Xtreme Testosterone Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The company has had issues with customer service and the consumer reviews highlight how limited this male enhancement is. The basic understanding is that it’s overhyped and made with some basic ingredients. To get a better understanding on what this supplement can truly offer, skim the full table of contents list.

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Xtreme Testosterone Overview

The information is brief and no proof is ever provided to help assure customers that this would be effective. The ingredients are also what you’d expect in a male enhancing product, yet they market it for women as well. Nowhere do they offer a full price and instead they ask those interested to seek a quote.

Customer service was a major problem with that supplement, which is why the Better business Bureau has given them such a low rating.

All the warning signs of an ineffective and unnecessary supplement trouble this brand.

The reviews were unimpressive and the company fails to prove to customers that it should be used.

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Xtreme Testosterone Claims

Both men and women can benefit from this “libido complex” according to the official websites. There are 2 websites offered, and the information is the same for each. That’s basically all the claims made about this brand, other than the front of the label which says it is a “potency tonic”.

A tonic would be any kind of medicinal product that can improve well-being. So essentially they’re saying it’s a potent wellness product. They offer no scientific evidence, testimonials or any kind of support to help showcase the specifics behind this. There is a full supplements facts list however, so at the very least they allow customers the ability to research more.

It’s difficult to see why anyone would take them at their word however; no explanation is ever given to help customers understand why they should trust this would actually work.
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It’s also strange they would make it seem like it would boost muscle mass by using an image of a strong man’s back.

They say women can also use this but the fact they market it as a testosterone boosting product makes it appear as if it wouldn’t be usable by women.

There isn’t any explanation given as to why they do this, and whether or not it can have safe and reliable effects. It then becomes easy to dismiss this product; by not offering any evidence there is no reason why they should be trusted.

The company has a D- rating on their Better Business Bureau page with 6 complaints. All this was related to the customer service satisfaction, there were major issues with the way they handled orders. 4 out of 2 were due to:

“Problems with Product / Service”

Customers had many issues including being unable to stop charges they never approved. Some even said there was deceptive marketing, and that it was impossible to speak to the customer service people. Some even added they were sent additional product that they did not order and were still charged for.

There was another customer who actually fond that there was only 12% of the total ingredients in each pill, making it grossly under dosed. Not only does this inflate the price but this customer paid for something which is unlikely to have an effect.

It’s also worth revealing that their parent company Private Label Nutraceuticals had a class action lawsuit filed against them for making unproven health claims.

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Xtreme Testosterone Ingredients

Proprietary Blend, 742 mg

  • Horn Goat Weed Leaf Extract
  • Tongkat Ali Root Extract
  • Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract
  • Orchic Substance
  • Sarsaparilla Root Extract
  • Wild Yam Root Extract
  • Nettle Root Extract
  • Boron Amino Acid Chelate

There’s a lot to like about this supplement. Horny Goat Weed Leaf, Tongkat Ali, Sarsaparilla, and Wild Yam Root can effect male enhancement in some way, either by direct testosterone boosting or other libido supporting benefits.

Boron Amino Acid Chelate is an important nutrient which can also aid virility. Nettle Root Extract can also be used to improve overall testosterone. Saw Palmetto is used to improve prostate health which can turn into a reduced risk for sexual dysfunction. No artificial colors or stimulants are added to this.

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The Science Behind Xtreme Testosterone

If it would have been great had the company spent any time at all explaining how this is intended to work.  You get zero evidence. The good thing is that all the ingredients are listed in a supplements facts list, so we can determine what it may offer.

The total 9 active ingredients are blended into a 742 mg mixture.

This is a fairly high amount and it may mean each is added in optimal amounts. It is important to recall that a customer did say they tested a supplement the company makes and found there was only 12% of it. While this does not mean the same is true for Xtreme Testosterone, but it’s something to be concerned about.
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If the same is true for this brand, than you can’t expect much support from it, it would be too ineffective.

Saw palmetto is considered to be a great way to improve urine flow and treat:

“benign prostatic hyperplasia”

This was seen in studies reviewed by Examine.

Stinging nettle also has similar intended benefits, preventing urination complications and fighting BPH or an enlarged prostate.

The aphrodisiac horny goat weed has a wide range of uses including boosting libido and supporting the creation of erections. It has a wide array of potential benefits and Examine did say it can also:

“increase testosterone… cognitive booster and heart health agent”

Sarsaparilla is a natural plant used to boost testosterone and also to prevent inflammation, itching, and joint pain.

Overall you’re getting a lot of possible support from these ingredients. It’s not a bad mixture though it would have been even better had there been more aphrodisiacs and blood flow enhancers.

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Word on the Street about Xtreme Testosterone

“Worked for my husband but after I took just one pill I ended up restless all night, couldn’t get to sleep no matter what I did”

“Most than half of the pills that came were already broken apart, I can’t understand what kind of quality control went into this because it looks like none”

“Felt no different after completing an entire bottle”

“Huge, huge pills, this was real difficult to swallow. I don’t see why they couldn’t have made it smaller. I wouldn’t recommend anyone take it”

Not many reviews can be sourced online but generally results were mixed. Typically people didn’t use it for sexual performance benefits, it was mostly used for enhanced testosterone. Looking at the reviews show there was mixed experiences.

Some felt that the capsules weren’t suitable for swallowing, which made it hard to supplement with. This was so bad that there was one man who ended up dismissing it altogether, saying it was too much of a hassle to consider this for long-term use.

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Is Xtreme Testosterone Worth a Try?

Much better support is offered from more reliable companies. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the company with many consumers saying they are untrustworthy and difficult to deal with.

They also never reveal the full price, instead they ask potential customers to ask for a quote. This is a terrible way to do business and it doesn’t make any sense.
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It’s likely a marketing ploy to get customers on the phone, so pushy salesmen can try and get your money.

Many said that they were hard to deal with, often placing unwanted charge without their consent. This was  a major enough problem that the Better Business Bureau had to give them a low D- rating. There were dissatisfied customers who were unable to get their money back, and some argued that they were sent supplements which were broken and spilling into the bottle.

No explanation is ever providing on the official website as to why this is better than other brands. All you get are the ingredients list and a sentence to describe what it may do, but no proof is ever provided. There’s no good reason ever established as to why you should spend your money on this. Worse yet, no money back guarantee is offered so you’re on your own if you fail to notice benefits or worse, if there are side effects.

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Xtreme Testosterone vs Steroids

The only way to get steroids legally is if a doctor has found that the user needs it, in other words there has to be a problem with a lack of hormone production. This is the only safe way to take it, because those with proper hormone levels who take steroids can suffer from serious lie-heartening and life changing side effects.

This can forever change hormonal levels if abused. There are also major differences between a legal supplement and a prescribed steroid. You have to carefully take a steroid at the advised dosage strength and make sure to only for a short period.

Xtreme Testosterone FAQ

  1. Where can I find Xtreme Testosterone pills?
    You can find it on Amazon or through either of their official company websites. No money back return is provided however.
  1. Does Xtreme Testosterone offer a free trial?
    No, but they do offer a free quote. It’s unknown why they hide their price instead of releasing the full price tag.
  1. Are there any Xtreme Testosterone side effects to worry about?
    Few reviews are available but some did say it made swallowing difficult. One customer complained about sleepless nights. Most of the ingredients are fairly basic and it’s unclear why there was a customer who had stimulant like side effects.
  1. Can I get Xtreme Testosterone at GNC?
    No, they do not feature it or sell it on their official website.
  1. Can you compare Xtreme Testosterone and Rock Hard?
    Rock hard has had some serious issues in their part, including a recall and numerous consumer complaints related to a lack of customs service support. People had to argue to get a refund. Rock hard also uses a lot of common ingredients, some of which may boost libido but which are better found elsewhere.
  1. Will Xtreme Testosterone work as a muscle builder?
    This is meant for more testosterone and though some used it for an improvement in the gym, many didn’t mention if it helped them build muscle. It may be that it gives more energy for the gym, but that the work depends on how much effort the user places. Keep in mind they say women can take it as well, so it’s unknown just how strong it really is for boosting testosterone.
  1. What can you tell me about Xtreme Testosterone customer service?
    There’s good reason why they have a D- rating with the Better Business Bureau, the 2nd worst rating you can get. Many had problems with the sudden unexpected reoccurring charges. There was also concern was that they did not order extra bottles, yet they were continuously charged.
  1. What do Xtreme Testosterone reviews have to say about it?
    Some customers said it gave them more energy and a better workout, but there were also people who didn’t see any kind of improvement in any way. Quality control was also an issue for some, there was customers who were sent broken and crushed up pills.
  1. Will Xtreme Testosterone really work for male enhancement?
    A lot of common ingredients are used, some of which can support blood flow for strong and longer lasting erections. The problem is many customers didn’t review it highly.
  1. Does Xtreme Testosterone work as a male potency tonic?
    This is intended to improve libido and the ingredients are fairly basic, much of what you’d expect in a supplement like this. Whether or not it will affect male potency remains to be seen, the reviews are far too mixed.

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So What Really Works?

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