6 Negative effects of fast food

At present the fast food is becoming more widespread, the store “fast food” also grow up a lot to suit with modern life. But if we abuse fast food, it will not benefit even harmful to your health. Customers of this fast food store are mainly teenagers. Many young people believe this is gourmet style, expression of a modern lifestyle.

Negative Effects Of Fast Food – The Most Common Disadvantages Of Fast Food:

Anyone who comes to fast food thinks it was a choice which is not benefit to your health. But busy work, or lazy to cook … are the reasons to take you to the snack time. There is nothing secret when we consume fat, salt, sugary snacks. Comparing with the normal meal even if you are considering methods of how to gain weight, fast food is consumed long time will negatively affect the physical and mental to your health.
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Here are 6 negative effects of fast food on your body that you should know:

1. Cause Excess Energy And Weight

negative effects of fast food - cause excess energy and weight

The unhealthy fast foods usually contain a high amount of calories. It will make you gain weight, but the trend was found higher obesity. A quick lunch usually contains 827 calories. Further, a third of fast food on the market contains more than 1,000 calories. A number of calories you need each day depends on the load on the body, age, sex … The adult woman needs 1,600 to 2,400 calories and the man needs 2,000, the elderly often to 3,000 calories each day. Consuming excess calories can lead you to the risk of unhealthy weight and health conditions related to weight. In reality, there are many cases surgical removal of fat. The ability to get obesity to the person who often eats fast food is very high. This is actually the very first one on the list of common negative effects of fast food on human body that you should know and thereby you can give up on fast food easier.

2. Affect Insulin And Type 2 Diabetes:

negative effects of fast food - affect insulin and type 2 diabetes

Insulin and type 2 diabetes are also 2 problems due to fast food that come as 2 common negative effects of fast food on the human body. Consuming fast food for a long time can increase the risk of diabetes type 2. Researches show that people eat fast foods at least three times a week can increase 9.9 pounds of the body and doubled insulin resistance than those who eat fast food once a week.
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Insulin resistance occurs when the hormone insulin does not modify blood glucose levels properly. Hypertension, lipid disorders and cardiovascular disease also associated with insulin resistance. This is the significant negatives effects of fast food on your body.

3. Contribute To Depression And Addiction

negative effects of fast food - depression and addiction

Depression and addiction seem to be the most dangerous negative effects of fast food on your body. The researchers also provide additional information that fast food can lead to depression. Compared to people who ate little or no fast food, the person ate fast food standing up 51 percent more likely to develop depression, citing in an article in “Public Health Nutrition”. Also much demonstrate that eating fast food can be addictive and you feel uncomfortable and thrill when stop eating them.

4. Cause Obesity And Cardiovascular Disease:

negative effects of fast food - cause obesity and cardiovascular disease

The majority of fast food is high in fat and little or no fiber such as fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables help balance a meal high in fat, reduce but not eliminate the adverse effects to the blood vessels. According to research by Dr. Gary Plotnick a cardiologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center, within 3-5 hours after eating a high-fat meal, the blood vessels will not operate abnormally. Along with a healthy person, it often can’t happen immediately. Fast food often contains greasy foods, oils and are fried in many times will contain a lot of influence on cardiovascular system causing diseases like atherosclerosis, myocarditis … As for people with coronary artery disease, it can cause cardiovascular events, such as a heart attack or stroke. This is one of the most negative effects of fast food on the human body that people should learn and make use as soon as possible for good.

5. Increase Risks Of Digestive Diseases:

negative effects of fast food - increase risks of digestive diseases

A few lettuce leaves and cucumber pickled tuber steak served with could not provide a sufficient amount of fiber and minerals needed for the day. Moreover meat to fried in cooking oil at high temperatures so these valuable vitamins decompose quickly make more and more fast food diets rich in energy that lacks vitamins and fiber. Diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals at the fast food will increase diseases related to the digestive system, especially colorectal cancer and small bowel cancer.  In brief, this is considered one out of the most serious negatives effects of fast food on the human body that people should watch out carefully.

6. Destroying Your Skin And Bone And Joint Diseases 

negative effects of fast food - destroying your skin and bone and joint diseases

Eating too much fast food is one of the most dangerous negative effects of fast food on your body. The fried food, often contains too much oil. It  affects the skin of women because the skin secrete more oil, wrap pimples, acne … Fast food had plenty of protein, eating too much protein is not just getting too much care activities for elimination process but also make the body tired, sluggish from osteoporosis and arthritis was. This is the last but very significant negatives effects of fast food on your body that you should learn to know more about food.

There are a lot of industrial foods like cold cuts, hot dogs, bacon, sausages, omelets … which come with a lot of common negative effects of fast food on the human body. The ingredients used in fast food contain high levels of salt and preservatives. If using multiple fast foods, it will put on the body salt and preservatives that are harmful to high lead to heart, kidney, and blood pressure.

Besides 6 negative effects of fast food on human body that I revealed above, one more thing people will need to know is that fast foods always contain saturated fat “triglycerides (bad fat), which increases blood cholesterol and causes atherosclerosis, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, one kind of fatty acids that is produced during processing to create the crunchy taste of fast foods can adversely affect health (affect the cardiovascular function, pancreatic function, increase the risk of diabetes..).The simple quick dishes are often belong to the non-food varieties.
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On the advice of nutrition experts, each meal should have 4 food groups (groups of starch, protein group, fat, and vitamins and minerals) with 15 different food combinations. In ordinary, fast foods and industrial processed foods have fewer trace elements and minerals. Therefore, fast foods are often inadequate and imbalance in nutritional values, not to mention the problems of food safety. Fast food eating habits will make young girls neglect home cooking, housework, family meals (which are important parts of their family happiness later).

In some developed countries, people used to eat fast food and high-fat foods, energy lead to the high proportion of overweight and obesity (the Netherlands, United States …). It already has programs, campaigns TV to reduce eating fast food, eat more vegetables and enhanced physical activity.

Actually fast food plays certain important roles in life, especial in some “urgent cases”, such as when people need to satisfy the empty stomach temporarily to stop its “cries”. However, there are several other food choices that are tasty, convenient but can also ensure better health, beauty, and preventable diseases. So you should make use of fast food just when you are really busy and lack time. Remember not to eat them regularly, lasting several days to reduce the negative effects of fast food on your body. A traditional meal with a variety of fresh foods will bring to you good health, better look, and also help to prevent diseases due to poor diets.

After reading 6 negative effects of fast food, showing the reasons why people should reduce the daily consumption of this food stuff, one more thing you should do is to spend time reading the List Of Fast Food Items That Contain 1000 Calories Or More. Why do I recommend you to read it? The reason is very simple. After giving people the disadvantages fast foods bring to human health, certainly the next thing I want to do to support my precious ideas thinking that will be necessary for readers to learn is to show them clearly what fast foods are the worst ones to avoid on the very first step. Depending on the calories contained in fast foods, I believe that these super-high-calorie foods will be on top of those you should avoid first.

The list today is an entire writing that reveals the top 6 negative effects of fast food on your body that all men and women visiting VKool.com and other people who are interested in food, especially fast foods should learn and thereby knowing what to do about their own cravings for fast foods. The negative effects suggested above are 100% honest and trustworthy depending on scientific researches and studies; thus, all of my dear readers should read and try them to have better, higher-quality meals to live a healthy life.

After reading the articles 6 negative effects of fast food on your body, I recommend readers to visit our pages to get more knowledge about nutrition through several articles related to this field. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave your comments or feedbacks below. I promise that I will reply you as soon as possible.

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