29 Tips on how to get skinnier legs fast in a week

Exercise and proper diet will offer you the healthy body. If you desire to keep the body in shape, then don’t stop the workout, it assists 100% to have the perfect figure.
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You can’t get skinnier legs or body with starving, empty belly won’t give you a healthy body, you need fresh juices and food as well to decrease the body fat. Regular workout will offer you flexible legs as well as cellulite free thighs. You shouldn’t do the work that is just for tighter your thighs, it will spoil the shape, you must workout for the whole body and also take proper diet, so the leaner legs will offer you the perfect look. Here Vkool.com brings a few tips for you to get skinnier and healthier legs. Keep reading it to know more these tips on how to get skinnier legs!

How To Get Skinnier Legs Fast In A Week: 29 Tips That Work

1. Select The Suitable Exercise

how to get skinnier legs - select the suitable exercise

Some certain tips can help you lose all the fat and get really slender, skinny legs, at home itself. Choosing perfect exercise can assist you to get skinnier legs. For this purpose, you can perform these exercises: aerobics, power walks, jogging or you can also use step machine as they involve the legs nonstop. You can raise the intensity of workout following your passion.

2. Cardiac Intensive Exercises

How to get skinnier legs with this exercise? Try to perform cardiovascular exercises about 5 to 6 days in one week. These power aerobics/ workouts have reasonable time that your body can accept easily, try to do about 30 to 40 minutes. Interval trainings are not great for those who have burly legs, you had better emphasis on cardiac exercises, that’ll definitely assist you to your legs fat and they’ll become skinnier.

3. Bridge Exercise With Towel Squeeze

how to get skinnier legs - bridge exercise with towel squeeze

How to get skinnier legs with this exercise? First of all, relax your arms and next lie straight on the floor, place one small hand towel between your knees, squeeze it up until you feel the pressure on the thighs. Now lift up the hips slowly above your floor, remember the hand will straight on your floor while lifting your hips. You do the exercise for about 15 minutes.

4. Crescent Kick

General speaking, the crescent kick is very helpful to own the skinny inner thigh. In order to do this exercise, a leg off the ground, and bend the knee with the hands on your sides left or right which ever you desire to use first and then move around in one circular motion.

5. Lunges

how to get skinnier legs - lunges

Lunges are also a helpful fitness exercise for your legs. This exercise technique is to keep the body straight with forward a leg, ensure your legs are aligned.
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Then lower the back knee towards your floor with your back and hips hold the weight on the heels as pushing back up to the initial position. You can also perform this exercise by keeping a dumbbell in both the hand for the pressure resistance.

6. Pilates For Fitness

This is one of the easiest workouts to get skinnier thighs and legs. They don’t decrease the fats too fast yet you’ll get shaped muscles, flexible and stronger body. This exercise needs accuracy so that you can join some class or get help with a few videos related to it. The exercise not just consists of simple crunches but its technique is important.

7. Raise And Rolls Of Legs

how to get skinnier legs - raise and rolls of legs

How to get skinnier legs with this exercise? Legs rolls plus raise is also an easy and simple workout which will activate the body. You can do this exercise by placing an exercise mat and next lie on it, support the body with left arm and now lie on right side. After that, start lifting your hip up using the left leg.

8. Crouching Or Bending Exercise

Bending or crouching exercise is often known as Squats. The exercise is the most beneficial workout for your legs, you can perform it in many manners. The most useful way is standing at the feet, and distance of the feet is till your shoulder level stretch the arms forward and now move your bum downwards as slowly as possible,  ensure that the back is little bend from your front. Twenty squats in three sets will help you get well shaped skinny legs. Now think for a little that the leg is inside your drum and you must trace the drum with the toes, by this motion the legs will move upwards and downwards in spheres. Repeat the same procedure with both your legs and create 80 to 90 circles.

9. Inner Thigh Attitude Pulse

how to get skinnier legs - inner thigh attitude pulse

First of all, standing on a leg while another leg is off your ground, several inches above and then bend the leg from your knee, bring the leg across ahead of your body so that the right knee pass the left leg. Then lower the left leg back to your floor and now raise it as high as possible, keeping heel up. Do this movement 15 minutes or 15 times and do the same with another leg.

10. Cycling

As all we know, cycling is the most effective way to tone the leg muscles. You can perform easily withstanding bike and it’ll help to burn your fat of legs fast. If you burn about 450 calories in one hour so you can slim down your legs easily in a week.

11. Swimming

how to get skinnier legs - swimming

General speaking, swimming is the wonderful exercise for the entire body, particularly for legs. You can burn about 500 calories if you spend one hour in water. This will assist to tone the whole body muscles and also help the body to keep in shape.

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12. Join Exercise Or Gym Class

Taking part in the class for toning legs faster is very better; you’ll get motivated by watching the other people and get help from your instructor. Join Zumba dance class is really good as it can assist you to burn about 500 calories in one hour.
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13. Stretching Legs

how to get skinnier legs - stretching legs

Stretching your legs muscles after every workout will help you to lowers the pain or tenderness. Stretch your legs about one minute will offer you activeness.

14. Sports As Exercise

You can reduce your thighs with a few team sports like basketball ice hockey, soccer, etc. These are the greatest games to tone the leg muscles.

15. Exercise With Treadmill

how to get skinnier legs - exercise with treadmill

People often consider it as boring exercise, but running or walking on a treadmill is also useful to get skinnier legs, relies on you how quick you go on it. By walking on it, you can burn about 400 to 500 calories.

16. Effective Home Chores

General speaking, the home chores are useful to get the body in shape. Work like; dusting, laundry, and cleaning the floor as well will need the energy and also engage your whole body. Mark one of this work in your regular routine, this will not only give you the clean house but also give smart body.

17. High Protein Foods

how to get skinnier legs - high protein foods

How to get skinnier legs with high protein foods? Protein-rich foods are also very effective and vital for toning the muscles. Ensure to add chicken, fish and turkey in your diet plan.

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18. Take Fruits And Vegetables

The high amount of fruits and vegetables will help to decrease the fat from the body and raise the nutritional fiber.

19. More And More Water

how to get skinnier legs - more and more water

The intake of water daily will assist to throw out all the toxins from your body. You should drink at least 8 to 10 glass per day. Water will assist to keep your skin moisturized and glowing whole summer.

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20. Reduce The Salt From Life

As you know, the foods that are high in salt are really harmful to your health and body and salty foods restrict skin moisture.

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21. Avoid Junk Foods Or Fatty Foods

how to get skinnier legs - avoid junk foods or fatty foods

These foods will reduce the energy level into your body and many calories will increase your leg fat which makes you dull plus low in energy.

22. Foods To Burn Fats

As you make your diet plan in order to get skinnier legs in one week, must add the foods which burn fat off your body and also make the legs slimmer. Thus, the nutritionists suggest the “salmon” that is high in omega-3 fatty acid; this fish boosts your metabolism to act effectively. Also, use olive oil, nuts, and avocados these foods contain monounsaturated fats that also raise the metabolic rate.

23. Avoid Sugary Brews

how to get skinnier legs - avoid sugary brews

You should avoid soda or different juices. These are the major hurdle in hasty life, they’re rich in saturated fats and calories which increase your weight, staying away from them will support you towards skinnier legs quicker.

24. Wear Dark Pants

Not surprising, dark color also presents you as one slimmer in look. You should go with dark blue, black, or purple. Certainly, the legs will look slimmer in those colors.

25. Floor Exercise

how to get skinnier legs - floor exercise

How to get skinnier legs with this exercise? Firstly, you need to lay flat on the back with the legs on the floor. Place the arms out beside you on your floor. Then, bring the knee up to in which the highest area of your profile is. Later, with the other leg, kick it as high as possible. Return it to your floor. Do 60 of the kicks, later switch sides and perform 60 more.

26. Get Heeled

Slipping on one pair of heels is also a cheeky manner of getting skinnier legs in one week. Not only do heels add additional height, but they can change the appearance of the legs to make them become leaner.

27. Embrace The A-Line

how to get skinnier legs - embrace the a-line

The clothing kind you wear can make a big difference in emphasizing and accentuating different body parts. If you desire to gain skinnier legs in one week, start embracing A-line dresses or skirts. The shape of this A-line can make the legs look narrower.

28. Frog

In order to do this exercise, you need to lie on the back with the arms relaxed on your ground beside you. Gradually bend the knees in towards the chest, drawing the abs in. Then, flex the feet and turn the knees out to your sides. The heels should be touching. After that, press the legs out, widening them at a forty-five-degree angle. With both your legs extended plus turned outward, you squeeze the backs of the knees together (the inner thighs). Now bend the knees back in, keeping the same forty-five-degree line on this way back. That is one rep. Do this movement 15 times.

29. Butterfly Stretch

how to get skinnier legs - butterfly stretch

To increase flexibility and nix next-day soreness, finish this routine with one relaxing stretch. Begin seated, with the bottoms of the feet sandwiched together plus the knees relaxed, out to your sides while holding onto the ankles. Lean forward gently, and lower the chest towards the feet till you feel one deep stretch in the inner thighs. Hold the position for about 30 seconds, and now relax. Do this movement once.

To get more information related to useful ways or tips to slim legs or lose weight, go to our main How To page. Hope that this post will help you know about some helpful tips on how to get skinnier legs. If you have any comment or question, please leave them below, I will reply you as soon as possible. Do you know any other tips on how to get skinnier legs? Then share with us right now.

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