All About Goji Berries Benefits You Should Know

goji berries

Fruits are obviously the most natural medicine in our life. It is hard to find one kind of fruits that cannot offer us any benefit. From skincare to cancer protection, the advantages of these products never fail to impress humankind.

If strawberries, apples, oranges or bananas are already popular, there are actually plenty of fruits with a wide range of benefits waiting to be explored. Thus, today, will introduce an interesting kind of fruit coming mostly from Asian land, goji berries. You may or may not know about it before, but the goji berries benefits will never make you disappointed. Let’s see how these gorgeous products of Mother Nature can advance our health.

All About Goji Berries Benefits You Should Know

I. Goji Berry – What Is It?

For anyone who does not know, the goji berry, or with another name as the wolfberry, is an orange-red berry coming from a plant that’s native to China.

With the bright color, goji berries have been grown and eaten for generations in Asian with the belief that they represent the hope of a long happy life.

You may be amazed to know there are a plenty of nutrition that goji berries contain in their little bodies. These fruits are a good supply of minerals and vitamins, including:

  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin A
  • Antioxidants
  • Zinc

Moreover, these tasty berries provide all up to 19 amino acids [1], 8 of which are very essential for life, based on a study by Banat`s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine and University of Medicine and Farmacy  [2]. Just a single 4-ounce serving can deliver approximately 10 percent of our daily value for protein. In comparison to other kinds of fruits, this amount of protein is truly surprising. Not only the nutrition is one of the goji berries benefits but also the carbohydrates found in these fruits are amazing. They are also complex carbs and are effective in raising your blood sugar in a slow way and in the same time, reducing the risk of a sugar crash.

With all the elements and nutrition, there is no doubt about the goji berries benefits. For that reason, goji berries have been used for decades as an effort to treat many popular health problems like high blood pressure [3] fever, diabetes, and age-related eye problems. People who eat goji berries frequently experience the improvement in quality of sleep, energy level or ability to focus, based on a study published in Free Life International LLC [4]. You can say that these tiny yet powerful fruits have gained the trust of anyone who ever tries them once. Goji berries are consumed in many ways. You can eat them raw, cooked, or even dried (like raisins). The study by Jay Kovach also suggests that goji berries are a wise addition you can put in your regular diet [5]. Using goji berries in drinks such as wines, herbal teas, juices, or sometimes medicines is also a suggested approach.

However, not everyone can get the goji berries benefits. For some certain people, these little fruits can bring more problems than health advantages. There are some conditions that should not be treated with goji berries. Make sure that you are not in these following conditions before putting goji berries in your diets:

  • have high or low blood pressure
  • are breastfeeding or pregnant (using goji berries can cause miscarriage)
  • are allergic to fruits (it may sound weird but there are actually a few people having that condition)
  • have low blood sugar
  • are in the process of using blood thinners, for example, warfarin

For your best sake, ask your doctor about your conditions before you start to eat goji berries. This action can protect you from getting unexpected side effects that these fruits can bring to your health. It is true that the number of goji berries benefits is higher than medications while the side effects of them are less, these types of berries can easily interact with any medications that you’re currently taking. Therefore, never underestimate the effects of goji berries on your health condition.

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One last thing to remember about goji berries is that one-fourth cup of these berries can fulfill 340 percent of our intake for vitamin A. Therefore, you may want to control a number of goji berries that you eat to decrease the potential danger of vitamin A toxicity.

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II. Goji Berries Benefits

1. Flu Protection And Boosted Immune System

goji berries benefits - flu protection and boosted immune system

It is a common knowledge that if flu happens, there must be something wrong with the immune system. Both of them go hand- in- hand and can be affected simulate. The vitamins found in goji berries are believed to increase and support the immune system, therefore reduce the risk of flu. Therefore, flu protection and boosted immune system are one of the goji berries benefits.

Early testing in laboratories points out that goji berries are effective in enhancing the success of flu vaccinations experiment with aged mice [6]. This result is an important innovation because the flu vaccine that is used every day in treatment doesn’t always provide sufficient protection against the virus. Therefore, the use of goji berries can improve and speed up the flu treatment. Moreover, the study also suggests that the vitamins and other nutrition in goji berries may prevent consequent infections for these older adults who have just received a flu vaccine. However, in spite of goji berries benefits, they are not a substitute protection against the flu. Therefore, do not forget to make sure that you and your family have the flu shot every year.

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2. Goji Berries Benefits – Potential Weight Loss Aid

One of the goji berries benefits that attract the attention of many females is potential weight loss aid. As mentioned before, goji berries contain many nutrition, minerals, and vitamins. However, the healthy food energy is packed into small servings. When the other fruits and vegetables do not taste very well in the form of salad and other diet recipes, the rich, sweet taste of goji berries, along with the high fiber content, can support you to keep on track with healthy eating. Instead of eating fried chips or other high –fat food and then worrying about gaining weight, you now can turn to goji berries for a light snack at mealtime and prevent overindulgence. Just add them in your daily salad or yogurt in the same method you would use raisins. As one of the goji berries benefits, they are a perfect replacement to other higher sugar content dried fruits. The nutrition value in these tiny sweet fruits as a low-sugar, low-calorie option is a good deal for anyone who is looking for a weight loss aid. There are only 23 calories contained in a one-ounce goji berries serving. With the natural aid, you will not have to worry about the side effects that the normal fat loss pills often cause to your health. Click at 90 second fat loss review to get more interesting information.

3. Antioxidants For Eyes And Skin

goji berries benefits - antioxidants for eyes and skin

Providing antioxidants for eyes and skin is one of the goji berries benefits that will be mentioned in detail in this part. We all know that antioxidants protect cells in our bodies from breaking down when they get exposed to elements, for example, radiation, and smoke. What’s more, foods with high levels of antioxidants are regularly low in unhealthy fats and high in fiber. Therefore, goji berries are highly recommended in daily meals due to their antioxidant level.

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A study has shown the healthy level of antioxidants found in goji berries, especially zeaxanthin. Do you ever wonder why do some kinds of fruits have a bright color while these other do not? It’s actually the zeaxanthin that creates the bright color of goji berries, bell peppers, saffron and so on. The same study also pointed out that older adults who have a habit to have a day-to-day dietary supplementation together with goji berries for about 90 days had less druse and less hypopigmentation, or yellow deposits, which often appear in their eyes. The next time, if you look for some fruits to improve your eyes and skin, don’t forget about these goji berries benefits. They will not let you down. Now, if you want to know more about skin care, click at Benefits of Soy Milk to see 11 advantages of soy milk for skin and health.

4. Goji Berries Benefits – Maintain Blood Sugar

With the fresh swear taste, there is no doubt that maintaining blood sugar is one of the goji berries benefits. If you have a certain sweet tooth, these goji berries should be added to your list of favorite food. Goji berries can help:

  • Alleviate insulin resistance
  • Improve as well as recover cells that are in charge of producing insulin
  • Potential lower blood sugar
  • Improve sugar tolerance

However, the sudden changes in your blood sugar may lead to unexpected health problems. Therefore, discuss with your doctor before adding goji berries into your diet.

  Especially for people who have low blood sugar, the use of goji berries should be put under careful consideration. If you decide to start eating them regularly, it is important for you to check your level of blood sugar more often to control any change of your whole body.

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5. Increased Testosterone

One reason explaining why in the China, the native land of goji berries, this fruit is favorable is that the Chinese believe the goji berry’s ability to benefit the reproductive system. They though the nutrition in goji berries can offer increased fertility, therefore, there was a long history tied of goji berries and the sexual fertility. To prove this point of view, the Herbal Medicine takes one study conducted in rats as an example to indicate that goji berries significantly [7]:

  • Improved sexual ability
  • Increased both sperm quantity and movement
  • Improved recovery process of testosterone levels
  • Shortened erection, capture, as well as ejaculation response

Goji berries are also considered to raise the vitality of sperm and sperm count. A lot of evidence show added goji berries benefits including treating infertility in female patients with impulsive ovarian failure and the inability to ovulate normally. If you want to know more about food that have high level of testosterone, click at Foods For Testosterone to get interesting information.

Goji berries are mostly used in TCM for a purpose, treating “yin deficiency,” which is strongly believed to be the “feminine” aspect of the body and personality. With the assumption that goji berries benefits comprise the ability to boots mood, fight inflammation and reduce stress, TCM practitioners set a dose of 6 to 15 grams daily for restoring hormonal health and balancing yin.

The results from a study conducted by the College of Public Health at Wuhan University in China were surprising. They showed goji berries shield against testicular tissue damage produced by raise antioxidant movement of superoxide dismutase and the heat exposure in the reproductive system, protect against DNA oxidative injury to testicular cells and finally, raise sexual hormone levels. These amazing findings back up the folk reputation that goji berries are useful for fighting infertility.

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6. Goji Berries Benefits – Detoxify The Liver

goji berries benefits - detoxify the liver

One of the goji berries benefits that make these fruits different from others is the ability to detoxify the liver. Goji berries are proved to offer liver protection. For that reason, goji berries are often consumed along with traditional herbs such as licorice, pentaphylla, gynostemna, and Ganoderma in a lot of liver cleanses. To take advantages of goji berries benefits as well as to make savory or sweet porridges for the sick people, goji berries are commonly consumed as a stimulant ingredient in soups and or dishes.

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According to TCM, goji berries are believed to be one of the most effective ingredients for promoting kidney health and liver, because goji berry benefits the body’s kidney meridians and liver to restore strength, vitality, and well-being. These benefits make them a wonderful kidney stone natural remedy and also an appropriate food for cleansing the blood. If you have any problems related to liver or other organs, don’t hesitate to give goji berries a try because their benefits can totally surprise you.

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7. Goji Berries Benefits – Keep Positive Energy And Mood Up

Up to now, we know that some types of fruits can have the positive impact on our moods such as strawberries or apples. Today, you can add one more fruit in the list for mood boosting. It is goji berry. According to one study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, drinking goji berry juice every day can help enhance moods, energy levels, and improve digestive health. Most of the participants who drank goji berries juice for continuously two weeks had impressive improvements in terms of the feelings of “general well-being,” enhanced energy levels as well as better gastrointestinal function. The next time when you get stressed or just simply get out of the mood, let treat yourself some goji berries as a pre-workout snack in order to keep your stamina up and get you going.

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While to society keeps moving forwards, people tend to turn to natural ingredients instead of modern medication. With all the outstanding benefits for our health, goji berries have successfully gained their place in many kitchens. From flu protection to mood boosting, the goji berries benefits keep surprising people. Because many studies are still in the process to find out more advantages of this tiny yet amazing fruit, we can expect that goji berries will soon become one of the most common natural fruits in our daily list. If you have more information about the goji berries benefit, please let us know. For more information, please visit the main page Health

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