25 Tips For Dry Skin On Legs And Feet – The Best Treatment Tips

dry skin on legs

Learning how to keep your legs smooth is very helpful when you want to become a sexy woman. Actually, having smooth legs, you will get more confident to wear bathing suits, skirts, short clothes, etc. Keep your legs smooth is very easy if you learn seriously natural tips and tricks. In order to help women get the most useful methods to improve leg beauty, VKool.com has introduced a writing of top 25 useful treatment tips to get rid of dry skin on legs and feet naturally with a hope that women will be satisfied about their legs and feet and they will feel more confident in wearing sexy dresses.

Discover 25 Treatment Tips To Get Rid Of Dry Skin On Legs & Feet Naturally

Skin care is very important thing to make your body more beautiful, leg skin also contributes to your beauty. In this comprehensive writing, you will find out several natural remedies for dry skin on legs and feet as the following:

Keep reading this writing to seek for useful information for eliminating your dry skin on legs.

1. Bath With Warm Water

bath with warm water

You do not need to have bath every day for cleaner skin, but you should try having shower every other day. Also, do not shower in a long time, just 10 minutes is enough. In addition, shower with warm water is one of the most effective to heal dry skin on legs and get lighter skin .Hot water will cleanse too much your skin and it will make your skin drier. So be sure that you are using warm water for bath.

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2. Drink Water

dry skin on legs

Supplying more water is not only good for your skin, but it is also beneficial for your nail, hair, and health. Your skin needs enough water to urinate and remove toxins from skin and body. As the result, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to protect your skin and health.

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3. Avoid Harsh Soaps

avoid harsh soaps

Harsh soaps will not heal your problem but it can cause your issue worse. Soaps are often used to heal oily skin and balance pH level on your skin. You can bath with soaps but make sure that you choose the soft soaps, which can moisturize your skin.

4. Protect Skin From Winter

dry skin on legs

When it gets cold, your skin tends to be dryer than normal. When it is dry, your skin need more moisturization and it may get worse if you do not know how to take care of legs on these harsh days. You should protect your skin by wearing long clothing whenever going out, wear stockings or pants during the winter days. This simple routine will help your skin protected and moisturized.

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5. Keep Your House Moisturized

dry skin on legs

Dry or hot weather will influence on your skin health, so you should keep your house humidified and it will keep your skin moisturized. You can place a humidifier in the bedroom to supply moisturization or you can place it into another room to help. Just be sure that you do not humidify your home too much, it will cause negative effects.

6. Avoid Sun Exposure

dry skin on legs

Sun is an enemy of your skin and it does not only cause your skin dry, but it also causes skin cancer, as well. When going out under the sun, you should wear covering cloths, use sunscreen to protect your skin, especially if you really want to heal dry skin on your legs.

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7. Milk Cream

dry skin on legs

In milk cream, you can find lactic acid and it can balance pH levels in skin. It is a great moisturizer and you can combine some milk cream, milk, and lemon juice to rub on legs and hands, leave it for minutes and take a shower. In addition, you can use mix some milk cream with gram flour to get a thick paste, then apply the mixture on legs and hands for 10-15 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water.

8. Milk

dry skin on legs

Milk can help you eliminate itchiness, dryness, as well as inflammation on your skin. Additionally, milk contains lactic acid that can exfoliate dead skin cells and moisturize your skin. You can soak cotton ball in cold milk, apply on the legs for several minutes, and then you wash off with lukewarm water. Also, you can use mix some rose water, lemon juice, and milk to rub your legs or other parts for 10 minutes, wash with cold water.

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9. Honey

dry skin on legs

Honey is one of the best ingredients for your skin health. It will soften and smoothen your skin, particularly when you combine it with other ingredients. You can use honey to rub on your legs for 10 minutes, and then wash off with water. Moreover, you can mix olive oil, beeswax, and honey together. You should melt beeswax, then add olive oil and honey, apply it to the body and legs for 10 minutes.

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10. Yogurt

dry skin on legs

Yogurt is very high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it will soothe your itchiness and dryness on your skin. You can rub yogurt on legs, face, and hands, massage and leave it for 10-15 minutes before taking a shower. Also, you can combine mashed papaya and a half of cup of yogurt, stir with some lemon juice and honey, and apply it on your skin for 10 minutes before washing with cold water.

11. Coconut Oil

dry skin on legs

In order to treat dry skin on legs, face, or over your body, you should try to use coconut oil, which is full of fatty acids. Simply, you apply coconut oil into your affected areas before sleeping, and then wash off skin in the next morning. You can apply this method every day to get the best effect. Besides, you can apply coconut oil into your skin after taking bath.

12. Avocado

dry skin on legs

Avocado is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids that can improve your skin competition. You can blend avocado, rub it into the skin for 10-15 minutes before rising off with cold water. Or you can mix honey with avocado and rub it into the dry skin for 15 minutes, rinse off with water.

13. Oatmeal

dry skin on legs

To reduce dry skin on legs, you might use oatmeal to moisturize skin because it is good in protein and can help you fight inflammation. Now you can pour some oatmeal, warm water, lavender oil and bath for 15 minutes. You can enjoy this bath once per week to relax. Another method to reduce and relieve dry skin is to mix banana ripe, oatmeal, and some warm milk, apply it into the skin for 15 minutes, rinse off with water.

14. Almond Oil

dry skin on legs

Almond oil is great in vitamin E, antioxidant and it is valuable for skin health. You can warm almond oil, massage it into your body and then take a shower. You also can drink warm milk mixed with some almond oil before sleeping.

15. Aloe Vera

dry skin on legs

To bathe your dry skin, you should take advantage aloe vera, which is a simple ingredient to moisturize your skin. Firstly, you can cut aloe vera leaf, squeeze gel and apply it into your dry skin for 10-15 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. You can do this remedy twice per day.

16. Exfoliate Legs And Shave Your Leg Hairs

how to get smooth skin

Exfoliation will help you remove dead skin cells from the legs and will align your leg hairs effectively. This is one of the most important steps that you should do every week. In addition, exfoliating also limit the hair growth and your skin will be smooth. You can use natural ingredients to have your own scrub and shave your leg hairs. Beside your own scrub, you may use shampoo, shower gel, body wash, conditioner, soap, or some shaving cream. Shaving with the shaving cream is the best method to clear your leg hairs because it will help your skin moisturized very well. Learning how to treat dry skin on legs naturally, you should not ignore aloe ingredient to support your shaving. Be sure that you use a fresh razor for shaving your legs. To be safe for your legs, you should shave with the grain because its effectiveness takes longer. After each stroke, you should rinse the razor with the water. You may add more shaving cream if necessary to avoid remove tricky spots on your legs. Moreover, salt is also a perfect ingredient to use for removing dead skin cells.

To have soft and smooth leg skin, you should try to use the homemade scrub including:

The sugar: ¼ cup

Natural oil (coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, etc): ½ cup

Lemon juice: 3 tablespoons

Mix all of them and soak your legs for 5 minutes. All the dead skin cells or the dirt on the skin will be removed and cleared. Your leg skin will be smoother and brighter and the natural oil will keep your skin moisturized longer. Hence, shave your legs and be sure to do it every week to get the best results. By using this remedy, you will enhance the beauty of your legs without risks of drugs or surgery.

17. Moisturize Your Leg Skin

how to get smooth skin

One of the efficient tips to get rid of dry skin on legs is to use cool water, which will block the pores but do not rub them too heavily. Be sure to let your leg dry naturally. Additionally, you should moisturize your legs with a thick layer of lotion like body butter. It is highly effective if you have dry skin. Take care about your knees and ankles to improve flexibility. Remember that moisturizing your legs after shaving your legs. It is a mistake if you use lotion beforehand to make your legs smooth. This way will hamper leg pores. Learning how to get smooth skin on legs, you should remember this technique. Moisturize your legs after getting out of the bath with some fragrant lotion to improve leg softness.

18. Try Waxing

how to get smooth skin

Getting a wax is one of the best ideas to heal dry skin on legs. It will hurt you more than shave but the results are better and last longer. If you want to have smooth legs for weeks, you should apply this method with a bullet now as many women have tried this and they feel less pain. You can make waxing cream with a bit sugar for safe. Waxing will cancel the root of the hairs on your legs so it is more effective than shaving. Be careful and follow the proper and detailed directions of waxing.

19. Avoid Hot Water

how to get smooth skin

If cool water is good for your leg skin, hot water is an enemy of your legs. Pay attention to the temperature of water when showering is a great lesson to get rid of dry skin on legs. Hot water will improve the dryness on leg skin and reduce miniaturization level on your legs. As the result, you need to keep your legs moisturized by avoiding hot water. Lukewarm water is the best medium for your leg skin health.

20. Use Olive Oil

how to get smooth skin

Olive oil is the best choice if you want to improve your skin, not only on your face, hair, nail, but also including leg skin. Using olive oil to moisturize your legs is one of the best secrets how to get smooth skin that many women are trying to use. Olive oil is very beneficial for your health and it is highly appreciated in beautifying your body. After shaving your legs, massage your legs with olive oil before sleeping. Do you want to get surprised with silky legs in the mornings? Try to take advantage of this helpful ingredient in your kitchen now.

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21. Try Soaking

how to get smooth skin

To have smooth legs, you may try to soak in warm water, not hot water. Leave them into the water for 15-20 minutes to get a better leg skin. Another way to improve your leg beauty is to go to the beach with warm weather and warm water. This is very effective if you hate shaving or waxing. Is that really simple? Try to do this before having a shower every day, or go to the beach if you live near there.

22. Do Not Hurry

how to get smooth skin

It is a valuable suggestion for anyone who is always in hurry to shave your legs. Hasty shaving will lead to skin snag and tiny chunk elimination in your ankles and knees. Make sure that the razor is sharp enough to shave your legs. Rushing when you shave leg hairs will cause pain or injury. As the consequence, before shaving or waxing, make sure you prepare enough tools to do the task. If you are in a hurry for other works, leave it and do it later.

23. Use Loofah

how to get smooth skin

Well, loofah or luffa is one of the healthiest fruits but it also contains an unexpected advantage. You can use loofah for exfoliation is a cheap and easy way to get smooth skin on legs. By exfoliation at least one per week, your leg skin will get less spots, softer, and healthier. Probably, after reading this article, you will not throw away loofah if you want to get smooth skin on legs without drugs or surgery. Using luxurious scrub is also a good choice for your leg skin. However, you totally can use loofah as a way to save money and time.

24. Use Vitamin-Rich Scrub

how to get smooth skin

Actually, using vitamin-rich scrub to get a natural lotion or cream to shave or exfoliate your legs is a perfect way of learning to have smooth skin because scrub with vitamin will supply antioxidants for your skin and improve your skin cells more effectively. If you always ignore leg skin when finding the ways to beautify your face, this is the time you have to change your minds; your leg skin also needs to add more healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to avoid dryness, dark spots, and other problems on skin cells.

25. Do Regular Exercise

how to get smooth skin

Maybe, exercise cannot be neglected in the progress of improving your skin on legs. To maintain and advance your leg skin, you must follow regular exercise weekly. There are a lot of daily exercises that you can make your legs more beautiful such as climbing, bike riding, jogging, walking, running, leg lifting, swimming, and etc. Here are some typical exercises for your legs:

Jump Squat: to enhance leg muscles, jump squat is a perfect workout for you. Now stand your feet, keep your shoulder wide apart, bend your arms and legs about 90 degrees. When the thighs and floor are parallel, try to jump high into the air as much as you can. Land gently and repeat for 10 reps.

Burpee: this is a typical exercise in gym. Begin this exercise, you should stand up, bend your hands, put your legs backward, and put the legs toward the chest quickly. Stand again and repeat it for 10 reps.

Lunges: This exercise will help your buttocks and thighs toned and stronger. You can change the legs when lunging. To challenge your strength, you may add a dumbbell or weight in each hand and do this exercise for 10 reps. Lunge is an easy and convenient to do at home in any free time you have.

Be sure that you do cardiovascular exercise to enhance calves such as hill running, cycling, stair climbing, skipping. If you want to get fat loss, do the exercise for 60-90 minutes. Also, you may consider dancing as a perfect solution to get smooth skin on legs.

Weight training: you can consult some coaches about the proper weight and reps to add more muscles without bulk. If you have time, following some weight training workouts is also a good idea to get lean muscles on legs and boost your leg spine stronger. While many men follow this as their regular exercise to improve strength, you, a woman, totally can do this for leg strength.

To get more tips and tricks about skin care and skin treatments for skin problems, you can go to your main Skin Care page. After reading the writing of top 25 tips to get rid of dry skin on legs and feet naturally, I hope that you already learned the most useful secrets to make your legs silky and beautifully. All tips and tricks presented in this writing are very natural and safe for your legs and feet. Try following them and feel how different your skin changes. If you have any question or you know other tips to get rid of dry skin on legs and feet, give them below!

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