Best Healthy Foods For Immune System You Should Not Skip!

healthy foods for immune system you should not skip

It will actually take you more than eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away. There is a fact that eating some pretty amazingly healthy nutrients will help to stabilize and boost your immune system effectively. You can make sure that your immunity and whole body can run smoothly if at the very least you put on your plate a lot of colorful servings of veggies and fruits, coming along with eight to ten glasses of water per day. The following healthy foods for immune system can add extra disease-fighting punch to your daily meal plan.

Top 14 Healthy Foods For Immune System – Best Foods Ever

healthy foods for immune system download

Adding 8 following best foods for immune system will help to strengthen your whole body’s capacity to prevent and fight against infectious diseases in the incoming winter – spring seasons.

1. Green Tea

green tea

The first out of the best foods for immune system I want to show you in the article today is green tea. Green tea is very high in catechins and polyphenols – the very good antioxidants for our body. Researches show that both these substances are capable of killing flu or cold. However, when drinking green tea, it is noteworthy that you should not add milk because the milk will be combined with the loss capital catechin antioxidant properties of tea. You can add a little lemon or honey for not losing the health effects of tea, but helping to improve the taste.

2. Green Leafy Vegetables

green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are very rich in folic acid – the substance which is very important for remaining and boosting the function of your immune system. According to many scientific studies, those people whose bodies lack folic acid cannot release antibodies quantities which are needed to fight against infection. Specifically, for mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding, folic acid is very necessary. Therefore, this is also one of the best foods for immune system you should never look down.

3. Foods Rich In Zinc

foods rich in zinc

Zinc is one of the minerals that are essential for the body to function at optimum levels. It helps white blood cells improve their antibacterial capacity, and act as a catalyst in the reaction of the immune system. Crabs, oysters, and red meat are very rich in zinc.

You should ensure that you consume enough zinc in your daily diet. In particular, vegetarians are at risk of zinc deficiency but you can replace them with other zinc-rich foods such as whole grains and legumes.

4. Vitamin E – Rich Foods

vitamin e – rich foods

These are also among the best healthy foods for immune system for people at all ages.

Vitamin E deficiency affects the antibacterial ability of the immune system so that consuming a lot of vitamin E – rich foods will help your immune system work better.

The best way to take vitamin E is to consume it from foods. Those foods rich in vitamin E contain soybean, bean sprout, sesame, peanut, barley, and sun flower seed. In some cases, if you need to consume vitamin E from supplements or pills, you need to follow the doctor’s prescription because if you overuse it, you might get diarrhea or vomit.

5. Yogurt


The “live active cultures”, or probiotics which can be found in yogurt are healthy bacteria that keep the intestinal and gut tract free of the germs which cause disease. Although they are available in the form of supplement, a research conducted in the University of Vienna, Austria discovered that a daily 7-oz dose of yogurt was just as efficient in enhancing the immune system as popping pills.

Yogurt is not only good for digestion but also helps to improve immune function and protect the body from diseases caused by bacteria or viruses. Yogurt stimulates the production of interferon, an important component which can help to increase immune system function. Some studies have also shown that consuming yogurt on a daily basis will help to reduce the risk of developing the vaginal yeast infection.

6. Turmeric


This is also one of the best foods for immune system you should not miss!

Turmeric is very rich in vitamins B6 and minerals, such as potassium, manganese, and iron, which play the key role in the operation of the body’s overall system. In addition, turmeric contains curcumin – an antioxidant that can boost the immune function of our body.

7. Flaxseed


Flaxseed is also among the best foods for immune system which are very easy to find.

Flaxseed contains alpha-linolenic acid, omega-3, lignans, the female triggers. These ingredients play a key role in regulating the immune response. When affecting the components which are involved in the immune response, these compounds will help to fight against infection and autoimmune diseases very well.

8. Garlic


Garlic is very effective in fighting against infections caused by bacteria, virus, and it also has anti-inflammatory ability. In addition, garlic can help to fight against heart disease and high cholesterol levels. Several of recent studies indicate that garlic plays an important role in preventing cancer. Allicin contained in garlic helps the body’s immune system to function better.

9. Citrus Fruits

citrus fruits

Oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits contain an excellent amount of vitamin C, which plays a role in the natural antioxidants inside our body. Vitamin C also helps white blood cells function well and fight against infections better, as well as enhance the immune system. They are actually among the best foods for immune system you should consume every day!

10. Fish


Selenium, plentiful in shellfish, such as clams, crabs, lobsters, and oysters, can help white blood cells produce cytokines – the proteins that help to beat off flu viruses and push them out of the body. Salmon, herring, and mackerel are very high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to increase airflow, reduce inflammation, and protect lungs from respiratory infections and colds.

11. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup

This soup has become a popular remedy for the sick people. Cysteine – an amino acid, which can be found in chicken soup, is very good for our body’s heath. They are effective in preventing inflammation which occurs in the bronchial cells, and boosting the immune system. To increase the amount of nutrients consumed into the body, you should cook chicken soup with garlic or mushrooms.

12. Mushroom 


There are many types of mushrooms, which contain healthy nutrients to help the body produce white blood cells and strengthen the cells, making them more active.

For centuries, people in this planet have opted for mushrooms to build up a healthy immune system. Contemporary researchers now know why. Many researchers discovered that mushrooms can help to increase the white blood cells’ activity and production, making them more aggressive. This is good news for people who are suffering from an infection.

13. Beef


Beef – a common red meat – contains a rich amount of zinc, an important ingredient that can help to give your body the nutrients it needs. Many people believe that just eating more vegetables is enough and they tend to reduce the amount of beef (red meat) consumed into their own body at the maximum level. However, it is really necessary to have adequate and balanced nutrition regimen unless you will get sick.

You can also replace the beef with other foods, such as oysters, pork, milk, yogurt, and poultry.

14. Vitamin A – Rich Foods

vitamin a – rich foods

To strengthen the immune system, we cannot forget to mention the blood inside our body, the body’s 5 senses, especially the skin. Skin covers a large area of the body, helping to prevent bacteria from the outside. Therefore, you need to consume vitamins A – the substance, which helps to enhance your skin’s protecting function. Sweet potatoes are one of the abundant food supplies of vitamin A that you can opt for on a regular basis. Carrots, pumpkin, and cantaloupe also have equivalent nutritional value.

15. Cauliflower


Broccoli and white cauliflower are both rich in antioxidants. Specially, they are an excellent source of gluthatione – the substance which can help your body fight against viruses. Cauliflower helps to improve the body’s overall health because it is also an abundant source of choline. If you feel tired, you should definitely eat more cauliflowers.

This is the list of 14 healthy foods for immune system that readers of should know and make use of to get a healthy body with better, stronger immune system.

If you think that the foods for immune system I mentioned above are exactly what you want to know, let me see your own feedbacks and opinions by filling the comment form below!

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