19 Best Workout Tips For Weight Loss At Home

Updates: 05/1/2024

Getting as well as staying fit could be a challenge. For many people, it is really difficult just to get up off the couch. There is always a question that what is the secret of those people, who can make exercise a part of life? Here, you will discover the right answer for that. Do not leave your desk until uncover all of the following best workout tips for losing weight at home.

1. Choose Activities You Like

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There are a variety of things count as exercise, such as gardening, dancing, walking, cycling, playing sport, and yoga. It is really not fun to exercise if you hate it. If you feel it is hard to get moving, then you can choose whatever gets you moving.

Besides, you should choose such an activity, which fits your own identity. If you see that you will be more attractive when wearing clothes and bicycling to the workplace, then go for it. Or, you can wear workout gear at the gym if you feel comfortable to do it.

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2. Set Practical Goals

We both want to get the best result in this shortest time possible; yet, each individual has different capabilities. So, you had better not strive for perfection or an impossible goal which could not be met. It is necessary for you to concentrate on instead healthy behaviors.

If you cannot walk 5000 meters, it is not a problem. You can make it a habit to walk every 15 minutes per day, and when time passing, you can improve that distance.

3. Proper Form

best workout tips to lose weightActually, for strength training particularly, and swimming, proper form is very critical, yet it is also critical for different kinds of exercises as well. If you are training strength, in order to get good form, you can start with lighter weights. Having a professional or experience trainer, who knows the proper form will be beneficial for you for some first months. For swimming, you need to have a coach to instruct you to form.

People can refer some suggestions for strength training and workouts to build and tone muscles here.

4. Always Warm Up And Cool Down

At the beginning of each workout, take from 5 to 10 minutes to steadily raise the heart rate and then reduce it afterward. Before strength training, you should also do low-intensity cardio, which recruits different muscle groups, such as your back, legs, and core.

5. Limit Your Workouts From 30-40 Minutes

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Although some people who actually want to get the fastest results from the workouts tend to spend a lot of time at the gym, the fact is that the fitness benefits will not be great after the 30-40 first minutes.

In order to go for that amount of time, you need to lower the intensity of your workout, resulting in more time spent on working out. Therefore, it is better for you to work at high intensity within a shorter time period.

6. Follow An Efficient Exercise Routine

According to some suggestions of certified personal trainers about best workout tips for losing weight at home to keep fit, people should:

  • Do strength training, and even just 20 minutes per day and twice per week to tone the entire body
  • Follow interval training. The basic form of interval training might get involved in walking for about 2 minutes, running for two minutes also, and modifying this pattern throughout the entire process of a workout.
  • Get enhanced cardio/aerobic exercise. Accumulating one hour or more per day of low or moderate-intensity physical activity, like running, walking, or dancing will help you promote the effectiveness.

If you want to get in shape safely and quickly, here are some tips from gurus.

7.  High-Intensity Workout

best workout tips reviewIf you have just begun with workout, then you had better take it slow. Running, bicycling, for instance, should be practiced at least one month after you get into anything with high intensity. In other words, it also means that you should go for something at the rate that you can talk easily without being out of breath. Nevertheless, when you build that foundation of endurance, step up the intensity so that you can step up your efficiency of the workout.

8. Keep It Brisk

When walking, make it brisk, because this can help you control weight more effectively than walking at the leisurely pace. The advice is that you should walk as you are little late for a meeting. Another tip is timing your steps for a single minute. About 120 to 135 steps per minute will correspond to a walking pace of 3 or 4 miles each hour. This is considered as good goal for most of us. If you cannot do that pace instantly, try to increase it gradually over time.

Then you will reach to a faster walking pace easily.

9. Shake Before As Well As After Workout

In order to get the best exercising result, you had better take a carb/protein shake before the workout and also after. Taking quick shake before working out will increase the flow of amino acids to the muscles during training process, giving them the building blocks they require. After working out, that shake will stimulate your muscle growth. Also, it is recommended that people should take small protein/carb meal about 60 to 90 minutes after a workout to get the best results.

10. Slow Lifting

best workout tips guideA lot of people contract their muscles slowly, leading to release more rapidly. Yet, if you lift slowly in all directions, then you can maximize each move. So, lifting and lowering to a 5-second count in every direction will be your best option.

11. Heavier Weight

When you just start with working out, it is the best for you to get familiar with lower weights in order to concentrate on good form. However, once you are good at forming, you should increase the weight you can lift while keeping good form. Do not compromise your form with heavy weighs.

12. Take A Day Off Between Sessions

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One pitfall that many people make when exercising is doing multiple sets of just one exercise without taking rest between sets. In fact, this does not allow their muscles to restore. Consequently, it might be a waste of your workout.

For maintaining the best physical health state to do workout, you should always give your muscle groups 48 hours of rest between resistance workouts so that you can allow them to have time to adapt to the stress you have just put on them. In case that you must lift daily, do not target the same muscle groups in back-to-back sessions.

13. Compound Exercises

Rather than doing exercise focusing on just one certain muscle group, it is good for you to maximize results by doing such exercises that can work out multiple muscle groups at once. By doing compound exercises, you will get a full-body workout, another benefits of this recommendation is that can work together like in the real world, rather than alone. Several great compound exercises contain deadlifts, squats, good mornings, pushups, lunges, military presses, bench presses, rows, dips, and so on.

14. Diversify Exercises

The advice is that you should not stick to the same exercise routine for a long time. If you try to work out with a single
continuously, your body will get stress and you will not get the effective result as you want. When it comes to best fitness tips, for strength training, it is great for you to change your exercise routine every few weeks.
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Likewise, for cardio, it is the best to cross train rather than running every day.

15. Hills

Did you know that the human body will burn from 25 to 40 percent more calories as well as develop the stamina when walking or running on inclines? If you run, bike, or walk for cardio, you should incorporate hills to get better result than doing treading on the flat ground.  These will help you feel stronger and also make your own limited time even more efficient. Add shot hills from 50-100 yards to the normal route or enhance the incline on the treadmill. Take them easy initially, then after getting familiar with hills, you can get a faster pacing going. Either you can use a hilly route or you can do repeats on just one hill.

16. Contra Lateral Limb Raises best workout tips with contra lateral limb raises

First, lie on the stomach on the floor with legs outstretched (behind you). Let your toes to point behind you. Reach arms overhead (palms face each other). Leave your head to be aligned with spine.

Exhale and deepen your core muscles in order to stabilize the spine and float your arm off the floor. Keep the arm straight, not to rotate the shoulder. Don’t let the head move and avoid arching in the back. Don’t lift the chin and lower the head.

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Next, gently inhale. Keep the arm back towards the starting position (don’t move your low back and hips). Stretch leg out slowly. Let a leg to lift off.  Keep that leg straight while toes are reaching the wall. Keep pubic bone and hip bones on the floor. Avoid the rotation in leg and pelvis.

17. Bent Knee Push-Up

Come to the quadruped position (hands under shoulders, knees under hips and fingers face forward). Engage abdominals; next pull your shoulder blades down the back.

Reposition knees as a straight line through your head to knees. Don’t bend at hips and keep your abdominals being braced.

Keeping your head aligned and torso rigid with the spine, bend elbows slowly and lower the body toward the mat. Don’t let the low back sag and the hips hike upward. Continue lowering the body until the chest and chin touch the floor. Let your elbows slightly flare outwards.

Maintain the rigid torso with the spine. Next, press upward through arms. Don’t let the low back sag. Keep pressing until your elbows are straight. To alleviate stress, you can use dumbbells and grip handles, instead of placing the hands on the mat.

18. Downward-Facing Dog best workout tips with downward-facing dog

Start with the quadruped position, hands are under shoulders, fingers face forward. Next, engage the abdominal that support your spine. Step back 1 foot, then come to the plank or push-up position. Keep your hands under the shoulders. Next, reposition the feet with a full extension of the body. Don’t let your the ribcage and the low back sag toward the mat or floor.

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Exhale. Turn the weight back behind you. This step help your hips rise up in the air and form a V position. Keep your head be aligned with the spine. Don’t lift your head. Press heels on the mat or floor.

Inhale and shift the body to the starting position. Keep the alignment of the body segments.

19. Crunches

First, lie on the back on the floor (knees bent), your feet flat on the mat and your heels create a comfortable distance from 12 to 18”, away from the seat.

Place hands behind the head. Pull the shoulder blades and elbows back, not to arch the low back.
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You can keep this position throughout the workout. Remember to keep the head being aligned with the spine.

Exhale and engage the core and abdominal muscles. Nod the chin slightly and slowly.

Next, curl the shoulders and head off the mat. Pull the rib cage toward the pelvis. Keep your neck in a relaxing position. The feet, lower back and tailbone touch the mat. Curl up until the upper back is lifted toward the floor.

Keep in mind that even if you apply all of the above tips, there will be ups and downs, failures and victories. In the cases, you should keep patient, do not easily give up because the more attempt you give, the more effective your training will be. Hang in there and sooner or later, you will see solid results.

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Following exactly the above best workout tips will help you get closer to your dream body within a short period of time. If you are interested in the topic of best workout tips and want to share your own tips, leave your comments at the end of this article. We appreciate your contribution and will reply all soon!

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