How to build more muscle mass fast – top 6 exercises at the gym

Can you immediately make exercises much more effective than they actually are? Yes, you can. Many people, including the experienced ones, make tiny yet important technique mistakes even on the simplest exercise. These errors can hinder you from getting what you want. Smart lifting is not only about lifting a barbell from here to there. In order to receive incredible results, you will have to be good at even the smallest technique.

How To Build More Muscle Mass Fast At The Gym – 6 Basic Exercises

You will be happy to know that the best fitness trainers do not need much to tell you how to push yourself further. You can easily and instantly upgrade your workout routine by applying their advice to your exercises. Here are the tips, provided by the top coaches in the fitness industry, that help you improve your body position, contract the correct muscles, get rid of more calories and reduce the chance of injury. With the article of how to build more muscle mass fast at the gym, you will be exposed to the top 6 exercises that can add mass muscle to your body.

1. Pushup


What you are doing wrong: you drop your hips while raising and lowering your body.

How to correct your form:

– According to Vern Gambetta, your posture needs to be the same while performing a pushup, comparing to when you are standing up. Therefore, your hips should not sag or move, and remember to keep your back straight.

– According to Kaitlyn Weiss, a NASM certified trainer based in Southern California, before getting started, you should try to contract and engage your core like you are zipping up an extremely tight jacket then try to hold it during the move. You will have the perfect posture by doing this.

– Try to push your hands against the floor instead of pushing your body up, says Gambetta. By doing this in every repetition, you will create more power.

How to do it right: a perfect form is what necessary to get the most out of your workout.

2. Bench Press

bench press

What you are doing wrong: the bar is lifted up from your rib cage.

How to correct your form:

– According to a famous fitness coach, Craig Rasmussen, each time you are about to bring the weight down, try to contract your shoulder blades and pull the bar closer to your chest. This is important because it helps you create upper body energy, allowing you to have more force to lift up the bar.

– Rasmussen says that your chest should touch the barbell while pulling the weight down. Doing it this way, you can create a spring like effect once you lift the bar up again.

– According to Pavel Tsatsouline, a fitness professional, you need to try to use your hands to bend the bar while pressing the weight. Consequently, your last muscle fibers will be activated, so that you will have more strength to push the bar and your shoulders will be safe.

How to do it right: a perfect form is what necessary to get the most out of your workout.

3. Squat


What you are doing wrong: you get started by keeping your knees bent.

How to correct your form:

– According to Dan John, you need to try to sit back between your legs. Start this move by moving your hips backwards.It is dangerous if you bend your knees first because more pressure will be put on your joints.

– According to Charlie Weingroff, you need to use your imagination to think that you are stepping on a towel and trying to rip it apart by pushing your feet against the floor. This way, your glutes will be activated, allowing you to use more weights.

– According to Alwyn Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., you should try to think that you are pushing yourself away from the floor, not raising your body. You will be able to engage your legs muscles better.

How to do it right: a correct form is what necessary to get the most out of your workout.

4. Straight Leg Deadlift

straight leg deadlift

What you are doing wrong: while bending over, your back is rounded.

How to correct your form:

– Cosgrove says that in order to bring the weight down, you should imagine that you are having a board of plates in your hands and you have to use your butt to shut the door behind you. By doing this, when you bend over, you will bring your hips backwards, not curving your back.

– Try to “shave your legs” with the bar, Weiss says. The reason of doing this is because the further your bar is away from you, the more strain is put on your back. This will increase the risks of getting injured and lower the concentration on your glutes.

– According to Nick Grantham, you should try to engage your butt while lifting the bar. By doing this, you can make sure that your glutes muscles are engaged. You will be able to create more strength, lift heavier weights and get better outcomes.

5. Rows And Pull Ups

rows and pull ups

What you are doing wrong:  your heel rises because you are leaning forward.

How to perfect your form:

– Rasmussen says that you shouldtry to keep your torso upright and concentrate on moving it up and down while doing lunge. Your weight is balanced evenly through your foot, giving you the chance to press your heel hard into the ground and target more muscles.

– Boyle says that you should drop your back knee straight down to the ground. This is another way to remember that you should drop your torso down instead of pushing it forward.

– According to Gray Cook, M.S.P.T., the author of Athletic Body in Balance, try to narrow your starting stance in order to work your core harder. Your core will have to work harder to stabilize your body if the gap between your feet is smaller. Therefore, try to lunge so that it looks like you are walking on a tightrope.

6. Military Press

If you want to improve and build more shoulders muscle, this is definitely the one that you are looking for. Before performing this exercise, it is necessary to go straight ahead then do a pump. Many people have been doing this exercise by placing the weight behind their heads instead of putting it in front of their faces. The reason of this is because doing so will provide more pressure on your shoulders. However, how you do this depends on what you want, it does not really matter.

military press

By performing military press, you will soon achieve those wide as well as thick and manly shoulders. However, it is not that easy to achieve since you have to make sure that you put your elbows back during the exercise if you choose to put the weight behind your head. You do not want your forearms to be at a weird angle to the bar while lowering the weight to your neck then push it back up. Your forearms are supposed to be exactly perpendicular with the bar. You may have known about the bend press move. Therefore, you need to use the width that was required in that exercise. However, in case you have a somewhat narrow grip for that move, it is crucial to go a tad bit wider with this move.

During this exercise, it is importation to be mindful of your lower back as well as butt’s position. Many people have the tendency to deviate from the recommended direction while performing military press. Therefore, you need to assure that you constantly keep your butt as well as lower back pressed against, not deviated from, the back of the seat.

That is the end of this How to build more muscle mass fast at the gymarticle. Hopefully after reading this article of How to build more muscle at the gym, you will discover more interesting and useful exercises that help you achieve your fitness goal fast. Apart from a balanced diet plan for weight loss, it is necessary for you to create a well-planned workout program for strength training. If you find these exercises in the article of how to build more muscle at the gymhelpful and informative, please let us know by leaving a comment down the section below. If you have any questions related to this article, please feel free to contact us any time you want.

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