14 Tips On How To Fix Bow Legs Naturally Without Surgery

how to fix bow legs without surgery

Bow legs is the condition in which the patients’ knees do not touch while ankles touching when they stand with feet together. If the babies are born with bowed legs, it is normal as their folded position is due to their mother’s womb and their bowed legs will begin to straighten when they start to walk. However, it may become abnormal in case the children and even adults may still develop this condition.

Depending on the causes and conditions of the patients, there are some ways to fix bow legs that patients can try out. Now, I would like to show all of my readers of VKool.com some effective natural ways on how to fix bow legs at home naturally without surgery. If you want to know how to correct your bow legs, keep your eyes on this article and then follow one or more of these tips for good.

How To Fix Bow Legs Naturally At Home Without Surgery – 14 Effective Natural Solutions:

If the children above 3 years old experience the bowed legs, which means that they are suffering from bow leg condition. To diagnose this health condition, the doctors need to determine the distance between the patients’ legs when they lie down on their back. In some cases, blood tests or X-rays are also required in case the bow leg disease becomes worse. Keep reading this article carefully to find out some of the best natural ways that work well when it comes to how to fix bow legs at home naturally without making use of surgery.

I. Causes Of Bow Legs

Bow legs may be caused by some conditions such as:

  • Blount’s disease
  • Abnormal bone development
  • Fractures that do not correctly heal
  • Rickets caused by a vitamin D deficiency
  • Fluoride or lead poisoning

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II. How To Fix Bow Legs Naturally – 14 Solutions

The treatments for bow legs are still unknown unless its symptoms are serious. The children should be checked every six months for their normal bone development.If diagnosed early, it is easy to correct young children’s legs when their bones are growing. In some cases, surgery is recommended to fix the bow legs.

Now, we want to reveal some of the most effective ways on how to fix bow legs without surgery that you can make use with ease at home without needing to make any surgery

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1. Physiotherapy Sessions

Using physiotherapy is very important for fixing bow legs. Simply, ask a therapist to massage bow legs. When the person with bowed legs is lying down, the therapist will move his or her legs back and forth. Actually, this is a great way on how to fix bow legs in children. This way will help patients walk properly without having to spend much effort and time. In case you choose to apply nonsurgical methods, there is a need to have a period of 3-5 months of applying physical therapy for the best results.

This treatment is recommended to use in only severe cases. Sometimes, when patients cannot correct their bow legs by using the medical braces or casts alone, the doctor may ask them to perform an orthopedic surgery.

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2. Treat Underlying Diseases

When it comes to ways on how to fix bow legs, patients with bowed legs can deal with this health condition by treating underlying diseases. Some options to treat underlying diseases that you can make use:

  • Using radiation or chemotherapy to help you treat tumors.
  • Using lead-binding injections and medications can help to protect your body from lead poisoning.
  • Fluoride-binding chemicals can be used to deal with fluoride in your stomach, hence helping you treat fluoride poisoning.

In fact, this is also among effective tips on how to fix bow legs at home naturally, so you should not skip out this tip when you want to correct your bow legs at home, but try to find the ways to treat your underlying diseases that may lead to your bow legs as soon as possible.

3. Find The Underlying Cause

how to fix bow legs - find the underlying cause

Actually, treating the underlying causes is very important, but you need to find your underlying cause that may lead to your bowed legs before looking for the ways to treat them effectively. The ways on how to fix bow legs can be numerous based on what medical condition causes your bow legs. Actually, dealing with your disorder is more necessary than just fixing your bow legs alone. According to a study about causes of bowel legs, some medical conditions can result in some damages to other body parts.

  • Blount’s disease: This disease can result in the bowed legs in both toddlers and teenagers. This disease is caused by the abnormal bone development in the upper tibia.
  • Rickets: This health condition is caused by the deficiency of calcium, phosphorus as well as vitamin D. And, this condition can result in bone deformities.

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  • Breaks or fractures: These health conditions can also cause improper healing, thus resulting in the bow legs.
  • Physiologic genu verum: This health condition is known as one of the causes of bowed legs in kids under 2 years old. Normally, bow legs will heal themselves when they are matured.

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4. Reduce Weight

Other effective tips on how to fix bow legs that you should know must include reducing excessive weights. Do you know that excessive weights can make your condition become worse? Your knees and hips will have to work much more to support the whole body. Addition to this, the joints and bones are also put under more pressure, and over time, they will become distorted.

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Therefore, if you are extremely overweight, you should start following a weight loss program. You can reduce some of your weights in a healthy manner by performing some cardiovascular exercises combined with following a balanced and healthy diet. If your bow legs are caused by an infection, taking in strong antibiotics may be helpful for you.

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5. Use Stretches

Using stretches is a common way to improve your posture, increase the length of your legs and other body’s parts. Performing some exercises can help you strengthen the core of your muscles and simultaneously lengthen your muscles. Also, stretching will help to realign both of your skeletal and muscular systems, hence offering a better support for the body.

This is, in fact, one of the most effective tips on how to fix bow legs naturally at home that my readers should know and then consider using stretches if you want to correct the bow legs at home.

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6. Do Exercises With Hip Adductor Muscles

how to fix bow legs - do exercises with hip adductor muscles

The adductor muscles are a group of muscles in the inner thigh and they are responsible for balancing the pelvis. According to a study about hip adductor muscles, you can perform exercises with hip adductor muscles to increase the strength of these muscles and correct your bow legs.

There are some studies showing that the weakness of adductor muscles can result in deformities like bowed legs. To know whether or not your adductor muscles are weak, you can apply the following steps. You sit down in a chair and look at the feet. In case you have difficulty bringing the knees together, the fact is that your adductor muscles may be weak. And it is the time when you should start strengthening these muscles by bringing the knees, ankles, and toes together. Maintain this position whenever you sit down because it will help you increase the strength of your adductor muscles.

Method 1:

  • At first, you lay down on your infected side. Place one of your hands in front of your body for keeping your balance while placing your other hand to support the head.
  • Place one leg over the other leg to balance yourself. Then, you lift the leg close to your arm supporting your head whilst exhaling when moving this leg upwards. Do not perform it too fast. Instead, make the movements slow.
  • Repeat this exercise with both legs a few times.

Method 2:

  • Perform the same position like the ways you perform method 1.
  • Then, move one of your legs upright when you put your leg on the floor. Circle it from your ankle for around 3 seconds.
  • Perform the steps in both methods around 5-10 minutes. Try to keep your posture upright while you perform this exercise.

Besides, you should consult a physician before you want to perform any exercises to ensure that it is safe for your condition. In fact, this is among one of the best tips on how to fix bow legs at home naturally so that people who want to correct their bow legs should try doing exercises with hip adductor muscles for good.

7. Wait Patiently

Many babies are born with bow legs, so if your newborn baby suffers from bow legs, you do not need to worry too much. According to a study, this is because this health condition can go away in its own way gradually. When your child reaches the age of three, this condition will usually disappear. In some cases, when this condition is still present, you will need to seek a medical help. During three years of waiting, it is advised that you should take your child with bow legs to a doctor. If this condition is not improved on its way, you need to choose a proper medical method to correct it as soon as possible before it is too late.

There are some other effective tips on how to fix bow legs in this entire article. Continue reading this article to discover these natural methods and then consider applying one or more of these methods for good, especially if you want to correct your bow legs naturally at home.

8. Pilates

Doing exercise is known as one of the most effective ways on how to fix bow legs thanks to its ability to strengthen the muscles in the leg. Some experts say that building the muscles in both of the knees and upper thighs are extremely important. So, some techniques like Pilates are recommended to perform by experts.

According to a research about health benefits of Pilates, performing Pilates can help in building the vital posture, realigning the body and fixing the bow legs. Some Pilates exercise including ballerina arms and roll up can help you tone the legs and build the abdomen’s muscles. To perform these exercises, simply, you lie on the back with the lifted legs that are close together. Then, you move up and down. If you want to tighten muscles in the abdomen, it is better to raise upper torso off the floor.

In fact, Pilates exercises are a very effective way on how to fix bow legs and then you should follow this exercise if you want to correct your bow legs at home.

9. Use Medical Braces

When it comes to learning how to fix bow legs at home naturally, you should not skip out using medical braces.Actually, using medical braces can help you correct your bow legs effectively at the right age. These medical braces are used whether the child’s health condition is severe or the child has an additional disease associated with bow legs. The children should wear these medical braces until their bones have been corrected. These braces are not proper for adults who have bow legs because their bones are already done developing.

Besides, there are some different kinds of medical braces like Unloader Brace that are recommended for adults with bow legs. They can be effective in relieving pain and other symptoms that are related to genu varum. However, these medical braces will just work a bit to correct bow legs in adults.

10. Leg Strengthening Exercises

Another one of the tips on how to fix bow legs that you should know must include performing leg strengthening exercises. Doing leg strengthening exercises can help you strengthen the muscles in the legs, simultaneously reduce the pressure on tendons and joints. Nonetheless, these specific exercises are effective in only mild cases. In more severe cases, going to see the doctor is very important.

To do leg strengthening exercises correctly, it is better for you to lie flat on a bench.  Then, bend the knee and legs until you can reach the butt. For the best results, these exercises should be repeated a few times a week within a couple of months.

11. Yoga

Yoga is also another great way on how to fix bow legs effectively that you should not skip out. Although you can find it difficult to do yoga, it can actually help in boosting alignment, flexibility and fixing the posture. As a result, your bow legs will be improved.

Therefore, if you are suffering from bow legs, you should find the yoga strap in order to bind your legs together. Besides, some yoga postures such as forward bends and cow face should be applied as these postures will help in keeping the legs together, fixing the posture and simultaneously strengthening the muscles in the legs.

12. Detox Your Body

Detoxification is very important because some specific chemicals and compounds stored in the body may negatively affect the bone development. For instant, lead and fluoride can be stored in our body for a period of time and this can result in weak bones. To treat fluoride poisoning, you can consider using calcium carbonate hydroxide. Also, you should use the copper or PVC water pipes instead of lead ones because they are safer for your overall health. Before using the water running from the water pipes, you should make use of filtration system to remove heavy mental and fluoride from the water.

Do you want to discover other tips on how to fix bow legs at home naturally? Continue reading this entire article and then follow one or more of these natural treatments as soon as possible.

13. Massage Therapy Exercises

how to fix bow legs - massage therapy exercises

Other tips on how to fix bow legs at home naturally that you should know and then try to follow must include performing massage therapy exercises.Massage is famous for its ability to treat various diseases including constipation, stomachache, and arthritis, etc. Of course, if you want to fix your children’s bow legs, you should not look down massage therapy. This method will be effective in straightening the bow legs effectively and naturally.

Also, it is important to find a physical therapist with many years of experience in massaging for people with bow legs. In this method, the physical therapists will move the leg of the children forward and backward for a long period of time. This process is especially effective in curing bow legs for children whose bones are growing up. To offer the best results, you can ask your children to try knee bend while they lie down or sleep. Simply, raise your children’s leg, bend their knees and then push their legs toward their chest. The massage therapy should be repeated a few times a week to get the desired results.

14. Vitamin D

This is the last but very important tip on how to fix bow legs naturally at home, so all of my readers should not look down, but consider taking vitamin D supplements or adding more vitamin D-foods to the daily diet for good. According to a study, lack of vitamin D will result in bow legs. So, in case you want to fix your bow legs, it is advised to consume plenty of foods that have high content of vitamin D or take in vitamin D supplement. Children at the age of one should take 400-1000 IU of vitamin D daily and the adults should take in 1500-2000 IU of vitamin D daily.

This list includes top 14effective tips on how to fix bow legs naturally at home without having to make any surgery. After reading this list, I hope that you will find them helpful and effective and then spend time reading another article that reveals some of the simplest exercises that can help you slim legs at home – the 23 Best Exercises To Slim Legs At Home Are Revealed article. This is actually an interesting article that is helpful for those who want to have slim legs through workout, so if you are concerning this topic, you should not skip out this article, but read and then follow one or more of these exercises for good.

If you think that this list of 14 tips on how to fix bow legs are helpful for anybody else around you who are facing bow legs, you should share this list with them and then stimulate them to follow one or more of these tips for good. If you have any problem that you do not understand about this article, please raise your voice by leaving your comments in the comment box below. I will answer them as soon as possible.

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