How to improve your diet and lifestyle with 37 easy tips

Of course, you acknowledge that eating healthy is a lifelong goal, yet it means that it takes ages to make it happen. In reality, there are tons of easy, quick ways to make sure you are eating well which basically involve no effort. And, in addition to improve your diet, you also need to improve your lifestyle to make all of your effort worth after all. This article, from, will help you know how to improve your diet and lifestyle by giving you some easy but effective ways. Take a look and I bet that if you follow these tips properly and consistently, you then will be able to improve your overall life to the next level drastically.

How To Improve Your Diet And Lifestyle – Top 37 Nutrition And Lifestyle Tips

1. Wake Up Early 

This is the first tip on how to improve your diet and lifestyle. Also, by waking up early, you also change your mood in a positive way. Just decide the time and set your own alarm clock for early morning. It is better for you to wake up at 6 am or 6:30 am to see the atmosphere at outside of the house. Simple watch the sunrise and enjoy the nature.

2. Drink 2 Glasses Of Warm Water 

how to improve your diet

Now, after waking up and brushing the teeth, you should drink 2 glasses of warm water to improve your digestive system. This is proven scientifically.

3. Drink A Cup Of Coffee 

how to improve your diet

By drinking one cup of coffee, you will lower the risk of adult-onset diabetes naturally.

4. Think Before You Drink 

how to improve your diet

It is estimated that the average person takes over 400 calories per day – double what he/she used to – and alone gets around 10 tsp of added sugar each day from soft drinks. What you should do is to swap out sweetened teas as well as sodas for no-calorie beverages and you can lose up to 40 pounds annually.

5. Practice Total Recall

how to improve your diet

Researchers found that people who thought about their last meal before snacking might eat about 30% fewer calories than those who did not stop to think. In fact, the theory behind this is to remember what you had for lunch may remind you of how satiating the food was, thereby making you less likely to binge on the afternoon snack.

6. Go For Protein 

how to improve your diet

Another tip on how to improve your diet is to add protein-rich foods to your meals. Dieters who consume the most protein tend to reduce more weight whilst still feeling less deprived than those who consume the least protein. And, it seems that protein the best nutrient for improving the human metabolism, squashing your appetite, and helping you consume less at subsequent meals.

7. Opt For Whole-Grain Bread 

how to improve your diet

Consuming whole-grain instead of white bread or refined-grain is associated with the lower risk of heart disease and cancer.

8. Go Fish 

how to improve your diet

It is recommended that people should consume two 4- to 6-ounce servings of the oily fish per week to sharpen the mind. The best oily fish are herring, tuna, salmon, mackerel, and trout because they are rich in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

9. Sign Up For Emails For Weight Loss

how to improve your diet

If you sign up for daily e-mails that include weight loss tips and tricks, they will remind you of your goals and help you lose weight, according to the researchers from Canada.

10. Cut Your Portions By A Quarter 

how to improve your diet

It is proven that just simply decreasing meal portions by 25%, people will eat 10% fewer calories – without feeling hungrier. So, think about a reasonable portion, and take a least ¼ less than that. And, keep in mind that the servings in restaurant today are 2-5 times bigger than what the nutritionists recommend.

11. Turn Off The TV 

how to improve your diet

It is found that people who watch TV during their meal, on average, consume 288 more calories than those who do not watch TV while eating.

12. Put Your Fork Down When Chewing 

how to improve your diet

This is one of the little-known tips on how to improve your diet. By putting your fork down during eating, or taking a sip of water between your bites, you will eat slowly and increase the hormones that make you feel fuller faster.

13. Choose Rye Bread (Not Wheat) For Breakfast Toast 

how to improve your diet

Those rye eaters tend to fee more full 8 hours after breakfast than those wheat-bread eaters, thanks to the high fiber content and minimal effect on blood sugar. Therefore, you will want to eat less and snack less for lunch.

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14. Consume A Handful Of Fruits And Veggies Per Day 

how to improve your diet

In one study, people who consumed 4-5 servings tended to score higher on cognitive tests than those who ate less than one serving. However, remember that salad is not always a healthy option.

15. Sip Green Tea 

how to improve your diet

Thanks to the benefits of green tea, you can build strong skeleton and protect you from broken bones when you get older. And, it also helps cure bad breath naturally.

16. Work Out Before Your Lunch Or Dinner

how to improve your diet

By doing so, you will make the meals you take right afterward much more filling. That means you can take fewer calories all day long.

17. Add Broccoli Sprouts To Sandwiches And Salads 

how to improve your diet

This is an easy way to help you make sure that your lunch is extra healthy. Add broccoli sprouts. It is found that it is a vegetable that can eradicate pollutants from the body. That is because sprouts include a compound named glucoraphanin, which has been associated with anti-cancer properties in animal studies. And, most importantly, they do not have a strong flavor, so you might not notice they are there.

18. Make Use Of Red Plates 

how to improve your diet

Well, this sounds not relevant to a healthy diet, but in fact, your health can be determined by the color of your dinnerware. It is proven scientifically. People who use red plates tend to consume less than those who eat off a red and blue. Perhaps, it is because the human brain associate the color red with stopping – meaning just the see the bold hue can automatically send a signal to the brain not to overeat.

19. Smell A Food You Love While Trying A New Healthy Ingredient

how to improve your diet

In the farmer’s market world recent days, there are more mysterious and unknown foods than ever to try. The cool part is that most of them, such as cucamelon, are jam packed with great nutrients. However, you should try testing it out for the first time, smell a food that you already know you like. That way, you will more likely to love the new one. There is no joke here. It is because smelling a familiar food will reduce the fear of any new one, so you will be ready to be adventurous.

20. Spice It Up 

how to improve your diet

People will consume 30% less when they add chili pepper to their food than when they do not. It is because peppers are spicy so people tend to savor the flavor more. That way, they will slow down and taste each bite and therefore consume less overall.

21. Have Eggs With Yolk For Breakfast

how to improve your diet

It is pointed out that low-carb, high-fat breakfasts could help you maintain a healthy weight, whereas low-fat, high-carb might make you gain weight. Actually, the reason is rather interesting: high-carb, low-fat breakfasts could mess your glucose level as the carbs can cause the blood sugar to crash – so you will be hungrier sooner afterwards. Make sure that you include some fat in your breakfast – in the form of avocado, egg yolks, etc – so you will feel less provoked to snack on junk foods later on.

22. Go For Cinnamon

how to improve your diet

Research showed that this spice can help lower the blood sugar levels and it is also jam packed with polyphenols, the antioxidants which reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Because it is very easy to put cinnamon on your oatmeal, in your coffee, in your yogurt – you get the picture – there is fundamentally no reason not to keep a bottle of cinnamon handy and use it liberally.

23. Acknowledge Your Bad Habits 

how to improve your diet

To improve your diet and lifestyle, you should admit your problem. Before you could start making changes, it is crucial to realize what you are doing wrong. Try to take careful inventory of your bad eating habits, and try to pinpoint the causes. For instance, your midnight fridge raids might be resulted by stress, insomnia, or not eating a filling dinner.

24. Get Adequate Sleep

how to improve your diet

Too much or too little sleep could add extra pounds. Thus, you should get enough sleep each night – about 8 hours per night to maintain a healthy weight as well as life. And, when going through a hard day, you can consider taking a midday nap to reduce your stress level as well as food cravings.

25. Discover Miso Soup

how to improve your diet

Brown wakame seaweed which is used in miso soup could help lower the blood pressure particularly if your own levels are high.

26. Take Advantage Of A Zinc Supplement

how to improve your diet

Just 15 mg of zinc per day will help you improve your immune cells to produce more of protein that can beat off bacterial infections.

27. Opt For Foods With The Fewest Ingredients 

how to improve your diet

It is estimated that there are over 3,000 ingredients on the FDA’s list of safe food additives – and any of these artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and colorings as well as the flavor enhancers can end up on your plate. Can you project what those chemicals will do to your waistline or health? Perhaps, you cannot. The rule is: if a 7-year-old child cannot pronounce it, you do not want to consume it.

28. Snack On Popcorn And Walnuts 

how to improve your diet

On the road to learn how to improve your diet, do not overlook your favorite snack while watching TV – popcorn. Those people who consume 1 cup of microwave popcorn about 30 minutes before their lunch might consume 105 fewer calories at the meal. Opt for the type of popcorn without butter.

Another option for you to snack is walnuts. Eating a handful of walnuts every day can boost your good cholesterol – HDL, while still lowering your bad cholesterol – LDL.

29. Do One Step At A Time 

how to improve your diet

If you have many years of irresponsible eating habits under the belt, you might increase your likelihood of success by handling them one at a time. Reducing your soda, fried foods, juice, carbs, sugar intake, and also taking control of your sedentary lifestyle all at once sounds good in theory. However, it will be much harder to stick to this plan than if you want to do all of these things at once than do one by one step-by-step. And, now make a detailed plan for yourself.

30. Create Small Goals And Reward Yourself

how to improve your diet

Keep yourself motivated and moving forward by creating mini goals when you change your diet. Actually, it is crucial to reward yourself, make sure that you are not using the food as your rewarding. For instance, you could purchase yourself a new dress if you have lost 5 pounds, treat yourself a great spa day after cutting down  your intake of soda, or give yourself a wonderful pedicure after your full week of working out.

You could not make your own diet healthy overnight. Following healthy is difficult yet rewarding work. This will help you not only look slim, but also feel healthier. And, hopefully, these little tips helped you.

31. Take A Walk Or Jog 

how to improve your diet

Exercise is always beneficial for the human health, both physical and mental. In the morning, spend 30-40 minutes on jogging or walking. You could also do low-intensive or even light exercises. It can burn calories and enhance the neurochemical (endorphins) in the human brain, and that will naturally help decrease the stress level.

32. Work Whilst You Work, Play Whilst You Play

how to improve your diet

You need to follow this tip in life. When working, you need to focus on it. And, when you have free time, think positive thoughts, eliminate all of the negative ones. That way, you will have an optimistic point of view for your own life.

33. Believe In Yourself 

how to improve your diet

Find a real solution for every problem. Though at the beginning it seems that you could not be able to get the perfect solution yet this will improve your confidence, which is considered as the most crucial thing to take your own final decisions.

34. Smile 

how to improve your diet

Let your smile brightening your day, even those darkest days. Every one cannot be happy all the time. Nevertheless, you could try to find a smile with your good sense of humor. By smiling or laughing, you will reduce the level of stress hormones like epinephrine, cortisol, and dopamine. So, laughing can work like a natural antidepressant, which helps relieve your stress.

35. Read Books

how to improve your diet

When your mind is free, now and then, good or bad thoughts might enter your own mind naturally. A habit of reading could change your own thoughts. So, make a habit of reading books or you can try to solve out puzzles.

36. Find Your Favorite And Hobby 

how to improve your diet

In your life, you must have at least one favorite or hobby. Find it now if you have not found it yet. “Hobby” is a very simple words yet it has the great power of changing your thoughts. A hobby can create interest in the mind and also change the mood positively.

37. Take A Light Dinner

how to improve your diet

It is said that in the night, your body does not burn many calories, so it will also not require more energy. Thus, you should avoid a heavy dinner if you do not want to get through a hard sleep or increase your weight without even acknowledging it.

Above are the most practical and effective on how to improve your diet and lifestyle which hopefully can help you start planning your life in such a healthiest human way possible. Share your thoughts with us if you have any idea about this post. We will feedback soon.

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