Top 10 Benefits & Uses Of Grapeseed Oil For Hair Care Revealed

grapeseed oil for hair

Essential oils are always a trustful option that comes firstly in the mind of people seeking for health remedies. There is no need to say more about those famous oils such as olive oil, lavender oil or clove oil and their effects on our skin, hair and other health-related issues. Although these powerful essential oils are away from the sources of controversy due to the side effects they may provide, these oils are never absent from the list of home remedies for health. One of these potent remedies that also impress people with the outstanding power is grapeseed oil. Extracted from the seeds of grape, this oil is used to make hair mask, skin mask and so on. In this article, will show you why people use grapeseed oil for hair and top 10 benefits & uses of grapeseed oil for hair care. If you are looking for useful oils for your hair, you should not skip this article.

Top 10 Benefits & Uses Of Grapeseed Oil for Hair Care

I. What is Grapeseed Oil?

It is not hard to know that grape seed oil is extracted from the tiny seeds of grapes.  Normally, in the winemaking process, all the grape seeds are removed and put on one side. These seeds afterward will be pressed to produce the extracted oil, which can explain why grapeseed oil is also considered as one of byproducts of winemaking.  Produced for at least 6,000 years ago, grape oil has still been used by the Europeans for eye or skin – related diseases [1]. However, not until the 20th century did this essential oil receive the attention of scientists for its power.

The common uses of grape seed oil are uncountable. Containing high content of antioxidants as well as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, grape seed oil is believed to provide a healing effect for the swelling and inflammation [2]. This essential oil also works well for high blood pressure, diabetes, oral problems or even chronic venous insufficiency. In spite of its benefits on health, grape seed oil is still not totally safe. Healthcare professionals suggest that the maximum time for using grapeseed oil is no more than 12 weeks. The long use can lead to some side effects such as nausea, headache, elevated blood pressure, and dizziness. For anyone taking anticoagulant, blood pressure or cholesterol drugs, the doctor consultation is required to make sure that this oil will not interact negatively with the medications and harm your health.

When it comes to beauty care, grape seed oil is also preferred ingredient. Many people choose grapeseed oil for hair and skin mask to make at home due to its amazing effect. In comparison to other essential oils, grapeseed oil has the lighter color and flavor, making it a perfect solution for anyone who hates the normal strong smell of hair solution. It is also not hard to store the grapeseed oil. You just need to keep it in a cool and dark place. You should also store the oil in a colored bottle to protect the oil from sunlight.

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II. Why Choose Grape Seed Oil For Hair

grapeseed oil for hair - why choose grape seed oil for hair

Even when knowing about grapeseed oil and its benefits, many people are still asking why they should use grapeseed oil among many other well-known essential oil. Here will be some reasons that may convince you to use grapeseed oil for hair at home:

1.  Inexpensive

In comparison to other popular hair oils, grapeseed oil for hair is quite cheaper. Its price is about 30- 40 % lower than extra virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive, depending on where you buy it. The grapeseed oil is even more accessible and affordable than jojoba oil. This is one of the most common reasons that attract people to use grapeseed oil for hair.

  2. Fairly light

The second strength of grapeseed oil for hair is its consistency. Grape seed oil is much lighter than olive oil. Its texture is quite similar to jojoba oil. So, if you think olive oil is too heavy or you simply want to find a replacement for jojoba oil, grape seed oil will be an ideal option for you to try at home.

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3. Odorless

Many people choose grapeseed oil for hair due to this characteristic of this essential oil. The odorless will make it easier for users to use grapeseed oil alone without any extra fragrance.

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III. Benefits Of Grape Seed Oil For Hair 

Grapeseed oil has many uses that have been proved and practiced every day, including using for hair. Normally, most of the people just use grapeseed oil to take care of the hair without knowing exactly what the benefits of grape seed oil for hair are. Thus, let find out these amazing advantages that grape seed oil offers.

1. Reducing Hair Loss

Reducing hair loss is the very first benefit of grapeseed oil for hair that people should pay attention to. Containing antioxidants that are able to block the DHT production, one type of hormone that leads to the loss of hair, grape seed oil is believed to reduce the hair loss condition. A study by Tsukuba Research Laboratories in 1998 has proven that the proanthocyanidins contained in grape seeds could promote the proliferation of mice’s hair follicle cells. According to the study, this compound was also able to quicken the transfer of the inactive phase to the growth during the hair growth cycle [3].

When using grapeseed oil for hair, this essential oil can inhibit the cortisol, a hormone produced when we are stressed. A mixture of 2 – 3 tsps of the grapeseed oil together with 2 drops of jojoba oil can be rubbed into your scalp to limit the hair loss.

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2. Growing Hair Faster 

As mentioned before, grape seed oil, like other essential oils such as palm oil, nut oils, and Moroccan argan oil contains various natural conditioning agents and nutrients [4]. These properties, including minerals, proteins, Vitamin E and linoleic can enhance your hair growth and also nourish your scalp and hair.

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