Best Organic Shampoo For Greasy Hair: 23 Useful Types

Dealing with greasy hair is one of the biggest problems that many people face. In fact, you can find out lots of hair products that can help you fight this issue very well. Specifically, will introduce you the best organic shampoo for greasy hair with a hope that you can prevent or cure this terrible hair problems. Keep reading this article and find out more information shared to remove the sebum production on your hair.

Discovering Best Organic Shampoo For Greasy Hair

1. Hazel Oil

shampoo for greasy hair

Hazel oil is a great shampoo for greasy hair if you follow this solution more frequently every week. By combining 4 drops of hazel oil and 2 tablespoons of water, you will have a cheap and simple treatment for oily hair. Use a cotton ball to apply directly on your scalp. This method will reduce significantly the oils from your hair. Repeat it 3-4 times per week to get the best advantage.

2. Bath Soap 

shampoo for greasy hair

Have you ever heard about this remedy for greasy hair? Well, it is a new solution and a new shampoo for greasy hair. Bath soap can be used to bath your body and wash oils on your hair. Using bath soap to wash your hair will help you get rid of excess oil in your air. Apply the soap on the scalp for two minutes and wash off completely with water. You will surprise about the hair appearance after that.

3. Tea 

shampoo for greasy hair

Sometimes, you may neglect the commercial shampoos with chemicals and try to use natural ingredients to cure greasy hair. Tea is an example in this case. Green tea is not only a beneficial drinks for health and weight loss, but it is a great shampoo for greasy hair. Use a cup of green tea and apply it directly on your hair and scalp for 3-5 minutes. Hence, rinse it off with water. Use this natural shampoo every week to get the best result.

4. Alcohol 

shampoo for greasy hair

Do not hate alcohol, which is dangerous to your health. Actually, alcohol can be used in treating oily hair very well and it will bring the instant result at the first usage. Among kinds of alcohol, vodka is an effective shampoo to treat oily hair. All you need are two glass of water and a glass of vodka.  Apply the mix onto your hair for a few minutes and wash it off. Be sure that you leave your hair dry naturally. Also, you can use this home remedy to spray your hair and remove oils on your head.

5. Honey 

shampoo for greasy hair

Honey is very common in your kitchen and you may learn lots of ways to use honey for health and beauty. One of the most effective advantages of honey is to use as a shampoo to treat greasy hair. Use this method twice per week to get the best effect. Use for two teaspoons of honey, one egg yolk, and dissolve the mix for 30 minutes. Hence, apply the mixture on your hair, massage it for a few minutes, leave the mix on your scalp and hair for 20 minutes. Rinse it off and wash your hair deeply. Is that simple to perform, right?

6. Lemon Juice 

shampoo for greasy hair

Lemon juice is a good ingredient in cooking and creating shampoo. This beneficial ingredient will help you eliminate greasy hair perfectly, just using lemon juice with a cup of water, and for three teaspoons of honey to apply on your hair for 3-4 minutes. Wash this mix with another shampoo and you will not feel inconvenient as before.

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7. Baking Soda  

shampoo for greasy hair

Baking soda can be used to get rid of oil in your hair. Just need baking soda and water only, apply this mix thoroughly on your hair, rinse it off with water. Use this remedy twice per week to get the best results.

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8. Henna Powder 

shampoo for greasy hair

Use one egg, 3 teaspoons of henna powder, a tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix all the ingredients and use some more warm water. Apply this mix on your hair, cover it for two hours. Hence, wash your hair and use another normal shampoo to cleanse your hair.

9. Beer 

shampoo for greasy hair

Beer is not only used for drink, but it is also a perfect shampoo for greasy hair. To make your hair more beautiful, mix a glass of water and a glass or beer, apply on your hair for five minutes, and wash your hair with water. Use this mix every week in order to remove excess oil in your hair.

10. Hytopanama Shampoo 

shampoo for greasy hair

One of the best shampoos for greasy hair is hytopanama shampoo. Using this shampoo will balance the scalp and limit sebum production without hair damage. By using this shampoo, you will feel your hair more flexible and more beautiful.

11. Anthony Logistic Shampoo 

shampoo for greasy hair

This shampoo is for men, who get greasy hair. Show them this writing and you will have an effectual shampoo to refresh and clean your hair. This product includes the lavender and chamomile, which are high in protein and will improve your hair health.

12. Leonor Greyl Shampoo

shampoo for greasy hair

Probably, this is one of the best shampoos for oily hair and greasy scalp. If your hair is greasy, try to sue this shampoo and you will see wonders on your hair. This product will bring your hair life back and help your hair nicer.

13. Organic Tea Shampoo

shampoo for greasy hair

This kind of shampoo will be a great solution for your greasy hair. Its smell is good and it is made from organic green tea – a natural ingredient you can easily find.

14. American Crew Shampoo 

shampoo for greasy hair

Do you want to reverse your oily hair without destroying it? American crew shampoo is a valuable shampoo to get rid of excess oils in your hair. Give a try and you will surprise about your hair beauty.

15. Citrus Shampoo 

shampoo for greasy hair

This shampoo is made from lemon, which helps you reduce oils in your hair completely. This product will clarify and cleanse scalp and oils in your hair and support you get a shiny and soft hair as you wish.

16. Banana Milk Shampoo 

shampoo for greasy hair

Like the other shampoo for greasy hair, banana milk shampoo is a gentle kind of shampoo for your hair as it is based on proteins and collagen which contributes to add softness to your hair. To get wonders from oily hair, you should try to use this shampoo and I am sure that you will engage this one.

17. Dr Hauschka Shampoo 

shampoo for greasy hair

This shampoo is based on lemon and nasturtium. So give it a try if you are tired of healing with oily hair. It lathers and will not strip your hair.

18. Suave Shampoo 

shampoo for greasy hair

Suave shampoo is also becoming more popular today while many people believe that it will make your hair beautiful naturally. This shampoo is not too expensive and it will cleanse oils in your hair very well.

19. Essence Shampoo 

shampoo for greasy hair

One of the gentlest shampoos for your hair is this one. It is based on sugar and coconut oil. So this organic shampoo will help you remove the oils in your hair and strengthen your hair health significantly. Besides, this shampoo includes a great smell from lemons and you totally can trust in the effectiveness of this kind of shampoo.

20. Lazartigue Shampoo

shampoo for greasy hair

If you are seeking best shampoo for greasy hair, this product is probably good recommendation for you. Apply this shampoo for a few minutes and rinse it with water, you will feel the instant changes on your hair live.

21. Lenishing Shampoo 

shampoo for greasy hair

If you want to cure greasy hair, as well as speed up your hair growth shampoo is very important in this process. Lenishing shampoo is one of the most super and easy shampoos for oily hair your should give a try.

22. Wellness Shampoo 

shampoo for greasy hair

In fact, oily scalps can be removed entirely. With wellness shampoo, you will relieve or reduce itching on your hair. All oils on your hair are also eliminated completely if you try to apply this shampoo every week.

23. Joe Grooming Shampoo 

shampoo for greasy hair

Joe Grooming is famous shampoo for oily hair. This hair product will balance your hair and it is a great shampoo for sensitive scalp.

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After reading my writing of 23 best organic kinds of shampoo for greasy hair, I hope that you have already learnt the most helpful products or solutions for your soft and shiny hair. To have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon. Have you ever used those shampoos? Try them and feel the great change on your hair.

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