34 Benefits of sesame oil for hair, skin & health and its uses

Sesame oil is indeed mainly used for cooking purpose, yet it also offers many benefits for human health. As applied properly, this oil supplies nutrients for human hair, skin, and bones. Also, it helps to control blood pressure as well as serotonin level in the brain. Sesame oil is an antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral agent, which also has vitamin E, minerals, and many amino acids and proteins useful in combating the signs of aging. Here are 34 benefits of sesame oil for hair, skin & health and its uses that are collected by VKool.com. Go ahead as well as check them out!

34 Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Hair, Skin & Health And Its Uses That Amaze You

1. Bone Growth

benefits of sesame oil - bone growth

Sesame oil is not helpful for your health but also for your beauty. There are a lot of important minerals which can be discovered in sesame oil, particularly zinc, copper, and calcium as well. These three minerals are basic to bone growth in your body, meaning that by keeping a proper level of sesame oil in the diet, you can help raise the rate of bone development and growth, as well as speed up any regrowth or healing of bones as well. When you get older, this oil can help you stay away from osteoporosis plus various other age-liked weaknesses of the bones.

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2. Heart Health

One of the best benefits of sesame oil is very useful for your heart health.  Like most vegetable oils, this oil is so helpful as well as delicious in foods due to its fatty acid content. This oil has a wide range of the polyunsaturated fatty acids, consisting of sesamol and sesamin as well. This can keep cholesterol levels low and keep your cardiovascular system balanced. Additionally, it can also reduce the cholesterol levels that your body already has, thus reducing atherosclerosis. This means that you’re better protected from heart strokes and attacks if you add this oil to your diet.

3. Anxiety And Depression

benefits of sesame oil - anxiety and depression

Treating anxiety and depression is also one of the outmost benefits of sesame oil. Tyrosine found in sesame oil has been directly associated with serotonin activity plus release in your brain, which can help in boosting mood by flooding your body with hormones and enzymes that make an individual feel happy. When you’re suffering from depression or anxiety, this oil can help offer you one positive boost in the proper direction and also turn your mood around!

4. Oral Health

General speaking, sesame oil is highly suggested by dental professionals due to a process called oil pulling that involves putting oil in the mouth and later swishing it around prior to spitting it out. With this oil, this procedure has been directly associated with whiter teeth, reduce dental plaque levels, and protection against the certain streptococcus mutants which can make us become very ill. Particularly, the powerful anti-bacterial agents of this oil are the major cause of the boost in dental health. You can try this method by washing your mouth with sesame oil (a tablespoon) for approximately twenty minutes, and later spit the oil out. Afterward, you will need to wash your tongue, teeth, gums, and palate.

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5. Circulation And Metabolism

benefits of sesame oil - circulation and metabolism

High zinc and copper content mean that your body can function at its maximum levels, mainly because copper is needed for the production of the red blood cells. Due to the significant percent of copper in this oil, the body is clear to get the proper quantity of blood flowing to the tissues and organs, ensuring a healthier as well as more high-energy lifestyle!

There are a lot of benefits of sesame oil in this post, keep reading it!

6. Prevent Cancer

Preventing cancer is also one of the best benefits of sesame oil. Sesame oil has an organic compound called phytate that has been directly associated with a reduction in the cancer development. Moreover, the magnesium levels in this oil are unusually high, and this essential mineral is directly associated with lowered risks of colorectal cancer. Also, the calcium content is also very beneficial for preventing colon cancer.

7. Inflammation

benefits of sesame oil - inflammation

Copper is one naturally anti-inflammatory substance, and typically, the high levels of copper presented in sesame oil can assist to reduce the discomfort and inflammation of various conditions such as arthritis and gout. It lowers the swelling of joints and enhances the blood vessels and bones, helping to keep the frame sturdy and strong for many years, without the painful inflammation.

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8. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Regulating cholesterol level and reducing high blood pressure are probably the best health benefits of sesame oil for human. This oil brings high quantity of polyunsaturated fatty to perform those functions. Sesamol and sesamin are natural preservatives helping to maintain the fatty acids in the room temperature, so they’re at stable conditions.

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9. Improves Infant Health

benefits of sesame oil - improves infant health

Generally, the evidence indicating sesame oil health advantages for babies are very limited. But, many people believe that as sesame oil massage therapy is used to babies, it assists them to relax as well as fall asleep. Plus, sesame oil stimulates brain growth and enhances nervous system.

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10. Better Intestinal Health

One of the greatest benefits of sesame oil is helping to improve intestinal health. Daily consumption of this oil in diet may boost certain inflammatory conditions of your alimentary canal, such as IBS, IBD, Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. It is also effective in treating intestinal obstruction which causes fecal smelling vomiting.

11. Cold

benefits of sesame oil - cold

Generally, sesame oil does miracles in helping you fight the blockage you might be coping with because of cold. Simply, breathing in the steam using this oil might offer you the much-needed cure for serious cold as well as even sinuses.

12. Prevention Of Hangover

In general, sesamin present in sesame oil helps in your liver function by detoxifying damaging materials and breaking down alcohol consequence.

13. Rheumatoid Arthritis

benefits of sesame oil - rheumatoid arthritis

Copper plays a vital role in the movement of cross-linking of collagen providing strength and elasticity in bones, blood vessels, and joints. Hence, it aids in reducing some of the swelling and hurt of rheumatoid arthritis.

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14. Promotes Hair Growth

Sesame oil raises the scalp circulation because it contains a high penetration ability, thus promoting hair growth. Even as the hair has been damaged poorly with chemicals, this oil can help you get back the hair health thanks to its high penetrating power.

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15. Protects Hair From The Harmful Sunlight

benefits of sesame oil - protects hair from the harmful sunlight

Sesame oil is a natural sunscreen. Using sesame oil on the scalp inhibits the damage caused by UV (the ultra violet rays). The oil forms one protective coat around your hair, securing it against the bad rays and also protects it from all the damaging pollution effects.

16. Treats Head Lice

One of the best benefits of sesame oil is treating head lice. A regular massage with sesame oil and rinsing using a shampoo later demonstrates to be beneficial. This oil is antibacterial and using it on your scalp helps keep both bacterial and fungal infections at bay.

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17. Soothes Hair

benefits of sesame oil - soothes hair

Sesame oil provides tranquilizing and soothing properties. Harsh heat may be damaging to your hair follicles. Sesame oil works as a coolant, acting from within and nourishing your scalp in and out. Plus, sesame oil keeps the moisture within, thereby preventing dryness.

18. Sesame Oil For Dandruff

Dealing with dandruff is also one of the greatest benefits of sesame oil. Massage sesame oil into your scalp with your fingertips prior to going to bed and allow it on an entire night. You should cover every area of the scalp. In the morning, wash the hair. For best results, you should use sesame oil every day for 30 days.

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19. Sesame Oil For Dryness

benefits of sesame oil - sesame oil for dryness

Simply, you need to make one mixture of 1 tablespoon of root juice, lemon juice and sesame oil. You can apply this oil to your scalp with your fingertips. Now massage the oil in one circular motion and cover all areas of the scalp. Allow the oil overnight and the next morning, wash it off. If you want this oil to act as a conditioner, you give your hair one hot towel treatment. Dip the towel in some hot water, next squeeze out its excessive water and then wrap it the head. Hold it on for half an hour and then shampoo the hair. The hot water will ensure that the oil penetrates into your scalp well.

20. Sesame Oil For Deep Conditioning

You need to warm the oil and next mix this with any deep conditioner. Then, apply on your hair and keep it for at least an hour. For optimum results, leave this mixture on the hair entire night.

21. Revitalizes Damaged Hair

benefits of sesame oil - revitalizes damaged hair

Sesame oil contains great penetrating properties and acts wonders to revitalize your damaged hair by nourishing the scalp and hair from deep within.

22. Combats Hair Loss Thanks To Stress

Combating hair loss is also one of the best benefits of sesame oil. Stress is considered as among the main culprits behind hair loss. Thanks to its amazing cooling agents, sesame oil helps alleviate stress and, thereby, plays an important role in fighting hair loss. It’s important to observe that just applying the oil to massage your hair is not a remedy to dryness. Dryness is caused by a deficiency of hydrating liquids and foods in your diet. Even though this oil nourishes the scalp and curbs dryness, you need to employ a few other measures to remove scalp dryness and dandruff as well. Drink lots of water daily and include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet and also eat lots of seeds and nuts that will tackle the lack of essential fatty acids. Besides, you don’t wash your hair using hot water because hot water will strip the hair of all the natural oils from your scalp.

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23. Use As A Hair Darkener

benefits of sesame oil - use as a hair darkener

General speaking, using sesame oil with other carrier oils such as argan oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil or olive oil is famous for its hair darkening agents. It is particularly useful as a means of lessening the premature graying appearance of hair in people with brunette or black hair.

24. Conditions Hair And Inhibits Split Ends

Sesame oil will give you one deep down condition that will moisturize and nourish your hair, treat and inhibit split ends and allow your hair bouncy and soft. For a speedy boost of moisture, you need to mix your hair mask or regular hair conditioner (a tablespoon) with sesame oil (a tablespoon) in a bowl, later apply this mix to your hair length after shampooing, staying away from the roots. Keep it on for about 3-5 minutes and afterward rinse off using lukewarm water. You will notice how much silkier, shinier and softer your hair will become.

25. Treats A Flaky And Dry Scalp

benefits of sesame oil - treats a flaky and dry scalp

The vitamins, minerals and nutrients in sesame seed oil, together with its anti-fungal agents, make an excellent cure for a flaky and dry scalp.

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26. Moisturizes The Skin

General speaking, sesame oil can work as both emollient and moisturizer for full-body skin. Aside from vitamin E, this oil also contains stearic acids, linoleic acids, and palmitic acids as well. It is even secure to use this oil frequently every day for maximum results. Please remember that this oil has a strong fragrance, yet you can remove it by mixing this oil with other essential oils like almond or castor. Such mixture can even deal with dry skin problems in a few areas for example elbow and knees. To prevent dry skin problem, you simply pour some sesame oil drops into your bath water.

27. Reduce The Skin Aging

benefits of sesame oil - reduce the skin aging

Slowing down skin aging is one of the most excellent benefits of sesame oil for skin. The oil contains an antioxidant called sesamol that effectively prevents the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles. There are indeed many anti-aging products which you can use, but this oil offers natural benefits with no chemical ingredients.

28. Detoxification Of The Skin

As the outer layer of the body, skin is exposed to almost all dangerous toxins from the environment every day. Luckily, some toxins are soluble in oil, and you can remove them with the help of sesame oil. In this case, you need to apply warm oil to your skin, and leave it for approximately 15 minutes. Wash the oil with warm water without soap for best results.

29. Repair Damaged Skin Cells

repair damaged skin cells

Even though sesame oil is fairly sticky and thick, it is easily absorbed by your skin. In fact, it’s often used as base oil or carrier oil, which functions to weaken other essential oils for massage. Various combinations of oils are usually needed relying on individual’s skin condition. But, it is easy and safe to mix sesame oil with other kinds of vegetable oils. As used for massage therapy, the oil helps in repairing damaged skin cells and improving blood circulation.

30. Reduces Antibacterial Infections

It’s totally safe to use sesame oil to the wounded or inflamed skin. This oil can help to inhibit bacterial infections as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. It’s not necessary to add other ingredients or combine it with other kinds of essential oils. Because the oil is extracted from the seeds of sesame, it’s already an antibacterial substance. The oil is possibly applied for treating certain skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

31. Removes Skin Blemishes

removes skin blemishes

Getting rid of blemishes is also one of the outmost benefits of sesame oil for skin. Sesame seed oil contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, thus, it can be applied as a cure for skin conditions. Simply, you apply sesame oil prior to going to bed at night and in the morning, wash it off, and it will not only moisturize and nourish your skin, but also assist fight blemishes and keep the skin clear as well as fresh looking.

32. Reduce The Appearance Of Scars And Speeds Up The Healing Process

The antibacterial properties and the vitamin E content of sesame seed oil make it become a good treatment for wounds and cuts. It promotes healing faster and it also decreases the appearance of scars on your skin.

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33. Dry Hands And Cracked Heels Treatment

dry hands and cracked heels treatment

One of the best benefits of sesame oil is that this oil can help heal and soothe dry hands and cracked heels. You need to apply this oil to your hands and feet, and massage it in prior to going to bed and later, keep the oil on, using a pair of cozy gloves and socks on to keep this oil your bed sheets and this oil will penetrate deep into your skin to bring instant relief to cracked and dry skin, making it softer, younger and smoother.

34. Natural Sunscreen

Vitamin E presented in sesame oil works as an excellent antioxidant, thereby it is useful as a natural sunscreen lotion. Typically, free radicals plus oxidation coming with sun exposure can damage the skin. If you think using chemical-based sunscreen isn’t good enough, this oil can be the best second. Chemical-free sunscreen shouldn’t trigger skin troubles; however you should as dermatologist before applying this oil in order to inhibit possible allergic reactions. Also, you can try applying this oil to a small part of your skin and test for unusual reactions to ensure that it’s safe to use.

Some uses of sesame oil for hair and skin:

Scalp massage oil: You need to mix this oil with any other vegetable or carrier oil. Apply a small quantity directly to scalp and massage in one circular motion for around five-ten minutes. The temperature plus constant stimulation of your scalp will increase the blood-flow and enhance hair growth.

Hot oil treatment: Simply, you can use this oil by itself or combine it with your favorite vegetable or carrier oil to do the treatments. Apply to your washed hair which has been slightly dried by a towel or t-shirt. Warm sesame oil and then apply directly to hair and scalp. Apply plastic conditioning cap and leave to sit for around 30-60 minutes. Afterwards, rinse plus proceed using a second co-wash.

Daily moisturizing spritz: You need to fill the empty spray bottle halfway full using distilled or filtered water. Then, add 2 tablespoons of sesame oil, 2 tablespoons of coconut milk, and 2 tablespoons of any vegetable or carrier oil. After that, mix well and lightly spray over hair to refresh styles or for one boost of moisture. You can add 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin for additional moisture during the warmer months.

Deep condition: Firstly, warm sesame oil and mix with your preferred deep conditioner. Allow on your hair for at least an hour or entire night for maximum results. Co-wash out or shampoo.

For a facial treatment: You apply sesame oil over the prewashed face. After that scrub gently with 1 tablespoon of rice flour and finally rinse it off after fifteen minutes.

Sesame oil can be used throughout the face and body to protect it from the UV rays. It will guard you from impurities and fine lines or aging wrinkles.

Face mask lotion: You need to mix 5-6 tablespoons of sesame oil with 4 tablespoons of water and 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. After stirring thoroughly, you massage the lotion on your face prior to going to bed.

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