17 Natural Ways to Deal with Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Stress is one of the most common problems nowadays due to many “burdens” from the residence, feeding, schooling, and much more. In fact, a lot of people are day by day suffering from the serious stress as their brain becomes almost overloaded. You should not use drugs, pills, or medication to reduce stress because it can harm your body. Also, stress will not be able to go forever. Now, if you have time and really want to learn 17 natural ways to deal with stress and other bad moods from me, just keep reading my article!

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I.     Dealing With Stress By Changing Lifestyle:

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There are 2 ways to deal with stress that I am going to guide you through today that will help you reduce bad moods effectively and get a brand new life for good. The first thing I am glad to show you is that if you have many negative habits, try to get rid of them, and I will show you how you can positively change your current lifestyle a little bit and learn more positive habits to nurture your brain instead of exhausting it!

1.     Positive Self-Talk

ways to deal with stress and anxietySelf-talk is an effective way to cope with stress. We sometimes talk to ourselves but we usually keep self-talk in our heads. Self-talk will be really positive or negative depending on your inside thought. Negative self-talking can increase stress and make it more serious. Positive self-talk can help you calm down and manage stress effectively. In fact, you should learn how to convert bad thoughts into positive thoughts. If you can do so, your stress will gradually go away. Remember that positive self-talk can totally help you reduce stress and cope with the situations that cause the stress, so do not hesitate to learn this brand new habit.

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2.     Emergency Stress Stoppers

There are a lot of stressful situations in nowadays life — at home, on the road, at work, and in public places. We will feel stress if we cannot communicate while there is too much work to do. Meanwhile, emergency stress stoppers will help you address the stress on the spot.

  • Count to 10 before speaking
  • Take 3 to 5 deep breaths
  • Walk away from the stressful case, and say that you will be able to handle it later
  • Drive in the slow lane or avoid busy roads
  • Go for a walk
  • Do not be afraid to say “I’m sorry” if you get wrong
  • Divide the big problems into smaller sections to address orderly
  • Set the watch from 5 to 10 minutes ahead to avoid the stress of being late
  • Smell a rose, hug a beloved, or smile at your neighbor

Besides, learning primal stress – a comprehensive solution for dealing with stress will also help you free yourself from a terrible life quickly.

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3.     Natural Ways To Deal With Stress – Daily Relaxation

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–         Relaxation is better than sitting deeply in the chair and watching your favorite TV program. To reduce stress, the relaxation process should calm the tension in your body and mind. Some great forms of relaxation are tai chi, yoga, and meditation.

–         Daily relaxation is one of the best ways to deal with stress and you will be able to take it to reduce stress effectively.

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4.      Natural Ways To Deal With Stress – Finding Pleasure

When stress turns your feeling bad, you need to do something for feeling good. You should do things that you enjoy in a natural way to beat your stress.

You do not have to do too much complex pleasure. Even if you are ill, you can find pleasure in just some simple things around you such as chatting with a friend, going for a drive, or reading your favorite book.

Try to do at least one thing that you enjoy every day, even if you just do it for 15 – 20 minutes.

  • Start an art project
  • Read a favorite book, magazine, newspaper, or short story.
  • Have coffee or a meal with friends.
  • Take up a hobby, old or new
  • Play golf, ping-pong, tennis, or bowl.
  • Listen to your favorite song during or after you practice relaxation
  • Make a list of things you still want to do in your life
  • Sew, knit, or crochet
  • Take a nature walk, listen to the birds, contemplate trees and flowers
  • Watch an old movie on TV or video
  • Play board games with friends and family

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5.      Accepting And Integrating Your Past  

–         You can invite an ongoing process into your own life – a special process that in which you will learn how to let your past go. You can clear your history by journaling!  You need to examine your life, the history, the stories…allow and accept them, and then try to let it go gradually. Acceptance is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress that you can take to get a brand new life. 

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6.      Allowing Yourself To Fully Feel And Experience Your Emotions

–         You should spend time discovering and feeling every part of you, especially the parts you resisted previously, such as your fear, anger, or anxiety.  Then, you need to move your goal from escaping, removing, or blocking, to allowing and accepting. Experts recommend that when you have pain or stress, just ask yourself: “I wonder what I am anxious or angry about?”

Getting good emotions is the expectation of many people. If you really want to control your mood and get a happy life with positive thinking, you should learn secret bible.

7.      Natural Ways To Deal With Stress – Exercising 

–         Movement has been proven by a lot of studies to be the main factor that helps people improve the stress threshold and their ability to handle stress. You can move in any way you want, and do it frequently. It will be better for you as you go for a swim, take a walk in the park, or take part in a local boxing club.

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8.      Expanding Your Brain

–         Expanding your access to the “whole brain” functioning is also one of the useful ways to deal with stress effectively. You should practice yoga and meditation! The possibilities are endless if you have a wide awareness of yourself and the world you live in. Mindfulness meditation and yoga have proven advantages for overcoming stress, and you should practice them regularly to push up your brain.

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9.      Natural Ways To Deal With Stress – Finding Your Source  

–         Life energy is expressed through our essential self, which is the initial source of all joy, creativity, healing, and wisdom. It will be better if you know your gifts and talents to reclaim and reactivate your natural self – your ability to shine. This will help you get a fulfilling life without too much stress because you can realize clearly where you are standing.

10.     Sharing With Friends And Family

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–         This means you should share your life with the ones you love every day. Do not suffer alone. Everything will be better if you let others know how you are feeling. You need to engage with people through social interactions and activities in community forums, clubs, sports, religious centers, etc. We all are parts of a community, so nobody needs to ever feel alone. In fact, spending time with family and friends is one of important ways to deal with stress and promote health.

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II.      Dealing With Stress By Eating Healthy Foods:

Food is a natural remedy that helps relieve many kinds of diseases. If you can apply the proper foods in the right way and on time, you will be able to get rid of bad moods, including stress. Now I would like to show you the 10 foods that are useful for dealing with stress.

1.     Blueberries:

   ways to deal with stress guide   –    Blueberries are really tasty! Eating blueberries is also one of many ways to deal with stress that you should try. They are high in antioxidants and fiber yet give you fewer calories. Blueberries contain vitamin C, which is proven to help people deal with stress. If you cannot get fresh ones, frozen blueberries are ok to use. Blueberries can be consumed with yogurt, cereal, or just on their own.

2.      Natural Ways To Deal With Stress – Asparagus:

ways to deal with stress teenagers–    Asparagus is a tasty green vegetable, which is rich in folic acid that stabilizes your moods. You can prepare asparagus on the grill in the summertime or steamed anytime you like. And like most vegetable, it is low in calories!

3.      Almonds:

–    Almonds are a “crunchy” snack that helps people reduce stress with Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, zinc, and magnesium. Although almonds contain fat, it is the good fat that is unsaturated. Almonds can be used excellently to combat heart disease and Vitamin E has been shown to help people beat the free radicals related to stress.

4.      Natural Ways To Deal With Stress Using Tuna:

–    Tuna is not only delicious in salads and sandwiches but also an amazing stress removal! It is a low-fat protein ingredient that is high in vitamin B12 and B6.

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5.       Bananas:

–   Bananas are a wonderful “pick-me-up” food. They will enhance your energy quickly because they are a “peel-and-eat food. It is easy for you to take bananas along with you anywhere. Once you get full of energy, your ability to combat stress and other bad moods will be increased.

   Bananas are a close friend that helps you deal with stress, however, you can find other simple methods to support your process of getting rid of bad moods by trying this entire guide: depression conquer stress forever.

6.      Sushi:

–   You do not need to give up your lunch with sushi. In fact, eating sushi regularly will bring to you many benefits. Maki rolls that include seaweed will help you deal with anxiety and stress effectively. An important nutrient that seaweed contains is pantothenic acid. A deficiency in this element can make you stuck on anxiety and lower immune system.

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7.       Natural Ways To Deal With Stress With Dark Chocolate:

–  Dark chocolate contains some natural antioxidants. You need to be careful not to overuse chocolate but it has many benefits in relieving stress and satisfying your sweet tooth.

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If you want to learn more good foods to eat to improve health and deal with stress, anxiety, and depression, you can learn super foods to get more knowledge about this.

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All of the above ways to deal with stress are what I have used to improve my life, and now, I am glad to share my very own experience with anyone who desires to get a healthy life without this bad mood.

If you feel the ways to deal with stress I offer in this article are interesting and useful, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedback  at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can deal with stress by taking a dietary supplement. Here is the best mood-boosting supplement formula you should use to beat your stress.

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