Thigh Strengthening Exercises For Seniors And Runners

Thigh strengthening exercise is always a great concern to seniors and runners. Aging senior often have weak legs, which may later develop into some kind of paralyzed problems. It is so obvious to realize that because I bet any of us can easily spot on the street the heart breaking scene where the seniors sit on the wheelchair with an assistant pushing behind. With a well schedule thigh strengthening exercises session, seniors will be able to overcome that problem. To runner, thigh strengthening seems to be their everyday training activities that can’t be neglected since a strong thigh muscle will result in more durable legs and it will allow them to jog, climb and hike more effectively. In this Thigh Strengthening Exercises For Seniors And Runners article, we will discover those top methods that will give seniors and runners a powerful boost in strengthening their thigh muscle.

Thigh Strengthening Exercises For Seniors And Runners At Home

1. Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise has been known as one of the best exercises for heart strengthening, fitness training, and lower body parts such as thigh muscle, or calf. For seniors, probably they will prefer exercises that have regular frequency so that they can prolong their thigh strengthening exercise sessions. In that case, cardiovascular exercises should be the most appropriate one here as it does not only help the seniors get in shape but also intensive thigh muscle work. For runners, cardiovascular exercise is no doubt a must for them since running and walking can have a lot of benefits. Professional runners usually have visible thigh muscles that most of us would admire. The cardiovascular can be trained using treadmill. To have the best results, you can select programs that focus mostly on your thigh muscles such as jogging, stair climbing, jogging, hiking and using an elliptical. You will be able to receive even better results if you add more resistance to the exercises. For instance, you can carry a bag while hiking or running. You should do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day for better health and improved thigh strength.

thigh strengthening exercises - cardiovascular exercise

2. Knee Bounces

This exercise is designed to target your arms, abs and thighs. Come onto all fours with hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Curl your toes and lift your knees about 1 inch above the ground. Start to pulse for 50 times in a row. Bounce only about 1 inch up and down, keep your elbows soft during this session. Keep your back straight creating a straight line from the top of your head to your tailbone. One thing I want to advise you for this knee bounce exercise is that if you have never done this before, probably you only can do 2-10 bounces at you best. You will feel numb and tired on your thighs but it is totally normal. As you progress, you will be able to increase the number of bounces. This exercise ultimately focuses on your thigh muscle. Runners as well as seniors can do this exercise anywhere at your convenience.

3. Wall Slices thigh strengthening exercises - wall slices

The principle of this exercise is not much different from the knee bounces, but it gives you a bit more comfort because you are allowed to rest your back against the wall. You start the exercise by standing against a wall and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly bent your knees while sliding your back down the wall on the count of five. Do this until your knees are bent at a 45-degree angle. Keep this position for 5 seconds then start straightening your knees on the count of five. Slide up the wall until you are standing completely with your knees straight. Repeat this move for 10 times. Before moving on to the next exercise, I just want to let you know the side benefit of this exercise is it helps you straighten your spine as well.

4. Heel Slices

Sit or lie down on a flat surface with your legs straightened in front of you. Slowly slide your heels towards your buttocks by bending your knees. Keep your heel stick with the ground during this movement. Then slowly straighten your knees and slide your heels to the initial position. Relax and repeat this motion for 10 times.

5. Straight Leg Raises

Lie your back on a flat surface. Bend your left knee to a 90-degree angle with your foot staying flat on the ground, keep your right leg straight. Then slowly lift your right leg six inches above the ground and hold it there for five seconds. Gradually lower it to the floor then relax, do the same steps on the other leg and repeat for 10 times.

6. Weighted Inner Thigh Lift

This is a so-called updated version of the original exercise, which uses your uninvolved leg as an additional load, which adds an extra weight to your core.

Lie on the ground on your right side and right forearm, put your left hand behind your head. Straighten your right leg and put your left foot on top of the right inner thigh. Slightly lift your right leg up above the floor and keep your foot flexed. Make it more intense by pressing the left foot into the inner thigh. Engage the abdominals and try not to move your upper body. Then lower the right leg to the ground to its initial position. Do and repeat this exercise for 15 times.

thigh strengthening exercises - weighted inner thigh lift

7. Supine Inner Thigh Lift

This is a simple yet effective movement that provides a challenge to your core. Lie your back on a flat surface, place your hands by your sides and lift your leg to the ceiling with your feet flexed. Keep your left leg up in the air while slowly lowering your right leg out to the side as far as possible without lifting your hips off the ground. Then lift the right leg up again and slightly squeeze both legs together when they meet. Engage the abdominals while doing this and focus the energy at your heels to help both legs stay extended. Do 15 reps and then switch sides. This is kind of advanced exercise, which may give you a lot of difficulty if you are the first timer. Don’t give up since more often, the hard exercise amazingly give you a better result later.

8. Standing Inner Thigh Lift

This move is inspired by the ballet dance which works not only on your inner thighs but also the glutes. Stand on your left leg with your right leg extended out on the side, slightly touch your toes to the ground. Start bending your knees and lift your leg up then slowly reach your hand towards the ankle. Try to stand up tall and focus on bringing your leg up without collapsing through the spine. Then place your right leg back to the starting position. Do 15 reps and then switch sides. If you are gals, probably you may need a good women fitness guide trainer since it can only be done with skillfulness.

thigh strengthening exercises - standing inner thigh lift

9. Plie Walk

You can add more intensity by doing this exercise. It incorporates more glute and thigh work, thanks to additional movements to the original exercise. Stand with both feet wide with your knees and toes pointed out. Lower your upper body to a squating position, keep your spine straight and chest lifted. Stay in this low squat position and start walking your feet 2 steps forwards, beginning with your right foot. Then walk 2 steps backwards. Keep your chest lifted and stay low. Continue doing this for 30 seconds then take a short rest and repeat this exercise for another 30 seconds, starting with your left foot.

thigh strengthening exercises - plie walk

10. Criss-Cross Plie Jump

Criss cross plie jump is an exercise, which focuses on your inner thighs and gives a blast to your entire lower body. You begin the exercise by standing with your feet wide with knees and toes pointed out. Lower your upper body into a low squat then start to jump your legs together, crossing the left leg over the right. Do it again but with switched legs, crossing the right over the left. Try to form a plie squat on your last jump. Do this from 30 to 60 seconds. This exercise is versatile as you can increase the frequency of the exercise to make it a weight loss exercise.

Well, this is the end of the Thigh strengthening exercises for seniors and runners article. Remember that these exercises are not necessary for those people who want to strengthen their thigh muscle, normal people can also gain a lot of health benefits from these exercise.

Hopefully, all the tips and exercises that we provide can help you strengthen your thigh muscle. For having a healthy weight, you should not overlook the tips above. We will be more than pleased if you can let us know what you think about the Thigh strengthening exercises for seniors and runners article by leaving a comment down below. Last but not least, there are plenty of fitness and exercise articles, as well as fitness training books from the site Vkool that give you handy tips and guide on how to improve your strength and fitness. Please take sometimes to read them and do not forget to bookmark our website as your favorite.

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