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A simple and uninspiring mix of a handful of ingredients that don’t offer much upside in terms of improving sexual performance and does little to justify the cost. We’ll guide you through the ups and downs of this supplement, just click on the table of contents for more information.

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Monster T Overview

Monster T is a dietary supplement that is intended to increase the amount of testosterone within the user’s body, which can dwindle the older a man gets, starting as early as 30. The increase in testosterone is intended to prevent a condition called andropause, which can lead to sexual performance issues such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, and a lack of energy.

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Monster T Claims

The claims that are made regarding the product are mostly general and unspecific. They state that the product will increase youthful energy and provide more energy and endurance in addition to supporting male wellness, but neither the product website or the Amazon page through which it is sold give any verifiable research or data with which to back these claims up.

The reluctance of the company to make any specific claims or provide any verifiable evidence to support their claims suggests a pretty clear lack of confidence in the product they are selling.
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The website provides specific ingredient information and pricing, but offers no links to any clinical studies and only features a testimonial from one doctor who doesn’t address the product specifically, but rather just makes a broad proclamation regarding the effectiveness of all the company’s products.

The lack of specific claims made regarding the product is likely an effort to avoid being held responsible for failing to live up to those claims.

The product is sold for $39.95 for one bottle, and offers some price breaks for those who order multiple bottles at one time. The price seems reasonable at first, but the formula does nothing to stand out and comes off as very bland. Additionally, each bottle will only last for 21 days rather than one month.

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Monster T Ingredients

The product is made up from a fairly simple formula, using only a handful of ingredients. The website for the product does offer a full list of ingredients that are used, along with specific dosage information. There are only four active ingredients that are used in the product, such as:

  • Zinc
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • L-Citrulline
  • Stinging Nettle (leaf)

Of the four active ingredients within Monster T, both Zinc and Stinging Nettle are healthy ingredients, though their value in a male enhancement product is somewhat limited. Zinc is essential for human health and it can possibly help alleviate issues like erectile dysfunction, though the formula uses 200% of the daily value, and it is unclear exactly why. Stinging Nettle is a plant that has a variety of uses, but they’re mostly related to the bladder and not sexual wellness.

L-Citrulline is an amino acid, which can potentially help to increase blood flow within the body, thereby helping with erectile dysfunction and energy levels, but research has found that it is not as effective as many other amino acids, and its claims to benefit athletic performance are not backed up by much. Similarly, D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid, but according to Web MD it is unknown exactly how it works or if it is safe. Like Stinging Nettle, it is mostly used for bladder issues, and doesn’t have any clear connection to sexual performance.

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The Science Behind Monster T

What is disconcerting about Monster T is that the manufacturer provides practically no information regarding how the product works or any claims regarding its effectiveness. The webpage for the product basically just lists the ingredients, prices, and a few consumer testimonials.

There are general claims that are made by the product on the Amazon page through which it is sold, such as “Support male wellness”, “Experience increased youthful energy”, and “Restore peak performance”, but they don’t go any further than that in explaining how these benefits are actually achieved and provide no clinical research or evidence to support the claims that are made.

Making the issue even more concerning is that the website for the product does state that the results they advertise through consumer testimonials are not typical, and that the product and claims made about the product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Essentially, there is nothing provided to the consumer that would provide them with peace of mind regarding the safety and effectiveness of what they are potentially going to be putting into their bodies.

This is especially disappointing considering the name of the company that manufactures the product is Uniscience, and they include a testimonial from a doctor stating that he confidently recommends the products sold by the site because of independent research and lab testing. This alleged research and lab testing is not made available to consumers and seems suspicious to say the least.

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Word on the Street about Monster T

In addition to being sold through the manufacturer’s site, the product is also available through Amazon. As a result, there are some objective consumer reviews, though only a small amount at this current time. Additionally, there are some consumer testimonials provided through the product website, but they come off as heavily subjective and uncritical.

Of the reviews that we were able to locate, there are multiple consumers who state that the product was not at all effective for them, and one who claims that he even had his testosterone tested before and after using the product as found that there was no difference whatsoever. Even the reviews that were not directly negative generally stated that the product did not do enough to justify its cost.

There were some positive reviews as well, but they were uniformly unspecific only making general claims like “It works!” which is difficult to take seriously.

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Is Monster T Worth a Try?

Because of the lack of any substantive clinical information and the underwhelming formula we suggest skipping it.
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The ingredients that make up the product do not inspire much confidence and most of them are not specifically related to male enhancement or sexual wellness.

Most troubling is the complete lack of research or clinical studies provided by the manufacturer. The product website is sparse on relevant information aside from the price and a few consumer testimonials, but nothing to back up its claims of effectiveness.

Furthermore, the price of the product is $39.95 per bottle which is not outrageously high, but it should be considered that each bottle only lasts 21 days when used as directed. Additionally, it requires that users take 6 pills per day, which can become tiring and something of a chore as a daily routine.

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Monster T vs EVL Test

EVL Test is a powder that is more directly advertised towards bodybuilders, while Monster T is directed towards aging men. The formula that makes up EVL Test uses a few of the same ingredients as Monster T, but also utilizes several more ingredients to further the potential benefits it provides. That said, EVL Test seems generally unconcerned with sexual performance and is mostly used for building muscle and improving workouts.

Monster T vs Monster Test

Not only do the products have similar names, but they also feature similar ingredients. In fact, with the exception of stinging nettle, Monster Test contains all of the ingredients featured in Monster T, along with several more. Monster Test also has a higher chance of creating some negative side effects, but is available at a considerably cheaper price.

Monster T vs Testosterone Max

Testosterone Max is another product that is mostly designed to improve physique and energy levels in order to improve workouts, but it also states that it can benefit those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It advertises itself as a safe alternative to using anabolic steroids. That said it uses ingredients such as D-bal, D-ka, and A-drol, which can cause side effects such as acne and mood changes.

Monster T vs Nitrix 2.0

A nitric oxide precursor and pre-workout supplement, that features many more and often better consumer reviews than Monster T, though their states goals are a bit different. Nitrix 2.0 states that it is made to support muscle fullness and vascularity and uses a long list of ingredients within its proprietary blend. It is available at a cheaper price than Monster T, and should be more effective in improving energy and workouts, but it doesn’t make any claims to improving sexual wellness in the users. The chances of experiencing negative side effects is also considerably higher in Nitrix 2.0.

Monster T FAQs

  1. What ingredients are included in Monster T?

The supplement includes Zinc, Stinging Nettle, L-Citrulline, and D-Aspartic Acid as its active ingredients.
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  1. Is the product sold cheaper on Amazon than elsewhere?

The product is sold for the same price on Amazon as the manufacturer’s site, but no price breaks are included for purchasing multiple bottles.

  1. Where can I find reviews of Monster T online?

There are a handful of reviews for the product made available through The reviews for the product were mostly tepid or poor, as the product did not do enough to justify its cost.

  1. Are there any side effects that consumers should know about?

In looking over the ingredients, it does not appear that there are any significant side effects that consumers need to worry about. That said there has not been substantial research conducted on D-Aspartic Acid, so it is not known if it is completely safe.

  1. Is Monster T designed for men over 40?

Yes, the product states that it is formulated for aging men, and that typically men see a decrease in their testosterone after the age of 30.

  1. Is it a daily supplement?

No, the product is meant to be taken in the amount of six pills a day for five days, then take two days off.

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