Top 34 benefits of pears for skin, hair and health

Benefits of Pears

Pears are one sweet fruit accompanying soft flesh inside. Together with taste it provides the highest quantity of nutrient as well as health benefits. Flavonoids in the pears secure from Type 2 Diabetes. Plus, antioxidants are effective to protect cell damage. They also provide some much needed cure with their fiber-rich juiciness in order to get some cooling effects particularly for kids. Here are top 34 benefits of pears for skin, hair and health that are collected by from reliable sources. Keep reading this post to know more about benefits of pears.

Top 34 Benefits Of Pears For Skin, Hair And Health That Amaze You

1. Fight Free Radicals

Pears are not only good for your health but are also good for your beauty.

General speaking, pears are naturally rich in vitamins K and C, as well as nutrients like copper—all of which work as antioxidants to secure our cells from harm from free radicals. A pear has up to 11 % of our daily suggested intake of vitamin C plus 9.5 % of our daily suggested intake of copper.

2. Cancer Prevention

Benefits of Pears

One of the best benefits of pears is preventing cancer. Pears can also secure us from varying kinds of cancer. The fiber in pears may also bind to and assist get rid of cancer-causing chemicals in your colon, thus decreasing risk of colon cancer. Eating fiber-rich fruits like pears can decrease risk of break cancer by thirty four percent in the post-menopausal women.

3. Control Diabetes

Controlling diabetes is also one of the greatest benefits of pears. Because they’re high in fiber and contain a low glycemic index so that pears make one smart snack for people those with diabetes. In addition, the bloodstream greadually absorbs a pear’s carbs (just around 26 grams per pear), inhibiting one spike in blood sugar and assisting to control blood glucose levels.

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4. Strengthen Heart

Benefits of Pears

Pears have a high quantity of soluble fiber pectin. Particularly, pectin helps in binding with bile acid in your intestine and decreases the production of cholesterol as well. Thus it lowers cholesterol level in your blood and enhances the flow of blood circulation. Additionally, pears fruit skin proves beneficial to boost heart health. It has Vitamin C and antioxidant Quercetin to protect the arteries harm from free radicals.

5. Protect From Cancer

Pears have high amount fiber that is effective to secure from colon cancer. Dietary fiber enhances digestion plus cleans toxin stored in your colon. Hence, it minimizes toxic effect in your colon and secure from colon cancer. Together with fiber, pears have antioxidant vitamin A, vitamin C and phytonutrients that protect from cancer. Antioxidants actively counteract free radicals and inhibit the growth of cancer. Pears also protect from lung, colon and other cancer.

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There are a lot of benefits of pears presented in this post, keep reading it!

6. Improve Digestion

One of the best benefits of pears is improving digestion. Pears are very rich in fiber. Particularly, fiber rich food enhances digestion. Dietary fiber gives roughage and raises the process of digestion. Hence, it improves digestion. It also proves beneficial to secure from constipation.

7. Increase Immunity

Generally, immunity is most critical to protect your body from the common disease. In order to increase immunity, the proper nutrition is needed. Pears have a high quantity of nutrient like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, iron, copper and many more. All the nutrients raise immunity plus protect from common diseases such as cold, flu and infections.

8. Eye Health

Benefits of Pears

General speaking, in modern life, there’re many diseases arising thanks to lack of nutrition. In order to protect from free radicals, it’s important to have antioxidant rich food. It is also important to consume food that nourishes eye. Not surprisingly, pears are the best food which nourishes and protect eyes. Plus, pears are effective to secure from cataract as well as age related macular degeneration.

9. Controls Blood Sugar Level

In general, even though it’s slightly sweet, with high fiber content and low glycerin index, pears aids in controlling the levels of sugar in your blood and prevents diabetes.

10. Prevents Osteoporosis

Typically, bone problems are very general these days. So to keep those bones healthy along with prevent osteoporosis, it’s very important to keep the pH of your body and eat recommended quantity of calcium daily. The pH of your body can be kept through diet by consuming vegetables and fruits daily. Particularly, the boron rich pears may help to absorb this calcium consumed easily.

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11. Increases Energy Levels

Increasing energy levels is also one of the greatest benefits of pears. The high glucose content in this fruit gives you immediate energy as you feel weak. In general, it gets absorbed very fast by your body together with converts into energy.

12. Pregnancy

Benefits of Pears

As we know, folic acid is very critical for a pregnant woman to maintain your baby safe from birth defects. Especially, folic acid present in the fruit can help you in this problem and it is suggested to use it frequently during the pregnancy.

13. For Weaning Children

General speaking, for weaning children, it’s always suggested to give pears because it’s hypoallergenic plus is one low acidic fruit. So it does not create any digestion related troubles. This fruit can be heated, peeled and later pureed. The peel also may be fed but it’s very necessary to take care that it does not have any harsh edges which can hurt children. Pears shouldn’t be given to kids with diarrhea.

14. Against Gallbladder, Colitis, Gout, Arthritis

Typically, pears help to inhibit gallbladder problems, colitis, gout and arthritis if taken regularly.

15. Blood Pressure

One of the greatest benefits of pears is dealing with blood pressure. Anti-oxidants and anti-carcinogen glutathione present in pears aid in controlling your blood pressure.

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16. Fever

Treating fever is also one of the best benefits of pears. Pears aid in curing fever easily due to its cooling effects.

17. Inflammation

Pears contain anti-inflammation properties that help to decrease inflammation of arthritis as well as other such problems.

18. Shortness Of Breath

During summers, breath shortness is quite common because of heat in both adults and children. So it is suggested to take pears during these hot days.

19. Throat Problems

Benefits of Pears

Pears prevent throat troubles during summers. So it’s good to take one glass of its juice or one pear a day will do the work.

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20. Hypo-allergenic Property

If you have allergic troubles while consuming any food then you can try pears thanks to its Hypo-allergenic property.

21. Alzheimer’s Disease

Pears have a good amount nutrient which protects free radicals. So, having pears are a great choice in order to stay protected from the Alzheimer’s disease.

22. Fibers Prevent Skin Damage

Preventing skin damage is also one of the most excellent benefits of pears. Pears are packed with dietary fibers that play an important role in maintaining our skin soft and smooth. They slow down the discharge of sugar into your bloodstream and inhibit the skin collagen damage (certain protein type) caused thanks to frequent sugar spikes. Therefore, we get one smooth skin as well as plump look.

23. Keep Wrinkles Away

One of the greatest benefits of pears is removing wrinkles. Munch on pears every day to avoid from aging. This fruit is high in vitamin C – one super-effective antioxidants, copper and vitamin K. All these properties are capable of fighting harmful free radicals, thus securing the skin cells from severe damages. Pear eventually aids in toning up your skin plus curtailing the formation of the fine lines near the eyes and lip area as well.

24. Treat Oily Skin

Benefits of Pears

If your skin is oily, pears can be really effective for you. Simply, just smash one pear and mix honey and fresh cream with it. You should use this paste three times a week as one face mask. The over secretion of your sebaceous glands present in the skin will decrease to a great extent.

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25. Get Acne-Free Skin

All people having acne-prone skin may also be benefited by this fruit. Pears have high levels of essential minerals and vital vitamins, these fruits can improve their immunity along with make them become stronger internally. As a result, the skin becomes able to combat against pimple, acne, and all other skin infections types from inside.

26. Stay Moisturized For Long

Commonly, pears are not only great for oily skin, but are also great for flaky and dry skin. They have natural humectants that assist balance the normal water-content of your skin along with retain its natural moisture. Therefore, the extract of pear is widely applied in making moisturizing lotion. Daily intake of pear juice may also make the skin even and smooth.

27. Effective Natural Scrub

Benefits of Pears

Particularly, the natural enzymes in this fruit make it one great scrubbing agent. You may easily remove the dead skin cells in the superficial layer of the skin by blending one mashed pear in your daily face pack and exfoliate the skin with it. This fruit extract may also be used as one gentle peel for stimulating the cell turnover.

28. Good For Lip Treatment:

One of benefits of pears is excellent for our lips. The acid content in this fruit can maintain the cells of your lips hydrated and healthy for long thus you get a smooth and soft pout.

29. Anti-Inflammatory By Nature

Especially, the anti-inflammatory properties present in pears acts as a beauty remedy. Eating pears or applying any beauty products having its extract doesn’t impose any allergic reactions. Therefore, it’s good for skin as well as useful for infants.

30. Healthy And Nourished Hair

One of the greatest benefits of pears is to make hair nourished and healthy. Pears, particularly the ripe ones, have a natural sugar alcohol named ‘glucitol’ or ‘sorbitol’, which feeds your hair roots, nourishes your scalp and keeps your hair moisturized to make it healthy.

31. Reduce Hair Dryness

Benefits of Pears

Reducing hair dryness is also one of the best benefits of pears. The moisturizing property in pears is extremely useful for decreasing the dryness of the hair. Furthermore, it holds many vitamin C, which acts as one natural antioxidant and assists keep your hair strands conditioned by keeping the health of your hair cells.

32. Tame Your Frizzy Hair

One of the hair benefits of pears is to tame the frizzy hair effectively. From daily consumption of pears to providing your tresses one treatment with this fruit – everything is useful for removing those ugly tangles. The frizzy hair may easily become manageable using pears.

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33. Restore The Lost Shine

If you’re worried about your unattractive and dull hair, pears may be of help. Simply, you need to prepare one natural homemade hair mask by combining the extract of one fresh and ripe pear, apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons) and water. This is one great hair revitalize which can revive the dull hair together with restore its lost shine.

34. Maintain Curly And Colored Locks

Benefits of Pears

Keeping the curls and shades of the hair may be much easier with help of pear hair pack. In order to make such a pack, you peel and smash one pear properly and later create a smooth paste by including soybean oil to it. After that, spread the paste all over the hair evenly. After one hour, wash it off using a mild shampoo.

Tips For Eating/ Cooking Pears

  • Clean and wash one fresh pear, pat this dry and eat it together with its skin. This way, you may make the most of the phytonutrients, fibers and antioxidants present in this fruit.
  • You can make a dessert by mixing goat cheese or blue cheese with the pears.
  • Pears may be sliced by applying an apple corer. All you need to cut this from the base thus the core may be removed effortlessly. Also, you pour lemon juice (2-3 drops) into these slices as soon as you can so that they don’t get oxidized.
  • A tasty pear salad may be prepared by mixing the fruit with some mustard green, leeks and watercress. Make it one bit more nutritious by spreading some walnuts over it.
  • Coring pears plus softening them with sugar and red wine can also be one wonderful choice.

To get more information related to positive effects of various fruits, go to our main Nutrition page. After studying the writing of top 34 benefits of pears for skin, hair and health, hope that this article will help you know more advantages of pears for health and beauty care. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Do you know any other benefits of pears? Then share your experience with us.


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