How To Reduce Excessive Sweating Of Hands, Feet And Underarm

Updates: 06/3/2024

Are you one of those people who cannot stay dry? Do you feel uncomfortable due to your sopping wet armpits? If you are getting soaked-even when you do not work out – then you are sweating excessively. Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis that a lot of people suffer from. This problem can lead to low self-esteem and confidence. Sometimes it gets so depressing when people think of you as if you are not hygienic or healthy while it is not your mistake. There are dozens of sweating treatments out there; however, not all of them will work for you. This article is designed to bring to you the 24 natural yet effective methods on how to reduce excessive sweating of hands, feet and underarm without taking any kinds of complicated hyperhidrosis remedies. Check them out to start staying dry from now!

24 Tips On How To Reduce Excessive Sweating Of Hands, Feet And Underarm

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

The majority of you already know that water is good for human health. But, not everyone knows that water also helps excessive sweaters control their problem. Hydration keeps your body temperatures low; thus, less sweat will be produced. Water can efficiently flush out excess minerals and push out the harmful toxins and waste products out of your body. Experts recommend people, in general, and sweaters, in particular, should drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep their body dry.

2. Avoid Spicy Foods, Caffeine, And Hemically-Processed Foods 

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It is proven that strong coffee or spicy foods may make your taste buds happy; nevertheless, they could also stimulate your body to produce sweat in a not-so-comfortable way. This is because caffeine and spices are able to activate neurotransmitters which are called acetylcholine located in your brain; thus, they can sometimes impact the glands causing sweating. Similarly, any of those pre-made, frozen, packaged, or greasy, and fast foods are a definite no-no that you need to avoid if you want to get rid of over sweating naturally.

3. Consume Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a good source of calcium that can support you to sweat less. Calcium in yoghurt acts as a temperature regulator. The sources that are rich in calcium can be listed such as almonds, dairy products, baked beans, and fortified milk. Not only yogurt is considered as a natural way reduce excessive sweating, it is also a great method to control hidradenitis suppurativa symptoms.

4. Consume Olive Oil

Once the body works hard in order to digest, people tend to sweat more. Olive oil is tasty and easy for human body to digest. It is also one of the best oil to use for cooking.

5. Drink Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea can help you regulate sweat by calming the nerves as well as provide a cool effect to your body. There are some of herbs that also have the same effects of peppermint such as asparagus and sage.

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6. Eat Tomato

Tomato contains many vitamins and minerals like potassium as well as magnesium. You can drink a glass of tomato juice or start taking tomato daily to decrease your excessive sweating problem.

7. Take Sage

Sage can regulate the nervous system, so it controls the sweat production. It is recommended that sweaters should drink 2 cups of sage tea for about one week, then they can see tremendous improvement in their condition. Also, they could take it with the extract form or in tincture as well.

You can check out more techniques to treat sweaty palms fast with the sweaty palms program and easy ways to cure sweaty feet naturally.

8. Maintain A Healthy Weight

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Want to learn how to reduce excessive sweating? Then, you also need to learn how to control your weight. The body weight also plays a critical role in sweating. In fact, overweight people have a greater core body temperature as a result of excess fat deposits. Thus, once they feel nervous, their body will be hotter than someone of healthy weight. Obviously, the result is their skin will sweat even more than normal.

If you want to maintain a healthy weight without having to join in any gym class, you should read this book of tips to eat weight off and easy fat loss factor guide.

9. Wear Clothes That Breathe Like Fibers

When you know that you are going to be in a situation that might lead to sweating, then you had better decrease the external body heat by choosing clothes that are easy for your skin to breathe. Do not wear warm clothes because they just make your sweat seem more excessive. For example, synthetic fabrics, like nylon, polyester, and rayon are made with tighter weaves tending to trap heat and lead your body to sweat more.

The fabric recommendation for sweaters is cotton, hemp, silk or linen, and wool. They can supply ample space around the armpit area and allow you to free flow of air. Plus, it can absorb moisture well, that can prevent bacteria from feeding on the sweat and leading a stink.

10. Sweat Without Fear

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Well, you might feel confused of this idea, right? One of the most interesting issues that happen with those people who are excessive sweaters is that they begin to fear to sweat. As a result, they feel nervous and self-conscious. But, in that case, they tend to sweat more. It is a vicious cycle. So, learn not to fear your sweat by controlling your emotions and anxiety.

11. Swipe On Antiperspirant In The Afternoon

Human body sweats at its lowest at night. So, in the afternoon, if possible, you should give the active ingredients in antiperspirantsa to help you block perspiration in the next morning. It is okay if you reapply in the morning, yet do not worry about the antiperspirant product washing away when you take a bath because its ingredients penetrated your sweat ducts.

12. Acupuncture

This is considered as the simple ancient technique on how to reduce excessive sweating. This can work for your body parts to balance the energy and relax your brain by controlling your hypothalamus which can reduce sweat.

13. Yoga

Exercising, in general, and yoga, in particular can control your excessive sweating. By doing yoga, you meditate, calm down your nerves and subsequently alleviate your sweat production. Because Yoga teaches people how to breathe properly, then they can reduce their stress so that they do not excessively sweat.

14. Avoid Taking Hot Baths But Take A Cold Shower

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Though hot baths can help you eliminate toxins by increasing the temperature of your body, hot water can make your condition worse. In other words, although the cold shower is not comfortable too much for you but it is wonderful solution for your sweating problem. When taking cold bath, you should use an antibacterial soap to make sure your body is clean and odor-free.

15. Keep Your Head Cool

When exposed to the sun such for a long time, it is necessary for you to take a hat or shades. A hat can assist you in protecting your head from sunstroke and heating. Sunglasses can also help you protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays or extreme bright situation.

Check the book of sweating free tips to learn more useful methods for dealing with your problem.

16. Wear Socks

If you are a person who sweats excessively at your feet, then socks help you keep your feet cooler. This is able to absorb feet perspiration and faster evaporation. Thus, wearing socks is a simple and helpful way to help you control your problem.

17. Manage Stress

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A healthy lifestyle will help your body reduce stress, perform at its optimum level and keep sweating under your control. Stress is one of cause that leads to excessive sweating. Learn how to deal with stressful situations in order to manage your stress, keep balance heart rate and body temperature.

18. Do Not Exercise Before Important Events

As normal, human body will rises when they are in active condition. So, the more intense your exercises or workout are, the more you will sweat. Regular exercising is necessary for a healthy life but you need to keep your physical activities before important events to a minimum level in order to keep you dry.

19. Carry An Additional Shirt

If necessary, you can prepare an extra shirt to control your sweat output. Keep a change of clothes with you and wear the shirt you want to end up in last. Remember that what you wear to start with is also important for controlling the sweating. If it is tight, your skin will induce sweat. As a consequence, you will sweat faster.

20. Keep Cool In Air-Conditioned Condition

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If you are just walking or traveling, if possible, you had better make periodic stops at some air-conditioned places for controlling your body temperature. Then, you can continue your journey without discomfort.

Furthermore, you need to avoid venturing out into the midday sun because this can make you quickly dehydrate. Then you will end up soaking your clothes. So, be wise as well as avoid the hottest periods of time of the day. This is very critical for those people who cannot automatically control their sweat when under the hot weather.

21. Tower Off

If you are a person who is prone to sweating, then it is better for you to bring a hand towel out with you; especially, while staying out in the sun or exercising. It also saves your blushes.

22. Consider Medical Solutions

If you suffer from excessive sweating underarm that makes you feel uncomfortable with others, ask your health care provider or doctor about possible medical solutions. The following are some medical solutions for excessive sweating you can search for: how to reduce excessive sweating with consider medical solutions

– Iontophoresis: This is a non-invasive cure using water to create a mild electrical shock to shut off your sweat glands underarm. Exactly, dermatologists will use a hand-held device to transit a low level current to your armpits while your body will be immersed in water. This method helps to shut off your sweat glands during 30 minutes and it is performed in a short time, once a day.

– Botulinum toxin injections: These injections are used in some cosmetic and medical and cosmetic procedures. In fact, botulinum toxin is a type of protein formed by the bacteria that cause botulism. This toxin can be injected under arms to block nerves, which stimulate excessive sweating. The cure is effective up to 5 to 6 months.

– Oral anti-cholinergic medications:  These medications work by blocking actions of acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter, which aid in stimulating sweat glands. It starts improving symptoms in 2 weeks and it acts on different body parts as well.

– Antidepressants/tranquilizers: They are albeit unusual yet effective solution. If some emotional triggers may cause your excessive sweating underarm, tranquilizers or antidepressants may help you control your stress-related symptoms. Accordingly, your excessive sweating associated with anxiety and stress may subside.

– Surgery: This is last ditch option to treat excessive sweating. If sweating is limited to armpits, remove sweat glands in a procedure and this surgical tumescent liposuction can help. In the next procedure, the endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy can involve in clipping nerves in order to carry messages from your sympathetic nerves to sweat glands. Nevertheless, both procedures may carry a high risk of the compensatory sweating, and increase excessive sweating on other body parts.

23. Adjust Your Routine how to reduce excessive sweating with adjust your routine

The armpit skin is delicate and antiperspirants can cause your skin irritation, especially some products that are high in aluminum chloride. To combat stinging and itching that sweat-blockers cause, notice several precautions as follows:

– Do not apply antiperspirants to your skin within 1 to 2 days after shaving hair

– Avoid taking a hot shower as it opens skin’s pores before covering antiperspirants.

– Do not massage antiperspirant onto underarm skin before bedtime

– Leave antiperspirants on skin for 8 hours

24. Change Your Diet

As I mentioned above, you should consume and avoid specific foods and ingredients because they can affect your excessive sweating. Systematically, you should properly adjust your diet to control excessive sweating and eliminate unpleasant body odor!

Stop consuming alcoholic beverages, caffeinate drinks, onions and garlic as these ingredients can raise internal temperature in the body and signal the body to producing excessive sweat. Caffeine work to send the central nervous system and sweat glands into overdrive. Hot spices like peppers, chilies containing capsaicin also send signals to sweat glands and start your excessive sweating.

With these 24 great tips on how to reduce excessive sweating of hands, feet and underarm, hope you have learned something new! Well, learning how to reduce excessive sweating might require from you patience, time, as well as effort, and keeping it simple & innocent are the key to make it successful.
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