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We’ve been hearing about this weight loss pill for a while, and decided to give it a review. Why? So that people can know what they’re getting themselves into before they talk to their doctors about it. The pharmaceutical industry will try and convince you that their products are the right ones for you, but what you may not know is that many of these drugs can come with serious side effects and other issues which should make you think twice about trying them.

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Xenical Overview

Xenical is a prescription diet pill meant to help people lose weight, and avoid putting it back on once they’ve lost it. Bottles tend to come with 90 pills, and each pill contains 120mg of the active ingredient, orlistat. There are lots of contraindications for this product, which is partly why people need a doctor’s prescription in order to buy and use it. Xenical isn’t meant to be used alone for weight loss – it’s supposed to be used alongside proper diet and exercise.

Xenical is marketed by a Swiss pharmaceutical company called Hoffman LaRoche (or just Roche), one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. While they’re one of the biggest, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re clean. In 1999, the company pleaded guilty to conspiring with other companies in fixing the prices of vitamins worldwide – which is a criminal act. They had to fork over $500 million in the USA. They did the same thing in 1973 as well. While they’re not the only pharmaceutical company to engage in such behavior, that doesn’t mean we should discount it.

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Xenical Claims

Xenical is meant to help people lose weight, in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. It’s also supposed to prevent people from regaining weight that they’ve already lost, something which often happens in people who return to their old eating and lifestyle habits after doing a diet or exercise program for a length of time. Xenical is meant to work for people who are clinically obese, people who are above a BMI of 30 (or 27 when they have diabetes or other issues).

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Xenical Ingredients

Xenical contains only one active ingredient:

  • Orlistat

Orlistat (or tetrahydrolipstatin) is derived from lipstatin, which is an enzyme inhibitor that prevents the actions of pancreatic lipase. What’s that mean? That means it prevents the body from breaking down fats from food sources. It’s available in certain over-the-counter products, but in certain concentrations (like Xenical) it’s considered prescription-strength and requires a doctor’s prescription to buy it. It shouldn’t be used by people who have an existing digestive disorder.

This drug comes with numerous side effects, mainly having to do with the digestive and gastrointestinal tracts. This can be avoided, apparently with having a low-fat diet while on the pill.

Another downside is that it can prevent some nutrients from being absorbed by the body, so you need to take a multivitamin while using it to counter this effect.

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The Science Behind Xenical

Xenical works by preventing the body from breaking down fats from food sources. The result? Your body doesn’t take in the calories from those fats, and instead your body passes them out with in excretion. It doesn’t cause your body to “burn” fat, but instead helps you to lose weight by causing you to take in fewer calories while eating a similar diet, although users are instructed to have a healthy diet while taking the pill. Since it prevents extra calories from fat, it also prevents people from putting on extra weight, even if they don’t end up burning any off.

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Word on the Street About Xenical

Xenical has been around for a little while, and there are users who have had positive experiences using it. “It works like a miracle” one user said, while others said they “didn’t have any side effects” and “seems to be helping me lose weight.

However, even those who were happy with it mentioned that “I have oily stools” and “this product gives me headaches.” Other people were less happy with it, saying that it “hasn’t helped me lose a pound” and “I’m in pain after taking it – and the pain won’t go away.” “It’s expensive” people mentioned, and “it cost me $200.”

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Is Xenical Worth Trying?

This product definitely isn’t for everyone, and it isn’t our first choice. Even though its main ingredient has been shown to prevent the body’s breakdown and digestion of fats (which objectively leads to fewer calories being absorbed), it doesn’t do anything else for you. You could really get the same benefits from simply eating fewer calories, something which costs nothing, and which won’t give you side effects like gastrointestinal distress. That and you need a prescription for it, and it’s expensive.

In the end, if a drug offers you the exact same benefit as a minor lifestyle adjustment, then what good is that drug after all?

You’re better off getting yourself on a healthier diet and exercise regiment rather than take this unnecessary and expensive drug. The results would be exactly the same.

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Xenical vs Alli

These products are nearly identical. Both are drugs that contain orlistat, an enzyme inhibitor that prevents the body from breaking down fats during digestion, resulting in fewer calories being consumed. The main difference is that Xenical has a higher strength, making it require a prescription to get, while Alli doesn’t require a prescription. As a result their costs are also much different: Xenical can cost up to $200 (or more) while Alli can cost as low as $60-$80. The same side effects apply to both, and they possibly both have the same contraindications and interactions as each other.

Xenical vs Phentermine

These products are very different. Xenical is a drug that’s supposed to prevent the body’s digestion of fat, while Phentermine is an amphetamine that’s used to suppress the appetite. The end result of both products, however, is very much the same: fewer calories being ingested, which (if it leads to a deficit) leads to weight loss. They have different types of side effects, however: Xenical comes with side effects mainly focused on the bowels, while Phentermine can cause heart problems, nausea, nervousness, or even psychotic episodes.

Xenical vs Clenbuterol

Like the above, these are very different products. While Xenical is a drug that prevents the body from taking in extra calories via fat digestion, Clenbuterol is a substance that can improve blood pressure, central nervous system stimulation, and aerobic ability, which is why it’s mainly used for sufferers of bronchitis and asthma. It has been used as a weight loss drug, however, since it works as a stimulant and has been claimed to help people lose weight. Both require a prescription in order to buy them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the right dosage for Xenical?
    For adults it’s generally around 120mg, three times a day with meals.
  2. What are the results of using Xenical?
    Users have reported weight loss due to fewer calories being absorbed from fats.
  3. What’s the price of Xenical?
    The price can be as much as $175, depending on your insurance coverage.
  4. What are the side effects of Xenical?
    The main side effects are oily stools and excessive flatulence, but mainly when users have eaten too many fats in a meal.
  5. Where can I see before and after photos from users of Xenical?
    You might be able to find some on weight loss blogs.
  6. Where can I read Xenical reviews?
    You can read customer reviews at Drugs.com.
  7. Where can I buy Xenical?
    You can buy it at any pharmacy.
  8. Is Xenical the same as orlistat?
    Yes, it’s one of the brand names of orlistat.

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So What Really Works?

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