved in the link.

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7. Boost The Fertility

According to a research [4], people found that the more regular you have sex, the better quality the sperm will become. Also, they found that the best time when sex had last made less than 2 days before the quality of sperm was tested and was reduced after about 10 days of abstinence.

In case you are trying to have a baby, keep your sperm fresh and keep it in tip-top shape by making love at least twice a week, and not only around the woman’s ovulation. Besides, frequent sexual activity has been found to help in balancing out a woman’s hormones and regulating her periods, which may increase the chances of conceiving.

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8. Boost Brainpower

A study found that sexual activity can help increase neurons in the hippocampus where stores memories, so having sex can improve analytical thinking and even memory.

This is actually one of the benefits of sex for women and for men that you should not skip out, especially in case you are looking for a natural way to improve your memory at home.

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9. Enhance The Sense Of Smell

Enhancing the sense of smell is another one of benefits of sex for men and for women as spending time between the sheets may help the nose do its job better. After sexual activity, the body may produce the hormone called prolactic, which may help control the way how we react to smells.

10. Improve Tooth Health

Apart from sperm, semen has minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and zinc, which are also proven effective in root canal fillings. Calcium and zinc are also ingredients in most of the tooth rinses.

There are some of the other benefits of sex for women and for men in this article. So, you should continue reading this article to discover all of these advantages sex brings about and then try to do the sexual activity at least once a week for good.

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11. Relieve Stress And Depression

Sexual activity may cause your body to release its feel-good chemicals, which may help in relieving stress and boosting up pleasure, self-esteem, and calm. Addition to this, research also suggests that people who make love reported better when facing stressful situations.

Addition to this, sexual activity may release the serotonin, commonly called “happiness hormone”. Healthy serotonin levels offer us a sense of well-being and if you lack it, you will have a higher risk of getting depression. However, taking anti-depression drugs that aim at increasing this hormone amounts can also reduce sex drive. If your levels of this hormone are normal, you should get this hormone naturally through exercise, sex or consuming carbs.

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12. Improve Bladder Control

Regular sex may help to improve the pelvic floor muscles contracting during orgasm. In fact, pregnancy and menopause can make these muscles weaken and this sexual activity can help women in enhancing their bladder control and avoiding incontinence. Besides, you can increase this benefit by practicing Kegel exercises during having sexual activity. A Kegel squeeze is done by drawing the lower pelvic muscles up and then keeping them up high and tight, like the way you are trying to stop a urine flow.

This is actually one on the list of benefits of sex for women and for men, so you should not skip out this amazing benefit, but make use of it for good.

13. Improve Sleep

benefits of sex - improve sleep

After making love, the relaxation-inducing hormone called prolactin will be released and this may help you sleep more quickly. Addition to this, the “love hormone” called oxytocin, which is released during orgasm, also help in improving your sleep.

And a better sleep can lead to:

  • A better immune system
  • A longer lifespan
  • Feeling wee-rested
  • Having more energy during the day.

In fact, sex could be the option to help you get the recommended 7-9 hours of night sleep. To include, when it comes to benefits of sex, you should not skip out the fact that sex can help improve sleep effectively.

14. Burn Calories

Another one of the benefits of sex for men and for women that a plenty of people love have been making use is that sexual activity can help burn calories. Sexual activity helps to increase your heart rate, strengthen muscles, burn calories, just like performing exercises. Actually, some recent research showed that sex can burn about 3 calories for women and 4 calories a minute for men, making it a form of exercise. Also, it can help in maintaining the balance and flexibility.

15. Improve Heart Health

Another one of the benefits of sex for women and for men that you should know must include improving heart health Men who had sexual activity regularly, at least twice weekly were 45% less likely to suffer from heart diseases like heart attack or stroke than those who made love once a month or less. In fact, sex not only offers many benefits for the heart health, but it also keeps estrogen and testosterone levels in balance, which is also necessary for the healthy heart.

16. Improve The Relationship

Both sex and orgasms lead to higher levels of the “love hormone” oxytocin that may help you increase intimacy with your partner and experience better empathic connections. Studies also suggest that sex may associate with:

  • Increased satisfaction when you fulfill your partner’s sexual desires.
  • Increased levels of trust, love, and intimacy
  • Improved ability to identify, and express emotions
  • Reduce distress caused by the emotional conflict.

Actually, this is actually one of the amazing benefits of sex for men and for women that you should not look down, but try to enjoy your sex life, especially if you want to deal with problems in your relationship with your partner.

17. Lower Risks During Pregnancy

Frequent sexual activity can help reduce the risk of getting a pregnancy complication, which can result in swollen extremities, nausea, headaches and seizures. According to a study, a protein present in semen named HLG-A can help increase the immune system and reduce the risk of these complications.

Do you want to discover other benefits of sex for men and for women that you can benefit from sexual activity? Continue reading this entire article and then try to have regular sex for good.

18. Lengthen The Life

Another one on the list of amazing benefits of sex for men and for women that you should not look down must include lengthening the life. A research found that people who made love at least 3 times a week experienced a 50% decreased risk of dying for medical reasons than those who only did once a month.

19. Increase The Attractiveness To The Partner

Sexual activity may make the body give off more pheromones, which are known as chemicals to enhance the attractiveness to the partner. This is the reason why the more sexual activity you do with your partner, the greater your desire will be to make love with them again.

In fact, increasing the attractiveness to the partner is actually one of the amazing benefits of sex, so you should make use of this activity to attract your partner.

20. Give A Healthy Glow

benefits of sex - give a healthy glow

Sex boosts up the skin renewal as it is considered as an aerobic form of exercise. Experts also found that sexual activity pumps increased levels of oxygen, increasing the blood and nutrients flow to the skin and simultaneously boosts newer skin cells to the surface, making the skin healthier and smoother.

Actually, this is another one of the beauty benefits of sex that you should know and then follow for good.

21. Make Hair Shine

Another one on the list of benefits of sex for women and for men that you should not skip out must include making hair shine. Hormones not only control the sex drive, but they also affect your hair. Some studies have shown that a healthy sex life can lead to healthy and shiny hair thanks to the increased ability to metabolize nutrients.

Actually, this is one on the list of the best advantages that sex brings to everyone that you should not look down, but trying to make use of it to enjoy a healthy and smooth hair.

22. Strengthen Nails

The hormones that make the skin healthy and glow also make the nails strong and healthy. And this also means less breaking and splitting and longer-lasting manicures. In fact, strengthening nails is one of the health benefits of sex for women and for men that you should not look down, but try to make use regularly to enjoy strong nails.

23. Produce Healthy Sperm

When it comes to benefits of sex, you should not skip out the fact that sex can help produce healthy sperm. Some studies show that men who have regular sexual activity experience higher counts of semen, a higher volume of semen compared to men who do not have regular sex.

Continue reading this article about top 27 benefits of sex for men and for women and then try to have sex regularly in order to produce healthy sperm naturally

24. Reduce Wrinkles

Surprisingly, the hormone estrogen increased up during sex can have a positive effect on the skin health, including helping to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles. This benefit is especially helpful when the skin of a woman becomes dry and has more wrinkles as her estrogen levels naturally fall. In a study, people revealed that menopausal women who made love weekly had the level of estrogen that was twice as high as those who did not.

Actually, reducing wrinkles is another one of benefits of sex for men and for women that you should know and then try to make use of it for good.

25. Improve The Self-Esteem

One of the best benefits of sex for women and for men is that participants who made love regularly were more confident about their bodies than those who did not.

26. Strengthen The Bone

Regular sex can increase the level of estrogen [5] in post-menopausal women, so it can provide them with some protection from a bone-thinning condition that is caused by estrogen deficiency. Similarly, men can benefit as well. Sex has been proven to increase the testosterone levels during and after sex, so this can offer some protection from male osteoporosis.

27. Feel Better All Day

This is the last one on the list of benefits of sex for men and for women that you should not look down, but try to have sex regularly, especially if you want to feel better all day.

If you make love first in the morning, you will be able to start your new day with the good feeling and this can last through the day. You also benefit from a better immune system than those who simply drink a cup of tea before getting out of the door.

You can still have the same benefits without having sex. Joining in other pleasurable activities could offer you the same benefits. So, sex is just a way to improve your life’s quality. But, in case of sex is a part of your life, it is important to experience sexual satisfaction. You may find an increase in happiness when taking the time to have sexual activity.

After reading this article about benefits of sex for men and for women, I hope that you and my other readers will read another article that will reveal best foods and nutrients that are good for sex drive- the 27 Best Diet And Foods For Sex Power article. This is actually a great article that includes best foods for sex drive that have already supported many couples in the world effectively in enjoying healthy sex life without causing any unwanted side effects. Therefore, readers of VKool.com should read this article and then try to add these foods to your daily diet for good.

This is the list of 27 benefits of sex that you should know and then try to have regular sex for good. If you think that this article is helpful and can also help anyone else, share this article with them for good. One more thing, if you know any of the other benefits of sex for women and for men, remember to share them with other readers by leaving your comments below.

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