9 best nutritional advantages and benefits of seafood

benefits of seafood

Eating seafood is actually very good for health because this food is very high in essential nutrients, vitamins, and natural minerals. Seafood is one of the most common food ingredients in the world which is widely used in all countries.

I. Health Benefits Of Seafood – The Best Advantages Ever:

benefits of seafood

The scientists said that the consumption of one serving of seafood per week can help to reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%. Besides, seafood brings many benefits to the brain.

Also, not similar to cheese, red meat, and fast food which contain saturated fat and are high in cholesterol, eating seafood in a regular basis will not increase the level of bad cholesterol in your blood. Therefore, in this article, I would reveal some of the best health benefits of seafood for human beings so that people should keep them in mind and start making use of this food in a regular basis and add it into your healthy daily diet.

1. Prevent The Risk Of Depression: 

benefits of seafood

This is the first out of the benefits of seafood that I would like to introduce in this article.

Almost everyone is likely to suffer from depression due to prolonged stress. Depression is related to the low content of omega 3 fatty acids in the body. Meanwhile, seafood contains some compounds which can help to reduce the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression in some degree. Seafood helps to increase the amount of omega3 fatty acids (especially DHA) inside the body. Therefore, it can reduce the signs of depression and help to fight against chronic depression.

2. Increase Eyesight: 

benefits of seafood

In seafood, especially oily fish, the contents of omega 3 fatty acids are very high. Therefore, if you regularly eat seafood products, it will be very good for improving your eye sight. In every type of shrimp and crab, there are excellent contents of vitamin A, which can be made use to improve the human vision. A people who eat seafood in a regular basis can improve the condition of the eye macular degeneration due to aging. Therefore, this is also one of the best health benefits of seafood that people should know and remember to make use of every day!

3. Good For The Health Of Lungs, Reduce Asthma: 

benefits of seafood

In many studies, fish is proven to be a kind of food which can help to protect the lungs. In fish, there are very high levels of vitamin D. When the body faces a deficiency of this vitamin, it will reduce the lung function drastically. Fatty fish and fish oil are the 2 abundant supplies of this vitamin. Therefore, seafood is very good for people with lung diseases, especially asthma.

In addition, fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, very good for the health of the entire body, including the lungs.

4. Keep The Skin Healthy And Bright: 

benefits of seafood

Fish oil or fresh fish is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Protein can help to slow down the natural aging process in women. It also helps to promote the production of collagen in the body. Thus, Omega 3 fatty acids in seafood will help you maintain youthful, bright, and healthy skin. A frequent addition of many different types of seafood in your diet will help you maintain healthy and glowing skin. This is also one of the best health benefits of seafood that people should not look down!

5. Maintain The Cardiovascular Health: 

benefits of seafood

maintain the cardiovascular healthThe amount of omega 3 fatty acids in seafood can help to prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It can help to reduce the content of triglyceride – one kind of fat – in the blood, reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Therefore, to ensure good heart health, you should eat seafood at least 2 times per week.

6. Good For People With Anemia:

benefits of seafood

Seafood is very rich in iron and zinc, which are very good nutrients to improve the problem of anemia. Eating seafood in a regular basis will help to increase the body’s hemoglobin level. Besides, seafood is also very high in zinc, so it also makes your hair more healthy and beautiful.

7. Good For Bone Health: 

benefits of seafood

Seafood is very rich in calcium, ensuring good bone health. In fact, if you consider seafood as a regular food source of your own daily diet, it will help your body reduces the problems related to joint pains and arthritis.

In addition, the protein in fish also works to help you strengthen the muscles after a workout now. This is also a very good health benefit of seafood that not many people know about, so add this natural nutritious food into your daily meals for good!

8. Good For Pregnant Women: 

benefits of seafood

Several studies have demonstrated the importance of omega 3 fatty acids for pregnant women and advised future mothers to supply their diet with fish and other seafood in the last three months. Healthy fatty acids can improve children’s intelligence and reduce the risk of preterm birth. You should consult with your doctor about the type and concentration of essential seafood which will be good for mother and baby.

9. Good For Brain:

benefits of seafood

This is the last but not least out of the best benefits of seafood that I would like to introduce in this article.

Seafood is a good food for the brain. Some studies suggest that if pregnant women eat a lot of seafood, it will help their baby grow with higher IQ level. Seafood also helps to improve mental health effectively. Seafood has the hidden “power” and it is the ingredient which can help to reduce the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression; in which depression is related to the low levels of omega as I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

II. Some Healthy Seafood Sources:

benefits of seafood

After knowing about the best health benefits of seafood for human beings, may be you will want to know what seafood is the best for you to eat. Therefore, this section will reveal some of the most nutritious seafood which will brings about amazing health benefits to people at all ages.

1. Oyster: 

benefits of seafood

Like other seafood, oysters have high contents of zinc, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and low in cholesterol. The nutritionists said that oysters contain tyrosine, amino acids, which can help to improve mood and control the stress level.

Besides, oysters contain more zinc than other foods, working well to support the reproductive health and sexuality, especially in men.

2. Squid:

benefits of seafood

According to experts, squid is a very rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, copper, zinc, vitamin B, and iodine. The copper substance contained in squid has been proven good for the nutrients absorption, iron storage and metabolism, and the formation of red blood cells. However, you need to remember not to eat fried squid.

3. Crab: 

benefits of seafood

The nutritionists said that crab is a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Besides, crab contains many important minerals, such as selenium, chromium, calcium, zinc, iron, and it is very low in calories (128 calories / 100g), offering many benefits for health.

However, experts warn that for those with high cholesterol, they should limit their own consumption of this seafood.

4. Clam: 

clam benefits of seafood

Clam contains selenium, iron, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B, zinc, and iodine – the important chemicals which can help to activate the tyrosine for thyroid production. Besides, clams are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12, the nutrients contributing to improve the moods of confusion, fatigue, and reduce the risks of nerve damage.

5. Shrimps: 

benefits of seafood

Shrimp is the richest food source of vitamin B12, playing an essential role in the process of cell division. Besides, shrimp contains high level of selenium, having the protective properties and can support the immune system and thyroid function.

6. Salmon: 

benefits of seafood

This fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, helping to protect the body against heart attack and maintain good health. Some different studies found that omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the mortality in patients with heart problems. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids can help to protect eye health and prevent the risk of blindness-related macular degeneration.

7. Lobster: 

benefits of seafood

Lobster is very rich in iodine selenium, vitamin B, vitamin E, and it contains a lot of protein while relatively low in cholesterol and calories. 150g lobster can contain up to 33g of protein. However, people with high cholesterol should not eat too much this seafood.

This is the list of 9 best health benefits of seafood that will be useful and necessary to know so that readers of VKool.com who really want to improve their overall health by making use of natural ingredient, such as seafood should learn this list. These health benefits are proven effective by science, so people should not suspense it.

If you see that the health benefits of seafood that I – author Lien Nguyen – introduced in this article are very useful for your own need and also for other people you know who also love eating seafood and want to live a healthy life, feel free to share this list with them and show me your own opinions by commenting in the form below. As an author of Vkool.com, I also want to know what my readers think about my articles and the information I gave!

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