10 Home Remedies For Sprained Ankle Swelling

home remedies for sprained ankle

An ankle sprain is a ligament injury (tissues which connect 2 or more bones in a joint). When people get a sprain, one or more ligaments are torn or stretched.

Home Remedies For Sprained Ankle Swelling – Best Natural Treatments:

A sprain is a simple sign showing that you have an overstretched or torn muscle. It happens when one of your joints gets twisted, wounding the ligaments connecting bones in the joint.

Sprained ankle could be due to lifting heavy weights, wearing high-heel shoes, walking or running on uneven ground, or resulted from an accident. Symptoms patients will experience may include bruising, swelling, pain, or restricted range of motions.

A sprained ankle might range from mild to severe. While having a severe case, what you need to do is finding help from medical interventions; yet with a mild sprain, your  ankle would be treated easily at home just by making use of easy to apply home remedies.

Some causes of this disease:

Many reasons can cause sprains. Falls, twisted joints, or being beaten can make the joints dislocated from their normal positions. This can cause the ligaments around joints to be stretched or torn. Sprains can occur if everyone:

  • Falls and put the elbows down to the ground
  • Falls override a foot edge
  • Get twisted knee.

Symptoms of this disease:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • The joint is unable to move or exercise

Today, in this article, I will introduce some of the best home remedies for sprained ankle that are proven to work effectively for relieving the pain due to this issue within a very short period of time. The home remedies for sprained ankle swelling in this article are:

1. Olive Oil:

home remedies for sprained ankle-olive oil

This is the first out of the home remedies for sprained ankle that I would like to introduce in this entire writing.
The presence of one certain phenolic compound contained in olive oil can help to reduce the inflammation caused by an ankle sprain. In addition, this natural oil contains powerful healing effects which can contribute to speeding up the recovery process.

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2. Cabbage:

home remedies for sprained ankle-cabbage

Cabbage contains anti-inflammatory properties, making it a good topical treatment for relieving mild sprains. Cabbage compresses are usually used for reducing the broken bones and swelling in sprains. It is also an abundant source of essential phytonutrients and vitamins that can help in boosting the healing process.

  • Take a cabbage and remove the outer leaves from its head.
  • Gently bruise the leaves using a rolling pin in order to allow the juice to be released.
  • Wrap the leaves of the cabbage in foil and then put them into the oven to warm. Remember not to use hot leaves but just warm ones.
  • Place the warm cabbage leaves over your affected area. Use a gauze bandage to secure them in place.
  • Use a plastic wrap to cover the entire area for retaining the warmth of the leaves.
  • Let it stay for about 30 minutes.
  • Apply this tip twice every day for 2 days.

This is also one of the most effective home remedies for sprained ankle swelling that people should make use!

3. Onion:

home remedies for sprained ankle-onion

  • Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, onion is usually used to deal with rheumatism, arthritis, jammed fingers, and ankle sprains.

    Onion can help to relieve swelling, pain, and inflammation.
  • For good, you should put one onion into the fridge for 2 hours. Cut it into small pieces, then add a good a mount of salt, and mix them well. Use this mixture to apply directly onto the swollen ankle and use an elastic bandage to wrap it. Remember to replace the compresses every 7 – 8 hours. Depending upon your recovery rate, apply this method 1 -2 days.
  • Chop a large onion into small pieces. Place them in a muslin cloth and use a rubber band to tie it. Put the muslin cloth onto your affected area and let it stay for at least 2 hours. If it is necessary, use a tape to secure the cloth. Aply this tip as needed to relieve the sprains effectively and quickly.

In fact, this is also one of the best home remedies for sprained ankle that people should make use for good!

4. Castor Oil:

home remedies for sprained ankle-castor oil

Castor oil is a traditional remedy which can help to relieve the inflammation and pain due to ankle sprains. Castor oil is a triglyceride which mainly contains ricinoleic acid with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. To make use of this oil:

  • Making a pad by folding one cotton cloth several times. Dip this pad into one container of the oil.
  • Put the pad onto the sprained area and use many layers of plastic wrap to secure it.
  • Over the castor oil pack, put a hot water bottle for 30 minutes.
  • Keep your sprained ankle in a lifted position for about 2 -3 minutes.
  • Remove the pack and use the remaining castor oil to massage your skin.
  • Apply this method 2 – 3 times every day for 2 days.

5. Arnica:

home remedies for sprained ankle-arnica

Arnica is used widely to heal and strengthen joints and muscles. It is a great agent with powerful anti-inflammatory effects that can help to relieve inflammation, swelling, and pain. As an additional advantage, arnica can help to increase blood circulation and help in preventing the bruise in the injured areas.

  • Apply arnica ointment or balm as a compress or cream 2 or 3 times daily.
  • Note: Ther are someone who are sensitive to this herb, so trying a patch test before applying it onto your sprained area is necessary. In addition, rememer not to apply arnica if there are any open cut on your skin.
  • Apply arnica essential oil in the diluted form over your sprained area and use it to massage your skin gently. Wrap your affected area with a bandage and let it stay for at least 5 hours. Take off the bandage and apply the steps of the method again after a few hours. This home remedy should be repeated for few days until you see your sprained ankle healed completely.

This is actually one of the most effective and easiest to apply home remedies for sprained ankle swelling that people can apply right away without concerning about the safety or effectiveness of the method.

6. Epsom Salt:

home remedies for sprained ankle-epsom salt

Epsom salt is one of the most common home remedies for sprained ankle that you will ever find in the world. The crystals of magnesium sulfate contained in this salt are very efficient for relieving the muscle soreness and soothing nearby nerves. People can buy Epsom salt at most discount stores or drugstores.

  • Pour into warm bath water a cup of Epsom salt. Use your hand to stir it well to dissolve the salt in the water quicker.
  • Soak your sprained ankle into this water for at least half an hour
  • Apply this method 2 times every day for 3 – 4 days.

7. Garlic:

home remedies for sprained ankle-garlic

Another out of the most effective home remedies for sprained ankle I would like to reveal in this entire article is that people should make use of garlic. You can also use garlic to relieve many symptoms of a sprained ankle quickly. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, this herb can aid effectively in reducing inflammation as well as pain. In addition, the healing properties and the ability to strengthen the body and boost the energy it contained will contribute to speeding up the ankle healing process.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of almond oil with 1 teaspoon garlic oil. Use this mixture to massage your sprained ankle 2 or 3 times per day. Apply this method every day until you see your ankle completely healed. This treatment can be used for treating rheumatism and arthritis as well.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of warm coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of garlic juice. Use this solution to gently rub onto your sprained area. Let it stay for 30 minutes and then use lukewarm water to wash the area. Apply this easy home treatment 3 or 4 times daily for several days until you see your ankle completely healed.

8. Turmeric:

home remedies for sprained ankle-turmeric

This popular spice is a great reliever for pains thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties it contains. Besides having wonderful anti-spasmodic properties, turmeric can help to relax the joints, tissues, and muscles, as well as helping to reduce pain and swelling.

  • For severe cases, add to a glass of warm milk 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and consume this solution 2 times every day for about one week.
  • For fast pain reduction, mix limestone powder with turmeric powder in equal ration and add water to create a thick paste. Heat this paste and use it to apply directly onto the sprained area (warm paste) before bedtime. Use a bandage to wrap it. Let it stay overnight and remove the bandage next morning. Apply this method for 2 – 3 days.
  • Mix a little bit of warm water with 1 tablespoon of lime juice and 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder to form a thick paste. Use this paste to apply directly onto the sprained area and then use a bandage to wrap it. Let it stay for 10 hours. Apply this method every 10 hours and maintaining this habit for about one week.

9. Compression:

home remedies for sprained ankle-compression

To help to reduce swelling, you should bandage or compress your sprained ankle after the injury as soon as possible. Compression can help to control pain and also prevent further injuries. To apply compression, you can use bandages, tape, elastic, or special boots.

  • Buy an elastic or crepe bandage at a drugstore.
  • Using even pressure to wrap the bandage from the toes to the mid-calf. Remember not to wrap the ankle too tightly to avoid blood flow restriction.
  • Until the swelling is reduced, keep the bandage on during the day.
  • Remove the bandage before going to bed.

Note: Remove the bandage right away if you see your sprained area turning blue or starting to feel numb.

10. Ice:

home remedies for sprained ankle-ice

This is the last but also very important out of the home remedies for sprained ankle swelling that I want to reveal in this writing and want my readers to remember and apply at home to relieve the pain on their feet.

You should use ice to apply onto your sprained ankle because this will greatly aid in relieving pain, inflammation, and swelling. Ice helps to prevent the ligaments from getting inflamed and stops any bleeding due to torn ligaments. You should apply ice over your sprained area during the first 48 to 72 hours after getting the pain.
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  • You can replace ice with a frozen package of vegetables if you do not have ice available.
  • Use a towel to wrap about one cup of ice cubes. Use the compress to apply onto the affected area for fifteen to twenty minutes. Apply this tip every 2 – 3 hours.

Note: Do not put ice directly against your skin because it can harm your skin.

Now, after discovering the easy to apply yet very efficient home remedies for sprained ankle that I introduce in this entire writing, people should also spend time reading another article which provides some of the best tips and remedies for treating gout and ankle pain at home – the 14 Remedies For Combating Gout Pain And Ankle Pain At Home article. In fact, these are also the two terrible pains that people commonly suffer in the everyday life due to many reasons. These treating methods will help you and other people who need solution for speeding up the healing process of ankle pain without using any type of drug, pill, or medications.

The tips and techniques revealed in this article are very easy to follow and apply, so people can apply them in the comfort of their own home to deal with the ankle pains effectively.

The entire collection of home remedies for sprained ankle that I introduced in the article today would be actually what many readers of VKool.com and other people who are suffering from the ankle pain due to sprains need to know and are looking for. These remedies are proven useful and will be able to help people relieve and say goodbye to the sprained ankle issue once and for all without leaving any unwanted side effect.

If you think that the home remedies for sprained ankle that I introduced in this full article are very useful and needed to be share widely so that people can make use together, feel free to do this remember to let me see your own opinions and thoughts by leaving them in the comment form below!

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