15 Homemade, Natural Hair Masks For Fine Hair

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Are you trying to improve your hair quality? Do you have trouble with your hair after straightening or curling it? Have you ever opened your refrigerator and realize that there are many kinds of fruits you can use to make you more beautiful such as oranges, avocados, bananas, and grapes, etc…. Sometimes, a few ingredients in your kitchen can make your hair look amazing. You can totally make your hair look better by using just a few ingredients from your refrigerator. Mix those ingredients and put the mixture on your hair, you will see the difference after 20 minutes. Keeping reading this article and you will find out 15 homemade natural hair masks for fine hair and your hair will become as beautiful as you wish after just some weeks.

Homemade Natural Hair Masks For Fine Hair – Top 15 Hair Masks Revealed!

1. Avocado And Mayo Maski

You may know that ripe avocados are great moisturizing masks for your face – but did you know that you can use them for nourishing your strands as well? It is completely true that Mayo and Avocado are really good for your hair. Many people have tried using the mixture of avocado and mayo to apply to their hair and realized that it could help improve the hair quality successfully. Here’s what you need to do to create this natural hair mask and see the benefits from it:

Firstly, take a jar of fat mayonnaise and a half of a mashed up avocado. Secondly, mix them well and apply to your hair. You should pay very special attention to the hair roots and wait for at least twenty minutes to start rinsing your hair in cold water. You’ll see the difference after you dry your hair.

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2. Cognac And Egg Mask

Using cognac and egg for your hair sounds incredibly weird, but it has been proven that it really works for hair. Egg yolks contain a log of fats and proteins that can naturally revive your hair. Thousands of women have tried using the mixture of cognac and egg for their hair and concluded that it worked well for them.
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You will trust me when you see how this natural hair mask can help improve your hair. Now, what you need to do is:

Take one egg yolk and 3-5 teaspoons of cognac and mix them together until you can see a mixture, then apply that mixture to your hair liberally. Leave it on your hair for at least 20 minutes so that it can deeply absorb into your hair. After that you should rinse your hair in lukewarm water. Finally, shampoo and style your hair as you normally do to see how different your hair is.

3. Rum And Black Tea Mask

natural hair mask reviewI know that it sounds like a weird combination but it has been proven that this combination works well for your hair. You can create the mixture of rum and black tea as below:

Take a bit of rum from the rum bottle (one teaspoon) and a little bit of tea from your tea cup (one teaspoon) then mix them up. Apply this mixture directly to your hair roots and then do anything you want. Leave this on for about fifty minutes before rinsing and washing and you will see how your hair has been improved.

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4. Strawberry Mask

As you know, strawberries are not just for eating! People are using this kind of fruit to beautify their skin, bodies and hair effectively. I will show you how to beautify your hair with this kind of fruit right now. Here is what you should do to create a natural hair mask from strawberry – a beautiful, delicious, and useful fruit:

Take a cup of ripe strawberries (the ones which are just too mushy to eat are the best), two tablespoons of olive oil, and one egg yolk. Mix them up until the strawberries look like juice.
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Apply the mixture into your hair and wait for at least 20 minutes and before you start to rinse and wash your hair with shampoo!

5. Banana And Almond Mask

Banana is cheap but very good for women. It contains a lot of collagen that helps women look younger and more attractive. Banana is extremely good for hair. It is much better when it is combined with almond. Many girls and women are using the mixture of almond and banana to create a natural hair mask to strengthen their hair these days. This mask is good for people whose thinner hair as bananas contain potassium, which can strengthen and fix damaged hair perfectly. Here’s what you should do to make your hair look better.

Mash up one banana first, and then add three or four drops of almond oil to the gooey concoction. Mix them well and put the mixture into your hair. Let it on there for about 25 minutes before you rinse and wash your hair.
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You see the result after the wash. 

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6. Coconut Cream Mask

Coconut oil not only smells good, but is also the best moisturizer for the thirsty strands. People can use coconut oil to keep moisture for their skin and hair. Women can use this oil to as a natural hair mask to beautify their hair or recover their damaged hair. This kind of hair mask is sweet, sticky, and time-consuming but it is also worth every minute.

Take some coconut cream and warm it up with your hands. When it’s pliable and soft massage it into your hair. Carefully and slowly wrap your hair up in a warm towel and then let the mask on your hair for about one hour. Wash out with shampoo and let your hair dry normally.

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7. Milk And Honey Mask

Honey is good for everyone in many ways. People can use honey to cure some kinds of disease such as cough or digestive problems. Milk provides us with energy and nutrition. The mixture of milk and honey is good for women as it can help increase their beauties. They can use it to make their skin brighter and softer. They can also use it to make their hair look amazing. Creating a natural hair mask from milk and honey is pretty simple.

All you need to do is to mix up a teaspoon of honey into a glass of pure milk, and then put that new mixture into every part of your hair. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then rinse your hair with warm water and shampoo. You will see the amazing results after you dry your hair.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar And Lemon

Lemon alone is already good for hair. Many people use lemon as soft shampoo when they wash their hair. I also sometimes use pure lemon juice to soften my hair and see that it is very effective. The mixture of lemon and vinegar is even much better for your hair. Here is what you need to do to create the vinegar and lemon mixture:

 Combine one-four cup of apple cider vinegar and the grated peel of a lemon and permit it to set for around 15 minutes to absorb the extra oil from your scalp, after that rinse in the shower.

Apple cider vinegar will strengthen the hair shaft, leaving you with shiny and soft hair. It is a great way to boost hair growth naturally. It can also balance your hair’s pH level or kill bacteria. It is also an amazing cure for dandruff.

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9. Banana, Honey And Almond

Banana contains a lot of collagens, an important element in beautification. The mixture of banana, almond and honey is wonderful for women, especially for their hair and skin. In order to create a natural hair mask from banana, honey and almond you should do as below:

Mash 1/2 of a ripe banana with two tablespoons of honey and some drops of almond oil. Apply it to your hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing. You will be surprised by the result after drying your hair. Bananas can effectively increase the moisture for your hair and soothe your itchy scalp.

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10. Beer And Egg Yolk

Beer and egg yolk are nutrient-rich ingredients nutrients that can benefit your hair to be smoother and healthier. Actually, only beer can work well for your fine hair, but you can add egg yolk for extra results. All things you need to prepare to make this hair mask are 50mls of beer and 1 egg yolk. Mix these ingredients together and apply the mixture on damp hair. Leave it for about 30 minutes, then rinse off with water.

11. Castor Oil And Coconut Oil castor oil and coconut oil

Next to natural hair masks for fine hair, you can combine pure castor oil and coconut oil to make your own hair conditioner. This recipe is best suited for frizzy and dry hair as it contains moisturizing components. Castor oil benefits you to have a thick hair and prevent split hair end while coconut oil offers you glossy and soft hair. To make this hair mask, take 5 tbsps of castor oil and 5 tbsps of coconut oil in an equal proportion. Then, gently apply the mixture from the root to the tip of hair. Next, cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it for 30 minutes to an hour. Finally, rinse the hair off with your shampoo.

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12. Oatmeal

You can prepare milk with castor oil, oatmeal, 3 tbsps for each ingredient. In addition, you can add several drops of vitamin A and mix all the ingredients well to have one of the greatest homemade natural hair masks. Apply this hair mask on your hair and massage your scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes and watch the hair turn from flat and dull to bouncy instantly.

13. Mayonnaise Mayonnaise

Next to the best homemade natural hair masks is mayonnaise. It contains vinegar, natural oils and egg yolk which can help restore your damaged frizzy hair for its balanced pH, soften your brittle frizzy hair, lock moisture into scalp and hair skin cells as well as hydrate your hair.

To make this hair mask recipe, prepare a cup of mayonnaise and 2 tbsps of honey. Use a blender to mix these ingredients well. Then, apply it onto your scalp. Wait for 30 minutes and wash your scalp and hair off with your shampoo.

14. Chocolate       Chocolate                                           

Chocolate is stock up on essential oils and it can make your hair healthier from the inside. To start, prepare 2 tbsps of cocoa, warm milk for dissolve the cocoa, 1 tbsp of jojoba oil, 1 tbsp of coconut oil and 1 tbsp of avocado oil. Mix all the ingredients well, them you can add several drops of lavender oil, lemon juice, cedar wood oils and geranium. Mix them well again and apply this mixture on your scalp and hair. Wrap your hair with a shower cap for an hour. Next, wash your hair with water and achieve shining hair.

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15. Potato And Aloe Vera potato and aloe vera

Have you tried to combine potato and aloe vera as a hair mask? If these ingredients are available in your place, make your own natural hair masks with them. To start, peel off 1 medium-sized potato, and press it out for juice. Next, add 2 tbsps of aloe Vera gel, 1A of vitamin E and vitamin A, plus 1 tbsp of organic honey. Mix them well and apply the mixture on your hair and scalp. Massage your head and rinse your hair off with water after 2 hours later.

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After reading my writing about homemade natural hair masks for fine hair, you must have a good understanding about those types of masks now. It is time for you to decide what kind of natural hair mask you should choose to improve your hair quality. It is very cheap and easy to do. It is also completely safe for your hair. You can totally create the masks at home and at your convenience. You do not need to go to a spa and spend much money on it. All you need to do is choose some ingredients from your fridge and mix them up and then apply the mixture to your hair, wait for twenty to fifty minutes before rinsing your hair. That is a great way to take care of your hair. You may do this once or twice a week. You do not need to do this every day. If you are unconfident about your hair, do not hesitate to start using those homemade natural hair masks for fine hair to improve or recover your hair quickly. Try them today to see how effective they are. Are you ready to try it now?

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