8 mineral oil uses for hair, skin, beauty & health

Mineral oil is an odorless and colorless oil that has many useful properties. Not only can this oil be used as an emollient and lubricant, it is inexpensive and has a long shelf life. The oil is used as one common ingredient in cosmetics as well as other skin care products, while pharmaceutical-grade and food-grade mineral oils are used as the ingredients in certain laxatives and foods. In this article, VKool.com will show you 6 mineral oil uses for hair, skin, beauty & health. The writing collected a list mineral oil uses from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advices and it is solely for the informational purpose. Keep reading this writing to learn these 8 mineral oil uses in more detail!

8 Benefits Of Mineral Oil For Hair, Skin, Beauty & Health Are Revealed

1. Cosmetics

mineral oil uses-cosmetics

One of the best mineral oil uses is for cosmetics. Mineral oil is mostly found within a number of ointments, cold lotions and baby skin goods for a lot of cosmetic endeavors. It is renowned as baby oil that is utilized by a plenty of mothers around the world in order to take care of the problem of diaper rashes. The other good usage of mineral oil can be for getting rid of momentary tattoos that have passed the primary thrill; the liquid is good for painlessly removing the layer of product which after comprised, is one removable tattoo. In addition, women will also work with this oil as treatment to their eyelashes in order to help maintain the very long strands from busting and cracking.

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2. Constipation

mineral oil uses-constipation

Mineral oil is a less time tested tool and expensive in relieving constipation problem than over the counter laxatives.

One of the effective mineral oil uses is for constipation. Constipation can damage the walls of your colon and may cause a lot of discomfort and pain as well. In such cases, you may use mineral oil as one laxative. Using mineral oil will assist in your smooth passage of the stools through the colon as this oil creates a film around the stools, removing the movement without creating friction. Also, mineral oil will make the stool looser because it helps in maintaining the moisture by making the film. An herbalist has to be consulted for its right dosage. This oil must not be used if you have trouble of acid reflux as well as have problems in swallowing since this can cause mineral oil to enter your lungs and result in pneumonia.

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3. Medicine

mineral oil uses-medicine

Generally, mineral oil is found in some products used for external and internal therapeutic solutions worldwide. It is usually described as the orally ingested lubricating laxative that alleviates the discomfort and pain of people suffering from the painful bowel movements thanks to hemorrhoids or constipation; in the case it is regularly ingested before sleeping for many people. It will then coat your bowels with one hydrophobic layer that maintains the bowels slick and moist making your bowel movements smoother overall. Generally, one had better be advised to take the oil in moderation for the application, had better you choose to use it, since it will occasionally prevent the absorption of many certain essential minerals and vitamins and may lead to malnourishment if used to the extreme. While externally mineral oil is usually applied topically onto the rashes as many mothers do to the problem of diaper rashes on their children’s posteriors.

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4. Arthritis

Arthritic pain can tamper and can be very debilitating with your daily activities. Especially, mineral oil may be used to reduce all pain in such cases. But, mineral oil alone cannot be effective and good in such cases. Simply, you have to mix this cure along with heat therapy for it. First of all, you apply mineral oil on your affected joint and then massage gently for around 10-15 minutes. After that, you can cover this area with a glove or a rubber sheet and dip this area in some hot water for around 10-15 minutes. This will decrease the stiffness and also reduce the pain. You can also use mineral oil in hot water (a tub) and then soak your body in this for about 15-20 minutes for the similar benefit. Alternatively, mineral oil massage on the body before bath can also help relieve arthritic pain as well as stiffness.

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5. Earaches

mineral oil uses-earaches

One of the mineral oil uses is for earaches. Ear wax and earaches can also be gotten rid of with mineral oil. Typically, it is mostly the buildup of wax in your ear that causes much pressure inside your ear and result in pain. First get rid of the ear wax by putting mineral oil (a few drops) into the ear entire night and leaving it to melt your ear wax. You can rinse your ear with warm water in the morning. Warm mineral oil and then apply into your ear for soothing the problem of ear aches.

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6. Skin Dryness

mineral oil uses-skin dryness

One of the effective mineral oil is for skin. When your skin begins drying, which is especially serious in the hot summer and winter months, your skin will develop cracks and it can cause much pain as well. Certainly, mineral oil can be applied in such cases for moisturizing your skin and also for getting rid of the pain and irritation linked to it. For the most beneficial results, you just need to wash the dry area and then pat dry before you apply mineral oil. Simply, massage mineral oil thoroughly into your skin so that your skin absorbs the moisture as well as the dryness will be disappeared.

7. Treatment Of Scalp Condition

One of the best mineral oil uses is for hair. Especially, by the use of the oil, different scalp conditions such as dandruff and scalp psoriasis are treated. Mineral oil removes these health conditions. For best results, you just need to apply the oil on the top of the head, and then cover your head using a plastic sheet. After some time, the condition will be cured. Inflammation and dryness on your head are also cured by this condition. In order to apply mineral oil on your hair, firstly, you buy mineral oil (a bottle) from the market. Take this bottle and then open the lid. Afterwards, slowly squeeze this oil on the hair, just like shampoo. Later, mix it properly and then add one plastic sheet on your hair. Keep it entire night and rinse your hair off in the morning.

8. Mineral Oil Make Up

mineral oil uses-mineral oil make up

A lot of people have observed that this oil make up gives better effects than traditional make up. The following are several tips to apply the oil makeup.

  • Moisturize– It is a good way to add moisture to the face, before applying this mineral powder. The cause behind this is that the mineral powder will not have much effect on your dry skin. On the face, you add a lotion. Then wait for around 10 minutes before using mineral oil makeup.
  • Put this oil on your cap of jar– Firstly, putting a limited amount of the oil on your cap of jar is very important as this can help you in not applying too much oil. You can always add more later on if you feel that the mineral oil is not enough.
  • Apply eye liner– Generally, applying an eye liner is really necessary in the sense that it will give definition to your eyes. The other reason of applying eye liner is to remove any oil which has settled on the eyes.
  • Applying enhancer to some other areas– As you are doing the makeup, you can use the enhancer to several darkened areas of your body, such as under the eyes. This mineral oil makeup will make the dark spots to remove.
  • Remove extra powder from brush– The following thing which you need to do is get off extra oil from this brush. You need to buy a great quality brush. Certainly, a low quality brush will not give you the satisfied effect.
  • Apply this brush on your skin– Now you just need to apply this brush on the skin in the circular motions. The step will give more definition to the skin. It will also help this oil stick to your surface of the skin. If you spend more time in brushing the skin this oil will adhere.
  • Apply setting powder– Now it is time to apply this setting powder. There are various setting powders of mineral oil in the market. A few people skip this step. That is why their makeup does not shine. As the setting is applied, this makeup looks more natural as well as sticks for one longer time.

Additional tips:

  1. You can take off oil-based eye makeup with this oil. If you wear the contact lenses, you remove them before applying the mineral oil. Apply oil (a few drops) to a clean cotton ball, and later gently wipe off makeup. You don’t rub makeup off your eyelids. Rinse your face afterward using plain water in order to remove any oil remaining on your skin, as mineral oil may clog the pores.
  2. Use on wood countertops as one preservative. Mineral oil will penetrate wood grain. Firstly, you use a clean paintbrush in order to apply the oil, evenly coating the countertop. Apply second & third coats as necessary to soak this wood in oil. Leave the countertop to dry entire night and later wipe off excess oil using a clean cloth. Mineral oil contains fewer dries and odors faster than polyurethane or varnish finishes.
  3. Mix up the own furniture polish. First of all, combine mineral oil (2 cups) and the juice from a lemon. Then use a soft cloth in order to buff wood to one warm luster and shine. Mineral oil moisturizes the wood.
  4. Get rid of adhesive left behind from the price tags. Firstly, pour some mineral oil on one clean cloth. Then saturate the sticky residue. Allow the oil stay for a couple of minutes and after that rub off the residue. Rinse the area with soapy, warm water in order to remove the oil.
  5. Season butcher-block cutting the surfaces. Mineral oil prevents the wood from absorbing the food odors. For best results, slightly warm the oil before applying to the wood. Don’t heat oil on the stove but set in a container in one pan of hot water. Then wipe on this oil in the direction of this wood grain. Leave the wood time to absorb this oil before you wipe off any excess. Or simply, you can use mineral oil in order to darken soapstone countertops.
  6. Polish stainless-steel sinks, appliances and countertops. Pour mineral oil (a few drops) onto a clean, soft cloth. Then wipe the area till you get one deep, smudge-free shine.
  7. Condition dry leather shoes. You should check first by rubbing a little oil on an area that doesn’t show. If this oil doesn’t affect the color of your shoe, you can pour a small amount onto one clean cloth. Evenly wipe your shoes covering the leather with the oil. Let shoes stay for about 30 minutes to allow this oil time to dip into the leather. Then buff to a shine with a clean, soft cloth. After that, use light pressure and circular, small motions. The oil also acts to help waterproof leather purses and shoes.
  8. Keep skin soft. For best results, you take mineral oil and then wet one clean cotton ball with some baby oil and now apply.

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