8 Best makeup for acne prone skin and scars 2024!

best makeup for acne prone skin

Makeup is one of the basic needs of the women, but many people have trouble with makeup when having acne prone skin. The reason is because acne is one of the defects which are hard to hide, and if you use too much concealer or use in the wrong way, it can even cause clogged pores and the amounts of acne on the face will increase.

Best Makeup For Acne Prone Skin And Scars 2024 – Best Makeup Tips:

It cannot be denied that makeup is one of the effective tools to “witchcraft” the skin as many people with the rough acne skin become different after makeup with the smooth skin without any defect. How did they do to make their acne skin up and hide the acnes effectively like that?

In this full writing, I would like to introduce some of tips for best makeup for acne prone skin 2024 that will help people feel more confident and improve their look! The tips contain:

  1. Avoid Thick Makeup Layer
  2. Avoid Gloss Makeup
  3. Avoid Sponge Cotton
  4. Clean And Moisturize Skin Before Makeup
  5. Use Foundation Cream Before Powder
  6. Proper Concealer Color
  7. Use Concealer
  8. Use Proper Powder

1. Avoid Making A Thick Makeup Layer: 

best makeup for acne prone skin

This is the very first tip on the list of best makeup for acne prone skin 2024 that I want to reveal in this entire article.

Even the best coverage powder cannot turn your face to be perfect and flawless, and if you makeup with many layers of powder, people around will increasingly focus on your unnatural skin.

The solution for you is to find products with good coverage that are suitable for your acne prone skin, helping you get smooth skin and the airy feeling on the surface of your skin, preventing the appearance of acnes.

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2. Avoid Using Gloss Makeup: 

best makeup for acne prone skin

You want to avoid adding too much colorful powder on your acne prone skin – that is understandable, but you do not necessarily have to ignore makeup to make your skin radiant glowing, and ruddy. Women with acne skin still can use pink blush and brown copper powder.

The trick here is to avoid the gloss colors which are capable of causing your acne prone skin worse and attract people’s attention to acne spots. Let’s move from the light blush which is very smooth to get your facial skin ruddier without highlighting the acnes.
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3. Avoid Sponge Cotton: 

best makeup for acne prone skin

The sponge cotton pieces seem to be harmless but in fact they can be detrimental to your skin because it is a source of spreading bacteria to the skin and cause your acne condition becomes more severe. Instead, choose the makeup brushes which are designed to fight acne-causing bacteria, and ensure to clean brush in a regular basis. This is actually the best makeup for acne prone skin and scars that people should not look down and ignore.

4. Clean And Moisturize The Face Before Makeup:

best makeup for acne prone skin

First, you need to wash your face thoroughly and then apply a layer of moisturizer because the layers of powder will lead to dry skin, especially for people with inherent dry skin. Moisturizer can help to keep the makeup on longer with true color. In addition, they can protect the skin from the irritations due to makeup.

5. Use Foundation Cream Before Powder:

best makeup for acne prone skin

You will need to rub a layer of skin protective cream for acne prone skin. Next, choose a foundation cream for oily skin to reduce the shine on the skin. Apply the foundation cream before applying the concealer. The reason is because if you apply the concealer before rubbing the foundation cream, the foundation cream will incumbent and remove an amount of concealer. You will have to re-apply the concealer to hide the blemishes. This makes your face stand for a very thick layer of makeup cream and make your makeup unnatural.

6. Choose Concealer With Proper Color: 

best makeup for acne prone skin

Choosing the concealer with improper color which does not match your skin color will even reveal the defects, especially acnes. Therefore, you need to choose the absolutely appropriate concealer cream color for skin. Typically, people should choose the concealer with a little lighter color than the natural skin tone. You absolutely should not choose darker concealer cream compared to your skin to cover your acnes. This is actually one of the most effective tips on the list of best makeup for acne prone skin 2024 I am revealing.

7. Use Concealer: 

best makeup for acne prone skin

Applying thick concealer layers will even reveal more spots and acnes, and make the makeup layers false. You just need to dab a small amount of concealer and spread evenly on the acne spots. Apply a moderate amount of concealer cream to ensure you do not overuse it, making you have to delete all and reapply.

8. Use The Proper Powder: 

best makeup for acne prone skin

This is the last but very important tips on the list of best makeup for acne prone skin and scars that I want to introduce in this article.

Applying powder will help the cream liner, foundation cream, and concealer remained for longer on the face. Moreover, with a layer of powder, you can continue to hide the unpleasant blemishes once again. You should powder with cotton and lightly tap it on the face to ensure the layer of powder will be even and not too thick.
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This is the list of 8 useful tips and best makeup for acne prone skin and scars 2024 that would be very effective and useful for many readers of VKool.com and other people who are suffering from acne prone skin and would like to learn how to makeup their skin properly and beautifully.

If you see that the tips and best makeup for acne prone skin 2024  that I – author Lien Nguyen – revealed in the entire writing above are exactly what you and many people you know are looking for, and if you want to share this list widely, feel free to do that to make use together.

Remember to let me see your opinions by commenting in the form below!

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